Jun 19, 2014

Blacks Go on 'Knockout' Spree against Elderly Whites in Connecticut

Six teens have been charged in three assaults over the course of three days. Police are trying to determine whether or not this is a result of the “Knockout” game, in which many kids sneak up on strangers and deliver a haymaker punch trying to knock that person to the ground.

Police said the three victims were all over the age of 60.

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The Joys of 'Diversity': Black 'Crowbar Gang' Robs Veterinary Hospital

A notorious “crowbar gang” were caught on CCTV camera as they robbed [veterinary hospital] on Wednesday morning.

Armed response personnel were on the scene within three minutes of the hospital’s alarm being triggered, but it was too late. By that time the four men had stolen two computer screens and a number of computer hard drives, and driven off in a getaway vehicle.

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Dumbed-Down Female 'Reporter' Robbed While Downplaying Black-on-White Crime

The female reporter in the heavily censored KTVU news report on the racial hate crime mob attack of a white woman, was robbed while working on the story.

KTVU called the brutal hate crime a “robbery” even though the level of violence and harm inflicted vastly outweighs any possible financial gain. KTVU also censorsed the race of the perps. In fact they go on to describe more incidents of black on white crime in the area and censor the race of the perpetrator in every case. 


Black Killer Spared Death Penalty in Shooting Death of Thomas Repchic

Jurors found Aubrey Toney guilty of murder but not aggravated murder Friday in the long-running trial, meaning he will not be eligible for the death penalty.

Jurors also found Toney guilty of felonious assault and a firearms specification. The jury did not reach a verdict on an attempted murder charge against Toney.

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Black Male Sought in Racially-Motivated Murder of Douglas Parker

. . . police are casting a wide net in their search for a suspect accused of a fatal shooting that also left two others wounded . . . last month.

[A police spokeswoman] updated the media about the killing of Douglas Parker, a 20-year-old man who was fatally shot on the evening of May 24.

Parker was hit several times in "the chest area," while his friends were also shot. . . . Read more