Apr 24, 2014

'African-American' Family Day, at the National Zoo, Erupts into Violence


This is an example of "burying the lede" in a news story. . . .
Two people were shot and injured near an entrance to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., police confirmed Monday.

One victim was injured in the arm, the other in the hand, police said. Both have non-life threatening injuries. Police said around 5:17 p.m., a male was shot in the 3000 block of Connecticut . . . Read more

Media Censor Black Riots Just Blocks from White House


The Metropolitan Police Department responded to a mob of 60 young people who were jumping on cars and vandalizing the area near the Watergate complex Monday, according to its public information office. . . .

. . . No arrests were made, MPD spokesman Paul Metcalf said. A nearby resident, Trey O’Callaghan, said he saw officers question two young men, who had been handcuffed, about an hour after the group passed . . . Read more

Evidence of Massive Black Voter Fraud Uncovered


Evidence of mass voter fraud has been uncovered in four Alabama counties. However, the media is censoring important details.

The following counties were found to have more voters on the rolls than total resident who are voting age adults. Do you really thing it is a coincidence that the four counties showing blatant evidence of voter fraud are four of the blackest counties in the state?

Greene County: Over 81% Black
Hale County: 59% Black
Lowndes County: 74% Black
Macon County: 85% Black

All across America, black leaders are campaign against laws that would make it harder to commit voter fraud. In Cincinnati, Al Sharpton held a rally to denounce anti-voter fraud laws. He invited a woman on stage who was convicted of voter fraud. She admits voting for Obama several times in the same election and is unrepentant. She was given a standing ovation by the crowd.

As black leaders denounce efforts to crack down on voter fraud, evidence mounts that black people commit voter fraud in great disproportion to their population.

Black Male Fatally Stabs White Man over a Cell Phone


. . . an argument over a cell phone led to the fatal stabbing of a person . . .

The stabbing happened about 8:25 a.m. at a McDonald's restaurant . . .

. . . the person responsible for the stabbing fled the scene and hid in a nearby vacant house, where he was arrested. Police later identified that man as Asa Funderburk, 36. He . . . faces a charge of murder with a deadly weapon.

The incident . . . Read more

Trial Begins for Black Suspect in Double Murder of Two White Men


. . . Jermaine Jackson is accused of shooting and killing 18-year-old Krisjan Thorsson and 37-year-old John White . . .

. . . there was some type of altercation along the way to QuikTrip and the defendant, Jackson, followed them to the store.

Once there, prosecutors say Jackson approached the car as White and Thorrson were leaving. Jackson allegedly opened fire, emptying his entire gun into the vehicle. . . . Read more