Aug 2, 2014

The Black-On-White Crime Blog and the Petition to End Racial Violence Have Been Discontinued

Many of you have probably noticed that there haven't been any stories published over the last few days. That's because I have decided to discontinue this blog.

The blog was originally established to help promote the Petition to End Racial Violence. After eight months of hard work and some success, interest in the petition has begun to peter-off. We went from getting almost 1500 signatures the first month to less than 300 this last month.

The blog and petition were consuming 30 or so hours of my time every month and, due to the diminishing returns, I've decided that those hours could be better put to use some where else.

I continue to believe that both the petition and the blog are excellent ideas and necessary components of a successful strategy for ending White Genocide, and hope to revive both in the future, when conditions permit.

Till then, for those of you interested in tracking the epidemic of black crime in general and black-on-White violence in particular, please see

Finally, I want to thank everybody who contributed to the efforts of both the blog and the petition. There are far too many of you to name, and inevitably I would leave out a name or two, so I won't list them, but you know who you are.


Russell James

Jul 29, 2014

Police Catch Two Black 'Gangbangers' Who Carjacked Woman and Ran Down Three Kids in Philly

Two "bastards," bent on robbing a realtor, are facing murder charges for carjacking and sexually assaulting the woman before running down a family selling fruit on a Philadelphia sidewalk, city law enforcement officials say. Three children, all siblings, were killed.

Jonathan Rosa, 19, and Cornelius Crawford, 23, face 15 charges each including three counts of 2nd Degree Murder, Carjacking, Kidnapping and Involuntary Deviant Sexual Assault . . . Read more

DNA Helps Catch Black Ski Mask-Wearing Sex Offender Who Raped 16-Year-Old White Girl in 1990

. . . the DAs office began testing sexual assault cases from 1990 that met a certain criteria. . . .

. . . Lee Marvin Banks, who lived at the same motel, is the man who raped the girl, according to DNA testing. . . .

. . . During the attack, the rapist wore a ski mask. The victim, who was white, partially pulled up the mask and believed she recognized her assailant as Phillips, who is black. They lived at the same Dallas motel.

Black Career Criminal Charged in Shooting Death of White Police Officer

Authorities say a suspect with a lengthy criminal record has been charged in the death of a Gary, Ind. police officer earlier this month.

. . . Carl Blount, 26, faces one count of murder.

Veteran Gary Police Officer Jeff Westerfield was shot and killed in the driver seat of his patrol car . . . on July 6. Westerfield was one of several officers who had responded to a domestic . . . Read more

Black Male Taken into Custody for Fatal Hit-and-Run of White Man

. . . police have arrested a man in connection with the fatal hit-and-run crash of a 25-year-old man . . . early July 5.

Darrell Lundy, 40, turned himself in to police Wednesday after a warrant was issued, and he was booked . . . on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident involving death. He is charged in the death of Daniel Stein . . .

. . . Stein was crossing . . . Read more

Police Arrest Negro Whot Beat 70-Year-Old Robert Dooley to Death

The man wanted in connection with the death of a 70-year-old has been arrested.

Aaron Demon Jordan, 22, . . . was arrested Saturday night and jailed without bond . . .

Jordan is facing a second-degree murder charge in the beating death of Robert Joseph Dooley, who was found on [the] Street in the early morning hours of Feb. 22. Dooley died several hours later of injuries authorities said were consistent . . . Read more

Jul 28, 2014

Two Mestizo 'Gangbangers' Carjack a Woman and Ram Three Young Siblings Selling Fruit by the Roadside

Three children who had been selling fruit to raise money for a playground were killed in North Philadelphia on Friday morning after two men carjacked an SUV and drove it into a crowd, police said.

Police identified the victims as 15-year-old Kiera Williams, 10-year-old Thomas Reed, and 7-year-old Terrence Williams.

The children were at a stand near Germantown and . . . Read more

September Execution Date Set for Black Killer of White Service Station Attendant

The Missouri Supreme Court today set a Sept. 10 execution date for Leon Taylor, who murdered a service station attendant . . . in 1994.

Leon Taylor, 56, killed Robert Newton during a robbery that was witnessed by Newton’s 8-year-old stepdaughter. According to trial testimony, Taylor also pointed the gun at the girl’s head and pulled the trigger, but the weapon jammed.

The order for the . . . Read more

Convicted Killer -- Who Shot White Female Cop after Killing His White 'Girlfriend', Her Sister, and Another Person -- Denied Parole

Convicted killer Kenneth Wayne Woodfin will remain in jail after a former Richmond Police officer’s letter writing campaign . . . Parole Board.

Woodfin shot Cheryl Nici in the face on October 26, 1984 outside of the Marriott Hotel . . . after he killed his wife, sister-in-law and a friend.

“When I brought my head up, the bullet went in here down through my mouth and launched an . . . Read more

White Man Shot & Killed by Two Blacks in a McDonald's Parking Lot

A man who was shot in the parking lot of the McDonalds . . . late Sunday has died from his injuries . . .

Michael Raymond Bailey Jr., 22, . . . died after being taken to . . . [the hospital] following the shooting that took place about 11:15 p.m. . . .

. . . two black males were seen running from the scene. No suspect description was immediately available.

A possible motive in the shooting was also not immediately known. The . . . Read more

Daniel Ruffin Killed in Random Black-on-White Hate Crime Attack, While Walking His Dog

. . . Witnesses say just after 5:00pm Daniel was walking his dog down the quiet street where they live when he was approached by three people.

"They just shot him right out here for no reason," Strange said.

A 17-year-old suspect was arrested not far away. The motive is unclear. Daniel's wallet and money, car keys and cell phone were all found on him. . . . Read more

Jul 26, 2014

Witchita Massacre Death Sentences Overturned by Kansas Court

. . . The Carr brothers' crimes are among the most notorious in the state since the 1959 slayings of a western Kansas family that inspired the classic book, "In Cold Blood." (sic)

The victims in the December 2000 attacks that culminated in a bloody scene in a snowy field were: Aaron Sander, 29; Brad Heyka, 27; Jason Befort, 26; and Heather Muller, 25. Another woman who was shot . . . Read more

See also:

Jul 25, 2014

Hush Crimes: Remembering Samantha Runnion, 5-Year-Old White Girl Kidnapped, Raped, and Murdered by Mestizo

Five-year-old Samantha Runnion was playing with her friend, Sarah Ahn, outside of her home. A man approached, asking if they had seen his chihuahua. Samantha spoke to him briefly and then he grabbed her and pulled her into his car. Samantha fighting to get free, screamed out to her friend, "Help me! Tell my grandmother!" Sarah ran and told her mother what . . . Read more

Family of Mestizo -- Who Killed Three Whites -- 'Sorry' for the Suffering of Victims

Carlo Gallopa Mercado, 29, was behind bars Monday in connection with the shooting deaths of two brothers and a woman who was engaged to one of them, a crime that came to light when two of the victims were found mortally wounded in a parked car . . . last Christmas Eve.

Mercado was taken into custody Friday night in . . . on suspicion of three counts of first-degree murder . . . Read more

Black Coach Held on $300K Bail for Sexual Assault/Abuse of Teen Girls

. . . Gerald Gaddy, 42 . . . was charged with one count of aggravated sexual abuse of a victim between the ages of 13 to 18 in a position of authority, criminal sexual assault by someone in authority and aggravated battery in a public place . . .

The charges stem from at least two incidents on Jan. 1 and June 25 that occurred in the . . . Prosecutors said the victims are . . . Read more

Black Nurse Caught on Camera Abusing 92-Year-Old White Dementia Patient

A care home nurse from Romford was jailed today after being secretly filmed manhandling and poking a 92-year-old dementia patient in the face and telling her to shut up.

Faderera Grace Bello, 54 . . . was sentenced to four months imprisonment . . . after admitting a charge of carer ill treatment/wilful neglect . . .

Her victim, 92-year-old Bridget Rees, resided at a nursing home in . . . Read more

Black Male Kills His White Foster Mother, Stabs Another (White?) Man, and Burns Their Home

. . . Troopers responded to the scene in Wasilla to find one person deceased from stab wounds and another suffering from life-threatening wounds. The critically injured adult male was transported by EMS  to the Mat-Su Regional Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Found dead at the scene from multiple stab wounds was 66-year-old Wasilla resident Mollie Ragonesi.

The investigation at the scene revealed that . . . Read more

Jul 24, 2014

Nigerian Accountant Steals £4million from British Schools

An accountant at a chain of academies championed by Michael Gove is at the centre of a fraud investigation after £4million of school funds ended up in his personal accounts.

Nigerian-born Samuel Kayode is said to have spent much of the cash on an extravagant lifestyle and buying a string of properties.

The 57-year-old part-time pastor was told by the High . . . Read more

Black Female Attacks White Repo Man, Bites Him

After an Upstate tow truck driver said he was bitten while repossessing an SUV, he pulled out his camera and started filming as the woman smashed the windows out of the vehicle.

Scotty Fowler, the owner of Mission Towing & Recovery, said they had been looking for an SUV for repossession for over a week before they located . . . on Sunday evening. . . . Read more

White Couple Tell Their Story of Violent Black Home Invasion

A pair of Black terrorists invaded a White couple's home, beat the White male, nearly raped the female in Orange New Jersey.

All the man did was walk his dog while White. His wallet wasn't enough.

These two look like former White idealist/multiculturalists. Now, they look like two people who know the deal about race issues.

Notice how the Asian news reporter seems to enjoy the story a bit too much.

According to the 2010 census, Orange New Jersey was over 70% Black.

Now they have moved to Youngstown Ohio which is slightly more than 50% White.


Jul 23, 2014

L.A. Times Incites Racial Hatred against White Afrikaners -- Again

In the racist anti-Afrikaner L.A. Times article, "White Couple Backs Reforms From Behind an Electric Fence," Scott Kraft, interviews the Afrikaner Van der Merwes family, who reside on a small holding some 30 kilometres outside Johannesburg. Kraft paints a picture of a racist family detached from an American neo-liberal notion of how one MUST think and act in 21st century South Africa.

The piece, which . . . Read more

Black Female Assaults, Robs 8-Year-Old White Girl Selling Candy Outside a Store

An 8-year-old girl selling candy outside a store in San Francisco was assaulted and robbed Monday by a woman who said she needed money for a bus fare, police said.

The girl was selling candy with other children outside a store in the City's Western Addition neighborhood, near Divisadero and Eddy streets, about 1:45 p.m. Monday when the robbery took place.

Surveillance video shot by the store's security camera shows the young victim and the suspect crossed paths minutes before the attack, according to police. The footage appears to show the girl and two of her friends inside the store holding candy and cash for a school fundraiser while the suspect tried -- unsuccessfully -- to buy a beer.

"The kids had the money in a clear plastic bag, so you can see all the [$1 bills] in the bag," SFPD Officer Gordon Shyy said.

Mestizos Attack Dozens of Homeless, Killing Two

Albuquerque police have arrested three teens in the murder of two men sleeping in a field on the city's Westside.

Negro Charged with Killing White Grandmother of 12

A man has been charged in the death of a 51-year-old . . . woman.

Ahkram Bilal, 34 was charged with murder Monday. Officials say he was an acquantence (sic) of the victim.

The body of 51-year-old Violet McElroy was found around 6 a.m. Saturday next to a dumpster . . .

McElroy's family describes her as a loving mother who leaves behind three children and 12 grand children. . . . Read more

African Invader Rapes at Least 15 French Women to 'Fight Racism'

Please spread this video, do not let the suffering of innocents go unheard because the multicultural media refuse to report on horrible racist crimes when the victim is white.

Jul 22, 2014

Whites Attacked Daily in the New 'Diverse' America; Media and Political Elites Say and Do Nothing

Is this how America ends?  Being rotted away demographically from within?  A non-White America is not America, it is Post American America.

A few decades ago, when America was still White, few would believe that we would ever allow this country to fall to this level where Whites are just helpless victims of Black mobs and Black criminals.

But, today, Whites have been reduced in . . . Read more

A Group of African Invaders Kidnap & Torture Four Canadian Teens

Four young men were stripped naked, beaten with rocks and robbed at gunpoint while answering an online ad for a car for sale.

The victims were tortured for four hours in an underground garage before escaping the ordeal Monday night. . . .

. . . an 18-year-old man answered a Kijiji ad and decided to take three friends with him to check out the vehicle at a building . . . Read more

Media Celebrate a Peaceful Indiana Black Expo Weekend (but Fail to See the Irony of That)

Go ahead and clap.

Give yourselves a standing ovation!

Pop the champagne and celebrate.

Just don’t demand an encore, because without the “armies on the streets” none of this would have been possible; and this type of resource allocation isn’t available every weekend, when the crime and mayhem found in Indianapolis is an undeclared exposition of blackness.

Let flow the celebratory language and laudatory verbiage for . . . Read more

Jews and Muslims Engage in Mob Warfare in the Streets of Paris

A group of 150 Jewish men were seen brandishing iron bars and cans of pepper spray as they clashed with Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris.

Video footage of the clashes show the group chanting racist slogans as they roamed the streets.

It came as President Francois Hollande warned that he did not want to see ‘the Israeli-Palestinian conflict imported into France’.

French Jewish groups have complained . . . Read more

Jurors Find Guilty Black Killer Who Shot and Killed White Cop and Another Man on Christmas Eve

Jurors have found a man guilty of capital murder in the fatal shooting of a . . . police officer in 2012.

It didn't take long for the verdict to be reached against Harlem Lewis, who fatally shot Corporal Jimmy Norman and business owner Terry Taylor. Police say Lewis shot and killed Corporal Norman and Taylor, who owned an auto repair shop, outside that business during a traffic . . . Read more

Jul 21, 2014

In one 12-Hour Period in Chicago Blacks Kill Two and Wound 20 More with Gunfire

Judge Sets Execution Date for Black Male Who Raped and Killed White Teen

A Texas judge has set an execution date for a death row inmate convicted of raping and murdering a 19-year-old woman.

Judge Doug Shaver on Monday set Rodney Reed's execution date for 6 p.m. on Jan. 14. Reed is in prison for the 1996 slaying of . . . Stacey Stites.

Attorneys for the Innocence Project argued there is more evidence in the case that needs to . . . Read more

Black Male Kidnaps, Kills 5-Year-Old White Girl

Those who know the young victim and the man who is accused of kidnapping her are in shock after hearing about the events of Friday night that resulted in the death of the 5-year-old girl.

Cadence Harris was killed sometime between when she was abducted by 30-year-old Marcus McGowan and when he pointed his gun at police during a tense standoff . . . Read more

White Man Beaten, Robbed in Park Believes Attack Was Racially Motivated

In just a matter of weeks, a man beaten and robbed in an area park will come face to face with one of the men he says attacked him. . . .

The victim, Joseph Rountree, said three others have not yet been arrested for the crime he said left him not only humiliated but physically injured.

"For a while I didn't get out hardly at all. . . . Read more

White Man Shot by Four Blacks in a Car, While Taking a Walk

Police are investigating after a 29-year-old . . . man was approached by four people in a car and shot while taking a walk.

The shooting happened around 12:20 a.m. Saturday . . .

Officers at the scene learned the man sustained multiple gunshot wounds.
. . . he was taken to the hospital for treatment, where he is listed in critical but stable condition.

. . . a sedan with four black men inside approached him. One of them got out of the vehicle and began shooting . . . Read more

Jul 18, 2014

Black Killer Caught after Bragging about Killing a White Gas Station Attendant Claims He 'Skipped' away from the Scene of the Crime

. . . 22-year-old Desi Thomas, wearing an unofficial Trayvon Martin hooded sweatshirt, a ball cap, and a bandanna cover his face, gunned down Thomas as he worked . . .

It might not have been glamorous work, but Briggs was a contributing member to society. His role was necessary in ensuring a community could exist; Thomas' role is ensuring that community cannot exist, unless plexiglas is installed (the . . . Read more

Black Killer's Bragging Leads to His Arrest in Fatal Shooting of White Gas Station Attendant

Anonymous tips from citizens who heard Desi P. Thomas Jr. bragging about the fatal shooting of a gas station clerk early last month helped police make an arrest.

Thomas, 22, was charged Wednesday . . . with two counts of murder and one count of robbery resulting in bodily injury . . . The prosecutor also is seeking a sentence enhancement because a firearm was used in the crime.

After a month . . . Read more

Two Black Suspects Appear in Court for Running-Down White Cyclist after a Verbal Altercation

Two suspects appeared in court Thursday for an emotional first appearance six weeks after the brutal hit and run of an Atlanta man.

. . . Police arrested and charged Joseph Alan Lewis, 19, early Thursday morning for a brutal assault that critically injured a bicyclist last month.

. . . Lewis drove the SUV that ran over Greg Germani and left him bleeding in the street after an argument.

The . . . Read more

Police Say Hispanic Bank Robbers Intended to Kill People

The suspects who robbed a Stockton bank and took three people hostage also intended to kill people in a running gun battle with police, according to the city’s police chief.

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said at a news conference on Thursday he arrived at that conclusion based on the “havoc” the men created.

Police say the suspects took the three women hostage on . . . Read more

What Aren't the Feds Telling Us?: FEMA Training Facility Focuses on Black Mob Violence

FEMA has constructed a “Doomsday Disneyland.” Much of the training exercises depicted in this video mimic post-Katrina New Orleans. Including black people who are rioting.

The video depicts FEMA agents training for dramatic search and rescue operations, while fighting off and arresting rioting black people at the same time.


Jul 17, 2014

Black Thieves Target Cars Parked Near Park Popular with Whites

A recent rash of break-ins has runners, walkers and bikers at a popular . . . park on edge.

. . . thieves are hiding out in the woods . . . waiting to break into cars and steal valuables. Despite three recent arrests, investigators say the number of thefts is increasing.

. . . officers set up surveillance . . . near the park. . . . 32-year-old Aja Whetstone, 35-year-old Kisha Duncan, and Daniel Duncan arrived in . . . Read more

Five Blacks Indicted on Assault, Ethnic Intimidation Charges in Mob Attacks on Whites

Five people have been indicted in connection with a downtown attack . . .

Jon Deters, 24, was assaulted . . . as he was walking his sister to her car on Memorial Day weekend. . . .

A witness previously said the attack was racially motivated, noting "that was quite obvious in the slurs that were being thrown out.” The suspects are black, while Deters is white. . . .

The attack was caught on a surveillance camera . . .

. . . [Deters's] girlfriend was also assaulted in the attack. . . . Read more

Black Former Marine Sentenced to 30 Years for 'Senseless' Killing of His White Fiancée

When it came time for Blake H. Bryant, a former Marine recruiter . . . convicted of murder, to explain what he’d done, he glanced at a courtroom full of people . . .

But Bryant, 32, never explained why or how his life with his fiancée, Samantha O’Quin, 28, reached a point where he had to kill her. “I just snapped,” he told a psychologist who examined him. It was . . . Read more

Black Street Gang Threatens to Kill More Cops

The Bloods have vowed to kill more Jersey City cops to avenge the thug the police shot dead this week after he executed a rookie office . . .

The violent street gang has threatened to “kill a Jersey City cop and not stop until the National Guard is called out,” a senior law enforcement source revealed.

Police are even being warned that violent Bloods gang members may be . . . Read more

Indianapolis Dreads the Approach of 'Black Expo' Weekend and Associated Violence

For more than seventy years, white America has been hostage.

Leaders have known if the hammer drops, the riots start.

Thus, a population conservatives lament is forever on the liberal plantation remains free from being judged from their individual actions (they must be judged as a community). 

For black individuals are part of a collective, a community far beyond being held to any standards . . . Read more

Jul 16, 2014

Anti-White Hatred Is Now Mainstream in North Carolina (Not to Mention Taxpayer Funded)

A few years ago the city of Charlotte, NC tore threw the historic Elmwood cemetery with a backhole (sic). Then, in a shocking fit of anti-white hatred, they and ripped down a 75 year old flagpole that was part of the decorations for the Confederate veteran section of the cemetery.  Now, the University of Lee and Washington in North Carolina, held a ritualistic Taliban style public desecration of Robert E. Lees’s grave and memorial.

As further proof that white leftists are pandering to black anti-white hatred, the city of Winston-Salem erected a sign honoring the Black Panther Party in 2012.

Black Shooter Convinced to Surrender by Dispatcher after Going on Killing Rampage

A 911 dispatcher was lauded Monday for convincing a . . . gunman to surrender peacefully after he had allegedly fatally shot three people and wounded two others.

The shootings occurred about 4:20 p.m. Saturday, when John Izeal Smith, 44, opened fire . . .

Smith fired on police officers responding to help one of the victims and then barricaded himself in a nearby home . . .

During the ensuring standoff, Smith called . . . Read more

Black Homosexual Arrested for Assaulting 10-Year-Old Boy at Christian Day Camp

A man is facing numerous charges after a boy was allegedly sexually assaulted while at a . . . day camp.

Last Friday, a 10-year-old boy was attending a day camp . . . the boy was allegedly sexually assaulted while in the washroom.

Kamal Thomas, 20, of Toronto, was arrested that day. He is charged with sexual assault and sexual interference.

Police believe there may be more victims. . . . Read more

Four Blacks Arrested in Racially-Motivated Mob Attacks against Whites

Editor's Note: They've been charged with a laundry-list of crimes, including ethnic intimidation, still, the media are silent.

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in America. Numerous white people were targeted at random by a huge group of black men and women. The bloodthirsty mob simply wanted to commit serious bodily harm against any white person. The mob was screaming anti-white racial slurs and taunting their victims.


Black 'Community' Celebrates Black Thug Gunned Down after Killing Cop

“Thug in Peace.”

In three simple words the black community of Jersey City, NJ, has summed up their sentiments on their fallen “bro” and their collective attitude on life, writ large.

“Thug in Peace,” does one really need to read any further? Those were the words written on an impromptu public memorial to a “good man,” who “looked out for everyone on the block.” On Sunday, Lawrence Campbell, 27, already a career scumbag with three prior drug convictions and a potential murder charge hanging over his . . . Read more

See Also

White Reporter Could Be Fired for Airing Video of Blacks Praising Cop Killer

Jul 15, 2014

Negro Invites Himself to House Party, Sucker-Punches White College Student

. . . 20-year-old Kollin Kozik was struck on March 2nd.

He was hit hard enough to eventually lose two teeth. The strength of the impact forced his bottom teeth through his lip — requiring surgery.

Prosecutors say 20-year-old Michael Beasley-Hart, a UW-Whitewater student, threw what’s described as “a full knockout punch” — according to court documents.

Investigators say Kozik and his friends wanted . . . Read more

Two Blacks Plead Guilty to Crime Spree, Murder of 38-Year-Old White Man

Two teens charged in a deadly crime spree last year both pleaded guilty in a hearing Wednesday morning.

Gabriel Edwards and Sirquain Burr both accepted plea deals from prosecutors. The pair could have been exposed to 175 years in prison, but they will get less under the plea bargains.

John Yingling, 38, was shot and killed as he sat in his truck in his driveway. . . . Read more

Another White Woman Killed by Her Black 'Baby-Daddy'

According to the . . . Sheriff's Office, [Crystal] Gaffney's body was found . . . on Wednesday morning. After an autopsy, her cause of death was determined to be head trauma.

[Shaun] Hogan was alleged to have abducted [their daughter] Neveah as well as Gaffney's two older daughters Wednesday night. All three girls were found safe Wednesday night shortly after an AMBER Alert was issued.

Hogan, however, was not found until Thursday afternoon, when . . . Read more

Black Ex-Marine Arrested in Grisly Murder of Young White Mom Who 'Spurned' Him

A young Long Island mom met a violent end at the hands of a rejected suitor who couldn’t stomach being spurned, authorities and friends of the victim said.

Dante Taylor, 19, was charged Saturday with second-degree murder in the grisly death of Sarah Goode, 21, the Medford woman whose half-naked body was found in the woods near her home by family members . . . Read more

Mestizo Gangs Are Recruiting at Illegal Alien Border Facilities

A small number of MS-13 gang members are said to be crossing into the U.S. amongst the massive influx of children from Central America. The notoriously violent Mara Salvatrucha gang has origins in Central America and their members are active in cities across the United States.

An internal Border Patrol executive summary obtained by confirms that at least 16 unaccompanied illegal minors (those under the age of 18, according to U.S. government policy), are members of the brutal El Salvadorian street gang Mara Salvatrucha—or MS-13.

Gang members left graffiti on the walls of the Nogales (Arizona) Border Patrol processing center, which suggested they had ties to the organization, Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich reported earlier this week.

She discussed the alarming report this morning on America's Newsroom, explaining that some of the "unaccompanied minors" are actually teenage MS-13 or drug cartel members. According to current law, the Border Patrol cannot immediately send the teens back because they're under 18.

"They're now using the Nogales processing center as a recruitment hub for new members to come in. They're trying to recruit other teenage boys that are sharing cells with them and they're using the phones that the Red Cross has set up. They're supposed to be using those to call back home or to call family members in the United States. They're also using those as a way to communicate with gang members already in U.S. cities," she said.

Pavlich said the Border Patrol's hands are tied because they cannot separate the gang members from other children. She said according to her sources, these MS-13 members are scheduled for placement somewhere in the United States, adding that I.C.E policy has been to release illegal immigrants with a notice to appear at a hearing at a later date.

Jul 14, 2014

Crime and the Black Politician

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for bribery, money laundering and other corruption that spanned his two terms as mayor - including the chaotic years after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

Nagin was convicted on February 12, 2014 of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from businessmen who wanted work from the city or Nagin's support for various . . . Read more

Police Search for Black Suspect in Shooting Death of White East Hartford Man

Police are searching for the man accused of fatally shooting a 44-year-old . . . the night of July 2 and have obtained an arrest warrant charging him with murder.

Lawrence Williams, 18 . . . will be charged with criminal attempt to commit first-degree assault, criminal use of a firearm, first-degree reckless endangerment and second-degree threatening in connection with the shooting death of Michael Mikulse.

Mikulske was shot three times . . . He died from his injuries. . . . Read more

Stop the Violence?

. . . Indianapolis is dedicating vast resources to fight the almost exclusively black-in-origin violence in the city. Remember? The city introduced a touted anti-violence plan in March... to stop black crime (if your city has training sessions to create new "violence interrupters" it's time move).

And this is only for a population that constitutes 28 percent of the city's population.

In case you [were] wondering, the . . . Read more

White Jewelry Store Owner Shoots One of a Pair of Blacks Attempting to Rob His Store

A jewelry store owner who defended his Santa Rosa business with a gun for the second time in less than a year said he was faced with a do-or-die decision when he returned fire at two suspected armed robbers Thursday afternoon.

“I was the shooter,” Ty Visscher said Friday evening, adding he did not want to share specific details while police continue to . . . Read more

Anthony Cumia and the Inverted Samurai of the American Ghetto

Anthony Cumia, known along with Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Jim Norton as part of The Opie & Anthony Show, was fired last week after having been apparently attacked by a Black woman on the street and posting about it on Twitter. Sirius XM, the satellite radio company who had been syndicating the show, called Cumia’s comments on Twitter “racially charged and hate-filled”, evidently making them . . . Read more

Jul 11, 2014

Afrikaner Musician, Steve Hofmeyr Gives Speech about Black-on-White Crime at SA Music Festival

This is a speech (in Afrikaans) by Steve Hofmeyr about the Afrikaner and the crime situation in South Africa. We recorded this video at the annual music festival hosted at the Voortrekker Monument by AfriForum on the 2nd November 2013 for Pretoria against the government’s attempts to change its name. If this does not move you, you are either not an Afrikaner or don’t understand Afrikaans.

Prosecutors Freed Black Kid Who Brutally Beat Elderly White Woman, He Promptly Almost Kills a 4-Year-Old

A 14 year old black male horrifically beating an elderly white woman. The attack was so bad that the woman died a short time later. The victim says the attacker beat her solely for the fun of it. . . .

The district attorney’s office for the 80% black county refused to prosecute the black suspect. . . .

. . . He goes on to nearly kill a four year old . . . Read more

Black Female Sentenced to 10 Years in Reckless Homicide of White Man While out 'Joyriding' in a Stolen Car

A . . . judge sentenced Illahje Davis to 10 years in prison plus another six years of extended supervision.

The 15-year-old girl killed a man while joyriding in a stolen car. . . .

Davis was convicted of first degree reckless homicide in the killing of 57-year-old Ronald Forbes.

. . . she and a group of friends stole six vehicles and attempted to steal others. . . .

. . . Davis was speeding . . . [when] she struck Forbes, who was riding his bike. . . . Read more

Another Black Suspect Charged in Slaying of White Female Auctioneer

Police have charged a second man with capital murder in the slaying of a Fort Worth auctioneer in April.

Raan Henderson, 25, was charged Tuesday in the shooting death of 54-year-old Sheila Johnson during a robbery April 13 . . . He also faces an aggravated robbery charge in the case . . .

Henderson’s brother, 28-year-old Romon Henderson, was charged with capital murder in Johnson’s death . . . Read more

Black Suspect Arrested in Death of White Pizza Delivery Man

A 35-year-old man has been named as a suspect in the death of a Papa John's pizza deliveryman who was run over by his own car.

. . . [U. S. Marshals] found Robert Carlos Delcid Tuesday night hiding in a motel . . . and took him into custody without incident.

 . . . a friend of Delcid told investigators he was with him when William O'Neill, 46, was run down and killed. . . . Read more

Jul 10, 2014

The Racially-Motivated Beating of Steven Utash as a Metaphor for the White Man's Future in America

Editor's Note: This will be our future if we don't do something about it -- but it doesn't have to be this way. Our government (as are all governments of White nations) is controlled by a Jew-dominated coalition of Cultural-Marxists who absolutely hate White people. If we are to prevent this version of the future -- and ensure a brighter future for White children -- it is imperative that White men with strong White identities move into positions of power and authority in our government. 

No Justice Department funding marches, as Trayon Martin's supporters enjoyed.

 No wall-to-wall media coverage, as the posthumous crusade for justice for Trayvon became a year-long media event/sensation.

Just a city drowning in unpaid water bills and a white motorist still trying to regain full cognitive functions after an encounter with blacks in the 83 percent black city of Detroit.

Steven Utash.

Was any national media present when the sentencing occurred for those who assaulted Mr. Utash, a good samaritan daring to help a black child who purposely darted in front of his car? . . . Read more

DNA Features in Hearing of Black Male Who Killed Two White Employees of a Hotel after He Was Asked to Control His Children

. . . [Kelvin Lee] Coleman was arrested on March 13, 2013, the day after he was accused of fatally shooting Lester Carter, 42, and Glendora Johnson, 54, at the Vacation Host Inn . . .

. . . Several witnesses have identified Coleman as the shooter.

Authorities found an unspent .40-caliber bullet near the scene.

Coleman was arrested at his mother’s home . . . where officials found a Beretta semi-automatic handgun, magazine and six live . . . Read more

Washington & Lee University Desecrates the Grave of Robert E. Lee at the Demand of Seven Black Students

Editor's Note: Even in death, Whites won't be able to escape black envy, hatred, and violence.

Kenneth P Ruscio, president of Washington and Lee University, announced today that the school will remove the Confederate flags which have for many decades hung in Lee Chapel, . . . The announcement comes in response to the demands of a group of Black students called ‘The Committee’ who have called for the school to ‘remove Lee’s legacy.’ General Robert E Lee was president of the university after . . . Read more

Blacks in S. Africa Are Now Routinely Poisoning Dogs as Part of Their Home Invasion Attempts

Home-owners should be on the look-out for criminals who are poisoning dogs in their areas. Dog poisoning with the intention to break into houses is making the rounds in Elardus Park and the community police forum (CPF) is warning residents to be on the look-out. This was revealed after a resident in the area lost a dog when they visited Limpopo . . . Read more

Negro Beats 57-Year-Old White Man to Death at Amtrak Station

. . . Michael Joseph Fobbs, 21, remains in jail after allegedly beating another man to death at the Amtrak station . . .

Joseph Keith Richard . . . was three days shy of his 57th birthday when he was killed late last Thursday night. . . .

. . . witnesses noticed Fobbs pacing angrily, and going in and out of the building . . .

Fobbs suddenly launched an unprovoked attack on Richard, who was sitting on a bench outside the station’s waiting room . . . Read more

Jul 9, 2014

Black Preacher Admits Paying Black Voters to Vote for His Candidate

. . . a Black Mississippi minister, the Reverend Stevie Fielder of the First Union Missionary Baptist Church, has come forward to admit his part in the crimes–and he is naming names. Fielder says that, acting in concert with Saleem Baird of the Cochran camp, he agreed to pay $15.00 each to black Democrats who crossed over to vote for Cochran in last month’s runoff against Chris McDaniel. Fielder was to receive $16,000 in return. . . . Read more

Hero Inititiative Leads the Charge in Finding Black Pedophile Who Has Molested Nine Girls

. . . [the] group has taken up the case of the man who police say has accosted nine girls and young women . . .

Police, too, are desperate to put an end to the deviant's rampage. . . .

The suspect is suspected to be behind nine forcible gropings in the area--seven girls aged between 12 and 16 and two women aged 18 and 21.

He only approaches girls who are walking or jogging alone, gropes them from behind and then runs away. . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested in Connection with White Woman Found Shot to Death on Man's Porch

A suspect is behind bars for the shooting death of a . . . woman last week.

Rachelle Hayes, 48, was found dead late July 2 on the porch at a house . . . She had multiple gunshot wounds.

Police say Hayes had no relationship to the man who lived in the house where she was found and she had no connections to the neighborhood. . . .

Jordan Williams, 19, was arrested . . . Read more

African Invader Kills 97-Year-Old White Man and Brutally Beats His 94-Year-Old Wife in Home Invasion

. . . police have arrested Ngor Peter Makuey, 19, in connection with a homicide Wednesday night.

. . . Harriet Anderson, 94, called police at 7:44 p.m. saying a young man broke into their home, assaulting her and her husband, Rupert Anderson.

Paramedics took Rupert to the hospital where he died. Rupert was 97-years-old. . . .

Harriet was also taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. . . .

. . . police say Makuey lived a short distance from the victims’ home . . . Read more

White Motorcyclist Shot Dead While Riding Through Black Neighborhood

A 30-year-old man has been charged with open murder in connection with the June 26 shooting death of motorcyclist Jake Rameau . . . 

. . . Robert Earl Gee, 30, has been charged  in connection with the . . . shooting . . .

. . . After it was initially reported as a single-vehicle traffic death, an autopsy found a bullet wound in Rameau's body, making it a homicide investigation.
Dashawn Andrew Boylan, 25, also has been arraigned on charges of . . . Read more

Jul 8, 2014

Anthony Cumia of 'Opie & Anthony' Fame Stands Strong against MSM's Anti-White Attack

So far Anthony Cumia is refusing to apologize and fans seem to be rallying around him.
“Sirius decided to cave and fire me. Welcome to bizarro world… F*ck Sirius. My posts on Twitter after I was assaulted were profanity laced indeed but racist? Nope. Why should I afford my attacker any courtesy. Insane,” – Anothy Cumia of the Opie & Anthony Show
Meanwhile, the “mainstream media” is responding with articles that can only be described as a hoax version of what happened.

Cumia says he was attacked by a black female perpetrator in Times Square. She punched him ten times while screaming “white motherf*ck*r.” She was backed up by numerous black males. . . . Read more

Family Members Defend Black Career Criminal Who Killed White Police Officer

The family of Major Davis Jr., the man accused of killing Officer Perry Renn, is [now defending the shooter]. His aunt, cousins and his children's grandmother all talked to 24-Hour News 8 on Sunday afternoon.

Black Suspect Accused of Killing White Police Officer Is a Career Criminal

The suspect who is now preliminarily charged with the murder of . . . [a] Police Officer had a long list of criminal history.

Major Davis Jr., 25, is accused of killing Officer Perry Renn after a shootout at 9:23 p.m. . . .

According to police reports Davis was arrested a number of times.

Davis was arrested in May of 2006 for possession of cocaine and operating a vehicle on a learners permit without a licensed driver. Police attempted to stop Davis after they saw his vehicle stopped in the middle of the . . . Read more

Mestizo Invaders Scream Racial Epithets and Slogans at White Patriots in Murrieta Stand-Off

Protests against Obama’s planned dumping of unattended illegal alien children continue in Murietta, California. This time pro-illegal alien demonstrators attacked conservative activists while screaming “go back to Europe.” Several of the illegal alien supporters were arrested.

The Obama regime posted want ads for escorts for unaccompanied illegal alien children last January on an official Federal government website. Then the US State Department actively encouraged Latinos in central America to ship unaccompanied children to the United States saying they would be granted amnesty.

Studies show that new Latino immigrants vote Democrat at over 80%. They will also readily vote for extreme far-left/Marxist candidates. Even in the third generation, Latinos continue voting Democrat by a large majority. Democrats believe they can alter the political landscape of the United States forever by importing millions of people who will vote for the far-left.


Black & Mestizo Violence Mars July 4th Weekend in Chicago (MSM Misrepresents it as 'Gun Violence')

At least 14 people were killed and dozens more wounded in Chicago over the holiday weekend, breaking a relative lull in a city that has been fighting a high-profile battle against the scourge of gun violence.

Chicago has been under scrutiny since 2012, when it was the only city in the nation to record more than 500 homicides. This year, Chicago had 172 homicides . . . Read more

Jul 7, 2014

'Tempers get short' in Tight Quarters: How Indianapolis' Black Chief of Police Rationalizes Black Violence

A white police officer in Indianapolis was gunned down by a black suspect, in a gun battle over the July 4th weekend. In a city where the law of the white man is being replaced by the law of the jungle, WTHR (INDY NBC) reported this in regards to the murder of Ofc. Perry Renn: "the increase in violence is due to the decrease in . . . Read more

SiriusXM Fires Anthony of "The Opie & Anthony Show" for Talking Off-the-Air about Being the Victim of a Black-on-White Hate Crime

Editor's Note: Of course, the MailOnline article linked below, sides with SiriusFM and blames the victim for being angry about being attacked, simply because of the color of his skin.

. . . [Anthony Cumia] tweeted: 'Sirius decided to cave and fire me. Welcome to bizarro world. Fired for s*** that wasn't even on the air & wasn't illegal. So, who's next?'

He wrote that he was fired via email, adding: 'F*** Sirius.'

His firing came after he explained on Twitter on Wednesday that he was trying to take photos of the area in New York City on Tuesday night . . . Read more

Black Cop Killed While Taking Part in Robbery

An alleged robber, later identified as a police officer, has been killed and another man wounded during a shoot-out while robbing a business . . .

The officer was identified as a member of the Umlazi tactical response team, while the wounded man was taken to hospital under police guard . . .

The robbery took place on Friday, with three other robbers fleeing the scene with an undisclosed amount . . . Read more

One White Man Killed, another Seriously Injured, by Five Blacks in Racially-Motivated Home Invasion Attack

Five black males have been charged with storming into a Knoxville home and shooting two white people. 21 year old Benton Huddleston was killed.

The media is calling it an “attempted robbery,” the standard euphemism for black on white crime.

See Video

Trial Begins for Black Male Who Killed Young White Female for Refusing to Have Sex with Him

. . . attorneys for both sides said they believe Jamaal Prince, 36, killed Jennifer “Jessica” Kingeter . . . in the bathroom of an . . . apartment in December 2012.

. . . deputy district attorney Danielle Hilton told the jury Prince brutally attacked Kingeter after she refused to have sex with him . . .

. . . Prince had “cornered” Kingeter in the bathroom. She told jurors Kingeter was alive when “the defendant tortured her,” by slashing and stabbing her “hundreds” of times . . . Read more

Jul 3, 2014

Another Black Thug Shot and Killed by Victim, MSM and Black Community Assure Us 'he was a good boy'

Just watch the video.

And remember.

Isiah Haggins Jr. is Trayvon Martin. . . .
Security will be increase at a . . . store where the owner fatally shot a teenager who, along with another suspect, was allegedly trying to rob the business at gunpoint Monday. The death of Isiah Haggins Jr., 16 . . . was officially ruled a homicide . . .

The cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds. . . . the teen and another suspect entered . . . armed with guns and demanded cash. The store owner, who's been . . .
Though the article seems to have been edited (to get rid of Haggins' families whining, which helps identify him as just another black thug behind - and justifying - the white flight from Dayton), here's what was originally posted at . . . Read more

'Gangsta' Rapper Ice-T's New Video Features the Repeated Killings of White People for 'Talking S***'

Strange or.. "nah?"

Gangster musician Ice-T and his group Body Count's new video called "Talk Shit, Get Shot" has raised some real eyebrows as of late.

Apparently in the video (linked second below) features tons of killing by a group of Black vigilantes and as it turns out, each and every single one of the victims of the gunfire are White... exclusively.

So much for DIEversity, aye?

TMZ recently confronted Ice-T about this and he was quick to dismiss it as no big deal and if anything it was the fault of the video's producer "Frank" who we have identified as Frank Nasso.

Please keep in mind that such violent Black music does inspire its listeners to act out on ideas that the music conveys and with the music video now reaching nearly 600,000 plays, we wonder how many of those 600,000 are angry young Black males who will use this video for inspiration.

We should also add that T's grandson was just arrested for killing his roommate, who was Black. Perhaps the roommate was "talking shit?"

White TV Host Attacked by Blacks While Filming in NYC

A White prankster on the channel Denniscee TV was nearly choked and beaten to death by multiple unfriendly American-Africans after filming his most recent prank video in which the purpose is to take "Selfies" (pictures of yourself for all you oldersters) in New York City.

The idea is that he would go, stand in front of American-Africans and take a picture of himself but it . . . Read more

World Famous Photographer Battered and Robbed by Blacks in South Africa

World famous South African photographer David Goldblatt and documentary film-maker Cliff Bestall were assaulted and robbed while filming the elephant sculptures by Andries Botha at Warwick Junction yesterday morning.

David Goldblatt (83) was injured during the incident and is currently ­recovering in hospital. Photographic and film equipment . . . Read more

Negro Abducts and Kills White Teen, Stuffs Her Body in a Bag and Carries it Past Her Worried Mother

. . . [A] man charged with killing a teenage girl stuffed her body in a playpen bag and carried it past her mother — even offering the woman a chance to "buy a baby thing" — before disposing of the remains in the trash . . .

Ricki D. Williams IV, 18 . . . was held without bond after a court hearing Wednesday in the June 23 death of 16-year-old Gina Burger . . . Read more

Jul 2, 2014

Baltimore Mayor Denounces ‘Knockout Game’ -- Refuses to Acknowledge Their Racial Nature

After two recent “knockout games” left several people in Baltimore injured, the city’s mayor has decided to speak out.

. . . Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is disgusted by the attacks and says they are not a game.

“They don’t understand the consequences,” Rawlings-Blake said. “If you knock someone out, you could think its a joke and you’ll hurt somebody – that person could die, and . . . Read more

Racially-Motivated, Anti-White Mob Attacks Continue Unabated in Baltimore, MSM Continue to Ignore Them

Racially motivated black on white hate crime mob attacks are still occurring in Baltimore. The local media is censoring the race of the perpetrators and downplaying the attacks as “a game.”

If the races were reversed, this would be a major news story and the media would be screaming the races of the perpetrators and victims in the headlines.

In this attack, a huge mob of young blacks attacked two whites at random. When the would be victims started fighting back, the attackers fled. One of the perps was arrested. That suspect already faces charges for another attack.


White Taxi Driver, Paul Shepherd, Shot 'Execution-Style' by Two Blacks

A taxi driver was killed in a shooting Sunday afternoon . . . and now police are searching for two suspects in the crime.

. . . the shooting happened around 3:30 p.m. Sunday . . . Police identified the victim Monday afternoon as Paul Shepherd, 40 . . .

. . . Shepherd had been shot more than once while inside his taxi cab. . . .

“He had three gun shots that we saw, one in the back, one in the . . . Read more

Two Blacks Kill White Tavern Owner

. . . Brennan's Colony Tavern and Restaurant owner Jim Brennan has died . . .

. . . police responded to a shooting about 1 p.m. Monday . . .

No one has been caught yet. The suspects are described as two, young black men between the ages of 17 and 21 years old. One was wearing a grey hoodie, black pants, the other was dressed in all black.

Both had bandannas over their faces. . . . Read more

White Hero Shot Rescuing His Wife from Black Carjackers

Justin Mackley was shot in his right arm in a hijacking . . . last night, Monday, 30 June.

His wife, Kristyl returned home at 5:50 pm and opened the manual gate, drove her car through the gate and as she was closing the gate behind her she noticed a young man watching her.

She tried to shut the gate quickly but the man pushed the gate so hard . . . Read more

Jul 1, 2014

Group of Black Females Brutally Attack 15-Year-Old Girl Sitting on a Park Bench, While other Blacks Cheer them on

A 15 year old teenage girl was attacked in an unprovoked hate crime mob attack while sitting on a park bench by herself in Brooklyn. The race of the victim is unclear, but she appears to have lighter skin than the attackers.

A group of young women were captured on video beating a 15-year-old old girl until she fell to the ground in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and then pummeling her while onlookers encouraged the violence.

The brutal beatdown occurred about 6 p.m. Wednesday and was captured by at least one witness on a cell phone and posted on the Internet.

The teenager, who can be . . . Read more

Black-on-White Hate Crime Murders in Michigan and Alabama

Over 90% of all interracial crimes involving a black and a white has a white victim and a black perpetrator. In the extremely rare cases that a white person victimizes a black, it is national news. For the thousands of white victims, it is a “hush crime.”

Whites murdered by blacks are also described as “robbery victims” in the media. Here are two more “robbery victims.” One in Battle Creek Creek, Michigan and one in Montgomery, Alabama.

Two black males invaded the home of Allyn William Reeve, Jr in Battle Creek, Michigan and killed him. One suspect has turned himself in. 

See Video

Black Suspect Arrested in Murder of Young White Man, Nathan Dasher

[Police are] charging a suspect in connection with a . . . homicide case. . . . Fredrick Shermain Simmons is charged with the murder of 27-year-old Nathan Dasher.

The murder happened early Tuesday morning . . . Officers located Dasher at the scene where he was pronounced dead.

Dasher was the city's 12th homicide victim of 2014.

Simmons is being held . . . on a capital murder during robbery in first degree. Read more

20-25 Blacks Attack Two White Men, Police Arrest One Who Is a Multiple 'Knockout' Offender

A . . . man claims he and his brother were victims of the so-called knockout game last week. Police said they've made an arrest, and it turns out the suspect was wanted for more than one of these types of incidents.

Police said officers arrested a 16-year-old boy out of a group of 20-25 teens who may have somehow been involved in the . . . Read more

Two Black Shooters Open Fire, Injuring 10 on Bourbon Street, Media Covering-Up Race of Perpetrators

. . . the reports are 10 people were shot on Bourbon Street at roughly 2:45 a.m., an hour when the lifeblood of the city - [primarily White] tourists - are just getting good and liquored up for a run at a wild, wild party.

On Sunday morning at 2:45 a.m. . . . two people opened fire. . . .

The fear of potentially being the victim of collateral damage in the largely black-in-origin crime/gun-crime in . . . Read more

The Petition to End Racial Violence for July 2014 Is Now Available to Sign

This month's (July 2014) petition is now ready to sign, here: July's Petition to End Racial Violence

There have been some changes to the petition site. You no longer have to create an account to sign the petition. There is a "Sign Now" button on the left-hand side of the petition page. Just type in your name and email address (and optionally, your zip code) and click sign now.

Thank you in advance for your help.

As a reminder, the purpose of the petition is to raise awareness of the escalating problem of black-on-White crime by using the White House website as a billboard to broadcast our message.

In order to do that we need 150 signatures to get the site listed in the "Open Petitions" page of

The petition is only available for 30 days, the sooner we get the signatures the longer the petition will be available for casual browsers of the site, to see (as well as sign).

Please sign it now!

Also, if you would like to help promote the petition, you can use our web banner ads available at the Petition to End Racial Violence Facebook album.

This album contains web banners created to help you promote the Petition. To use them, simply copy and paste the code in the description of each banner, into your website, blog, or social media pages.

Again, thank you for all your help.


Russell James

Jun 30, 2014

Huffington Post Publishes the Anti-White Fantasies of Black Philly Mayor, Michael Nutter

Michael Nutter is the mayor of Philadelphia . . . He penned a piece for the Huffington Post today in which he “exposes” myths that are keeping young black men from succeeding. Not only doesn’t he disprove any myths, he essentially says that black men are not responsible for their own actions and their only saving grace is massive government intervention. Like I said: a nutter. . . . Read more

Black Burglar Stabs Young White Coed 22 Times, then Rapes Her

In another incident in South Africa’s ongoing black-on-white violence, a 20-year old student . . . was brutally stabbed and then raped by a black burglar, Samuel Tsietsi Msiza . . . The still virgin girl was stabbed, slashed and cut up with a knife 22 times before Msiza told his bleeding, dazed victim: “Take off your pants. I want to sex you.”

. . . So badly did her black . . . Read more

Black Felon Kidnaps White Baby at Walmart; Is Shot in Head by Police

A Black terrorist, who the media is quick to call "mentally ill" and not a racial terrorist, kidnaped a White child right from the mother's shopping cart at a local Walmart and held a knife to the child's stomach then the child's throat.

Could it be that this Black terrorist was brainwashed from all of the White marxists and left-wingers preaching on and on about "White privilege" and he just thought slicing the throat or gutting a White child would prevent further "racial oppression?"
A man was shot and killed after he snatched a two-year-old girl out of a shopping cart and held her hostage in an Oklahoma grocery store.

The surveillance video shows the dramatic moments as wanted felon Sammie Wallace grabs a two-year-old girl inside the store in Midwest City.

The man grabbed the child from the shopping cart for no apparent reason and then began to hold a knife to her throat as he began to ramble and make crazy, incoherent demands.

As her mom screams for help, other shoppers call 911 and begin surrounding Wallace.
Officers spent 30 minutes negotiating with the man before he was then shot in the head at point-blank range.

White Cyclist Attacked by Mob of Black Male Tribal ‘Initiates’ in ‘Feral Rage’

A local cyclist had to flee before a crowd of initiates wielding bricks and a panga. The man, who choose not to be named, went cycling on a jeep track just behind Nasaret, uphill toward the N11, where he found a boma (an outdoor campsite) partly hidden by trees.

He decided to stop some 75 metres from the boma to wait for a . . . Read more

4,000 March in Glasgow after Surge in Rapes by Muslim Invaders

After a spate of 3 brutal rapes in a month by Muslims in Govanhill and the police refusal to take action, the brave women of Glasgow organised a march through this dangerous ghetto.

A BNP delegation was on the scene to show their solidarity with these brave ladies.

Includes; interview with the event organiser.

Visit our website at:

Jun 27, 2014

Black Mob Roots-On Thug as He Brutalizes White Teen

Multiculturalism is what makes the events that occur in the video below possible. Not racism, not "white supremacy" but serial non-White resentment for White people and White culture. As Whites continue to be demographically displaced, such events will only become more and more frequent.

American-Africans, as we have talked about earlier this week, are not openly baiting White people into racial tirades with the hope . . . Read more

79-Year-Old White War Vet Beats-Off Hoodie-Wearing Black Mugger

A robber who was looking for an easy score ended up in a tussle with a tough-talking war vet earlier this week.

“It happened so fast. He immediately told me he wanted my pocketbook and my money,” said Marvin Lail, 79.

Lail was filling up his car Saturday morning at the 7-Eleven . . . when a man jumped from behind the gas pump and tried robbing . . . Read more

Black Female Pleads Guilty in Shooting of 17-Year-Old White College Student

One of four people charged in the death of a . . . student last year has pleaded guilty.

Tamarra Shavon Wilder, 19, pleaded guilty to murder . . . last Thursday. She is one of four defendants accused in the death of Hunter Callahan, a 17-year-old college student . . .

Callahan was . . . shot to death . . . Wilder told police that she drove the suspects to the complex that night and witnessed . . . Read more

Three Blacks Mug White Mom Diagnosed with Cancer

A . . . mom went through a double mastectomy two weeks ago and last Wednesday doctors told her they didn’t catch the cancer in time.

She has stage 3 cancer, but that revelation wasn’t even the worst part of her week.

. . . while working her latest job Saturday, someone fired a gun at her.

She’s been delivering the newspaper since October, but after bullets came flying . . . Read more

Young White Woman Brutally Beaten by Large Black Female as Her Two-Year-Old Tries to Intervene

Police are searching for a woman seen on an amateur video savagely beating another woman as the victim's 2-year-old son watched and pleaded for the violence to stop.

"Police in this county deal with this type of violence everyday. Yet, this video is physically sickening to watch . . .

The suspect in the case has been identified as Latia Harris, 25, of Salem, who . . . Read more

Jun 26, 2014

The Single-Most Important Demographic Indicator, that You Will Be a Victim of Crime, Is the Percentage of Non-Whites that Live in Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Scout published a list of America’s 100 most dangerous cities with over 25,000 people. Here is the racial makeup of the top ten.

Cities in the top ten either have large black majorities, or they have large percentages of both blacks and Latinos. This is especially true if the dominate Latino group is Mexican.

In fact, the entire list of 100 cities could just as easily be call “100 American cities over 25,000 with a substantial percentage of blacks.”

10 Newburgh, NY 26% White (3 Major Racial groups, White, Black, Mexican)
9 Oakland, CA 26% White (5 Major Racial groups, White, Black, Mexican, Other Latino, Asian)
8 Chester, PA 17% White (75% Black)
7 Bessemer, AL 28% White (70% Black)
6 Detroit, MI 8% White (83% Black)
5 Saginaw, MI 28% White (3 Major racial groups, White, Black, Latino)
4 West Memphis, AR 34% White (64% Black)
3 Camden, NJ 12% White (48% Black, 30% Puerto Rican)
2 Flint, MI 36% White (57% Black)
1 East St. Louis, IL <1% White (98% Black)


NeighborhoodScout’s Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

Black Municipal Leaders Agree, Whites Must Be Forced to Live in Shacks

. . . Port Elizabeth PE councillor suggestion: “Make Whites Move from Their Mansions and Live in Shacks While black people are moved into their lavish homes: — and ANC mayor agreed that ‘radical change is needed in South Africa’.

One-million white people – 97% Afrikaans-speakers — already live in shacks since 1994 as per Refugee Camps South Africa : . . .

Municipal communications spokesperson Kupido Baron issued this statement in reaction . . . Read more

Illegal Alien Charged with Home Invasion Rape in Broad Daylight

Editor's Note: As is typically the case with sex crimes, the identity of the victim is not given. But it is commonly the case in crimes of this nature that the women is White.

. . . Authorities arrested Milton Mateo Garcia, a 28-year-old kitchen worker from Honduras who is here illegally and had already been deported at least once, on Monday night and charged him with grabbing the woman early Saturday on Spruce Street, forcing her into her own apartment, and raping her.

"For the residents of Rittenhouse Square, we have this guy off the street," said Capt. John . . . Read more

Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Four Blacks in Racially-Motivated Attack on White Family -- Caught on Camera

Editor's Note: Presumably the grand jury was majority black. The concept of federal 'hate crime' charges was created for precisely this case -- will Eric Holder's DOJ sweep in and charge the perps with a hate crime?

. . . Allen, 18, and his cousins Tyrone Booker, 19, Jerron Bush, 21, and Craig Dean, 20, were accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint at the intersection of Amy and Market streets.

Allen and Booker were also accused of later assaulting a woman at the intersection of First and Liberty streets the same night a group of young people wreaked havoc in the downtown area.

"You . . . Read more

Affirmative Action Is Dangerous Says the Institute for Race Relations (IRR)

SA needs to wake up to the serious consequences affirmative action could bring about, the Institute for Race Relations (IRR) said on Wednesday.

The appointment of unqualified people, along with failure to fill key posts when the only available candidates are white, are some of the reasons for this, said the IRR in its latest @Liberty policy bulletin.

"This does not mean that all those . . . Read more

Jun 25, 2014

Media Censors Race of Perps in Attack on White Marine That Led to His Death and Injury to His Wife

A US Marine, who served in Afghanistan, was murdered by two black males in an unprovoked racial hate crime attack in Lexington, Kentucky. His wife was also injured.

If the races had been reversed, it would be the biggest news story in America. Instead it is a heavily censored “hush crime.”

Watch as WKYT falsely claims that police have no description! In reality, police informed . . . Read more

New Anti-White Trend among Blacks

The racial recipe calls for a White victim, a Black [perpetrator], and a video camera of some sort.

The way their new "game" (much like the Knockout 'game' and the smack cam 'prank) is one in which a Black menace repeatedly eggs on a White person to the point they cannot take it anymore. They will harass you by following you around and point a . . . Read more

White TV Star, Terence Bridgett, Beaten and Robbed by Blacks in Home Invasion

South African TV actor, Terence Bridgett of Isidingo fame, has sustained several injuries after being violently attacked by robbers . . .

. . . “Two men came into the house. They attacked him, broke a couple of his ribs, kicked him around, strangled him and basically left with a few minor things, his cellphone. He went into hospital, he is fine and he spent most of the day relaxing and . . . Read more

Negro Robs Cultural Museum, Tries to Cast Blame on Whites by Spraying 'White Supremacist' Symbols

Editor's Note: Notice how the author of the article, David Cobb, goes out of his way to downplay the perpetrator's culpability in a way that seems to implicate all of White society. In other words, it isn't the black criminal's fault that he committed a crime, it's Whitey's. This is a common tactic used by Cultural Marxist propagandists who masquerade as journalists.

. . . Torrey Lamar Hines, 35, is charged with burglary, vandalism and theft over $50,000 after taking responsibility for the June 10 burglary . . .

Hines also confessed to vandalizing the interior of the center with spray-paint to make it look like a crime committed by white supremacists . . .

Hines worked as a custodian and helped set up for events at the [museum] . . .

Hines was placed on probation for six months . . . Read more

Police Investigate Attack on 10-Year-Old White Girl as a Hate Crime

. . . Police are investigating an attack on a 10-year-old girl as a hate crime, and the attack was captured on video and posted on-line.

A video posted on YouTube shows a white girl on a scooter ambushed and beaten by a black girl. The beating went on for about 12 seconds until you hear voices in the background calling for it to stop.

A . . . [police] report shows . . . Read more

Jun 24, 2014

The Blacks Who Killed White Marine in Hold-Up Have Still Not Been Brought to Justice

. . . Police call it a random robbery that ended in murder, and they're still trying to track down the person who shot and killed a Marine and injured his wife . . .

Monday . . . Police gave . . . an update on their investigation into the shooting death of 26-year-old Jonathan Price. . . .

"Anybody that's willing to sacrifice their life and has served and comes home and gets taken away like . . . Read more

Trial Underway for Three Blacks Accused of Killing White Security Guard

. . . Floyd Perkins, 22; Aaron Williams, 33; and Kenya Hyatt, 21; all face first-degree felony murder, armed robbery and firearm charges in the August 2010 killing of John "Andy" Mick. . . .

. . . Mick was finishing his shift around 4 a.m. Aug. 14, 2010 . . . when men approached him and tried to steal his gun. A struggle ensued and Mick was shot to death. . . .

Mick retired from General Motors . . . Read more

Mixed-Race Male Arrested in 25-Year-Old Stabbing Death of Young White Woman

Cudellious Love was arrested Friday . . . and booked . . . on one count of first-degree murder in the death of 27-year-old Laura Hunding in July 1989.

Police said detectives on the case were recently able to match DNA at the crime scene with Love.

Hunding's body was found by her landlord in her apartment about 10:30 a.m. on July 17, 1989.

Witnesses said they saw . . . Read more

Black Thug Attacks Random White Female with a Baseball Bat as Part of a Gang-Initiation

A . . . man is behind bars after police said he attacked a woman with a baseball bat . . . on Sunday night . . .

Police said a man identified as Corey Mosley got a running start and struck a woman identified as Ashlyne Rogers in the head with a bat . . .

. . . [Police] stated Mosley said it was gang related . . .

. . . Mosley stated he watched a movie with a baseball bat being used on . . . Read more

Jun 23, 2014

Black Shooter Blames 'Racism' for the Fact that He Is Being Prosecuted for Crippling Random White Female

Micheal Smith, a vicious career criminal, is charged with the random shooting of a female college student in Columbia, SC. He claims he is being unfairly persecuted because the victim is white. In a tape recorded jailhouse conversation, the suspect says “I didn’t try to shoot that damn bitch.” He also says he is a victim of media driven persecution “because she’s white.”

The thug was just sentenced for a number of gun related charges and still faces charges for the senseless near fatal shooting of a beautiful young white female college student. The victim, Martha Childress , was left paralyzed.

Police say that the perp shot Childress while trying to hit two other gangbangers. Smith seems to think that since he was aiming for other people, he shouldn’t be prosecuted for crippling Childress.


Blacks 'Knockout' White Victim in Small White Town

A Ferndale man was sucker punched and briefly lost consciousness as he walked along Woodward with a male friend in what police say may have been a “knockout game” attack by two strangers.

The so-called knockout game involves an attacker who targets a victim and tries to the knock the person unconscious with a single punch.

Nationally, there is some dispute whether the “game” . . . Read more

Black Home Invader/Kidnapper/Robber Is Arrested After Being Recognized While Shopping by White Victim

. . . “My sister and her family were ambushed at 07h05 just as they walked out to take the children to school. My sister screamed when my brother-in-law got a gunbarrel pushed against his head. The gunman threatened to shoot him dead ‘to make an example of him’.

They dragged my sister by her hair through the house, forcing her to show them the safe. . . Read more

Black Male Found Guilty Years After Robbery/Beating of 83-Year-Old White Woman

A man has been found guilty in the brutal beating of an elderly woman . . .

Surveillance video showed James Dorsey beating and robbing an 83-year-old woman . . . in May 2005. Dorsey confessed to the crime several years later, but then recanted . . .

. . . Dorsey was found guilty of assault while armed and armed robbery of a senior citizen . . .

The victim . . . has passed away. Read more

Daycare Shutdown, Black Teacher Arrested after White Child Burned

The state ordered a daycare center to shut down on Friday, declaring that children there are in imminent danger.

The order stems from the investigation of the daycare, Discovering Basics and the arrest of one of the daycare center's teachers on a felony charge of child cruelty.

It's the latest in the case of a Hall County toddler who was severely burned last week. On . . . Read more

Jun 20, 2014

Muslim, Granted Asylum in UK, Pimps and Repeatedly Rapes 13-Year-Old Girl

An illegal immigrant from Afghanistan who was granted asylum, given an army job as an interpreter then went on to adopt a false name, groom a young girl and then rape her.

All illegal immigrants should be rounded up and deported before they can abuse anyone. Instead of treating these criminals with kid gloves they should be deported immediately.

This Muslim thug has no morals . . . Read more

The Last Three Blacks, Involved in Steven Utash Beating, Plead-Out

There won’t be a trial as all five charged in the case of a suburban man beaten by a mob . . . have now pleaded guilty to reduced charges.

. . . 19-year-old Latrez Cummings, 24-year-old James Davis, and 30-year-old Wonzey Saffold each pleaded to a charge of assault to do great bodily harm less than murder, Thursday . . .

The three all admitted they . . . Read more

Black Shooter Arrested for Killing White Cab Driver

Police . . . have arrested a 23-year-old man in the killing of a cab driver . . . earlier this month.

Rohbanni Wilson is charged with murder in the shooting death of 43-year-old Stuart Carson.

Carson was sitting in his . . . [taxi] cab . . . at about 7:45 a.m. June 7 when he was shot and killed.

Police said Wilson became a person of interest, and through evidence obtained from . . . Read more

Negro Sucker-Punches Pregnant, White Clerk Before Robbing Shop

The shocking video was captured on the security camera of a Boost Mobile phone shop . . .

It’s the man’s second time in the store that day; the first time he was there, he just browsed around and left. The clerk cheerfully asks how can she help, but the man nervously shuffles through the display items.

When he finally does appear to want to talk to the . . . Read more

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Three Blacks Beat White Pedestrian Unconcious for 'Walking While White'

Authorities asked the public . . . for help in identifying four people wanted in connection with the fatal beating of a 25-year-old man during a weekend dispute . . .

Michael Beaver . . . got into an argument with the group for unknown reasons . . . [at] about 1 a.m. Sunday . . .

After exchanging hostile words with Beaver . . . the suspects . . . pummeled him in the upper body . . . They then walked off along with the second woman, leaving Beaver unconscious . . . Read more
Pensacola Police have arrested a man who punched a female in the face Wednesday afternoon when he robbed a business. Vincent Lavon Johnson, 41, of Pensacola, was taken into custody around 8:15 a.m. today in the 3000 block of North Roosevelt Street. He was charged with felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary. The robbery occurred around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday at Boost Mobile, 5039 Bayou Blvd. Officer Greg Gordon said Johnson entered, walked around, put his phone in his pocket, approached a counter, reached over the counter,

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Pensacola Police have arrested a man who punched a female in the face Wednesday afternoon when he robbed a business. Vincent Lavon Johnson, 41, of Pensacola, was taken into custody around 8:15 a.m. today in the 3000 block of North Roosevelt Street. He was charged with felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary. The robbery occurred around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday at Boost Mobile, 5039 Bayou Blvd. Officer Greg Gordon said Johnson entered, walked around, put his phone in his pocket, approached a counter, reached over the counter

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Pensacola Police have arrested a man who punched a female in the face Wednesday afternoon when he robbed a business. Vincent Lavon Johnson, 41, of Pensacola, was taken into custody around 8:15 a.m. today in the 3000 block of North Roosevelt Street. He was charged with felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary. The robbery occurred around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday at Boost Mobile, 5039 Bayou Blvd. Officer Greg Gordon said Johnson entered, walked around, put his phone in his pocket, approached a counter, reached over the counter

Read More at:

Jun 19, 2014

Blacks Go on 'Knockout' Spree against Elderly Whites in Connecticut

Six teens have been charged in three assaults over the course of three days. Police are trying to determine whether or not this is a result of the “Knockout” game, in which many kids sneak up on strangers and deliver a haymaker punch trying to knock that person to the ground.

Police said the three victims were all over the age of 60.

The incidents . . . Read more

The Joys of 'Diversity': Black 'Crowbar Gang' Robs Veterinary Hospital

A notorious “crowbar gang” were caught on CCTV camera as they robbed [veterinary hospital] on Wednesday morning.

Armed response personnel were on the scene within three minutes of the hospital’s alarm being triggered, but it was too late. By that time the four men had stolen two computer screens and a number of computer hard drives, and driven off in a getaway vehicle.

Last month the . . . Read more

Dumbed-Down Female 'Reporter' Robbed While Downplaying Black-on-White Crime

The female reporter in the heavily censored KTVU news report on the racial hate crime mob attack of a white woman, was robbed while working on the story.

KTVU called the brutal hate crime a “robbery” even though the level of violence and harm inflicted vastly outweighs any possible financial gain. KTVU also censorsed the race of the perps. In fact they go on to describe more incidents of black on white crime in the area and censor the race of the perpetrator in every case. 


Black Killer Spared Death Penalty in Shooting Death of Thomas Repchic

Jurors found Aubrey Toney guilty of murder but not aggravated murder Friday in the long-running trial, meaning he will not be eligible for the death penalty.

Jurors also found Toney guilty of felonious assault and a firearms specification. The jury did not reach a verdict on an attempted murder charge against Toney.

Both sides gave their closing arguments Thursday afternoon before the jury discussed the . . . Read more