May 9, 2014

Black Male, with Scissors, Attacks Elderly White Man In His Home, While He Sleeps


Metrorail machinist Etienne Jordaan 60, survives attack by 17-year-old Parow Western Cape South Africa.

Jordaan was stabbed three times in his chest with his own scissors, penetrating one lung and his chest. The 17-year-old attacked Mr Jordaan while he was asleep at around 03h30 in his Parow, West Cape home. He said he became embroiled in a life-and-death struggle during which he . . . Read more

Two Blacks Attack White Patrons and Staff of an Outdoor Cafe in NYC


The video below features two young black males fighting with two White males who we can assume are patrons as well as White waiters and probably management. The White man who is initially battered was just standing there with his arms folded watching the fiasco unfold and defending himself verbally.

What follows is an assortment of punches and tables being flipped over while people are just trying to enjoy a meal. Thanks multiculturalism!

Caught on Tape: White Girls Terrorized By Blacks on Bus


Repeat after us: multiculturalism is not our greatest strength; Not in the US, not in the UK, not anywhere in the the organized or civilized world. Multiculturalism makes racist things happen.

The case in the video below is no different. On a public bus, a security camera caught a gang of approximately 4-6 African Muslim migrants. If you are not aware, all of Europe is being overcome with a variety of north African and Somalian Muslims that are repeatedly raping and terrorizing their women.

Toward the end of the video, it is evident that the thugs are pulling the hair and tossing around the women on the back of the bus. Multiculturalism enabled this; "Cultural Enrichment."

Kenyan 'Immigrant' Nurse Who Raped White Patient Has Fled to Kenya to Avoid Prosecution


Debe Castro was an in-patient at The Medical Center of Plano in January 2013, preparing for a heart procedure. Medicated but conscious, she said her nurse — Wilson Karago — came to her bed in the middle of the night.

“He woke me up. He kissed me. He said, ‘You kiss, but you don’t tell.’ Something to that nature when he woke me up," Castro recalled. "And I said . . . Read more

Police Say Two Black Home Invaders Who Killed Retired White Firefighter Are 'Criminal Predators'


The slaying of a retired . . . firefighter and two-tour Vietnam veteran gunned down during a break-in at his . . . home earlier this month was tragic and senseless, . . .

"This case is not just an outrage for . . ."

Authorities on Friday announced capital murder charges against two men in the April 23 slaying of 66-year-old Howard Arthur McKee. Kamal Potts, 23, was taken into custody into custody . . . Read more