Apr 8, 2014

The Nathan Trapuzzano Execution


The homicide of Nathan Trapuzzano, a white, 24-year-old husband and father-to-be in Indianapolis, by two (race as of yet undetermined) people, represents the type of story that should motivate sheer, rational hatred. 


A guy, who just by reading about him, you realize represents the type of individual you'd want as a neighbor. 

A workout partner. 

A best friend you've known since elementary school. 

A brother.

Here's the difference between the white community and the black community: . . . Read more

Black Murderer Who Put a Pillow over His White Victim's Face, to Prevent Blood Splatter, Says He Was Acting in Self-Defense


. . . Phillip Byrd, 39, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide for the Feb. 23 death of Cheryl Gilberg. . . .

. . . Byrd told detectives that the incident started in her home when Gilberg pointed a gun at him, ordered him to his knees and put a gun in his mouth. He said he was able to knock her hand away and began wrestling with Gilberg and knocked her . . . Read more

Authorities Believe White Motorist Attacked by Black Mob after Accidentally Hitting Black Pedestrian May Have Been Set-up to Be Robbed


After a ten year old black child ran in front of a truck and was lightly injured, a black mob pulled the white truck driver out of his vehicle. He was then beaten within an inch of his life. He was hospitalized in critical condition. The thugs also stole his possessions.

Racial hatred, not anger over the boy’s injury, appears to be the primary motive. . . . Read more

6-Year-Old White Girl Escapes Two Black Would-Be Kidnappers


"A 6-year-old Parkland girl is safe today because of her smart, quick actions when two men tried to kidnap her in broad daylight in her own neighborhood."

She was nearly abducted by two pervert Black terrorists before screaming and getting help. Watch the news report below:

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Black Rapist Sentenced to 30 Years for Raping 70-Year-Old Woman in a Church


Editor's Note: Because this is a sex crime, the identity of the victim is not reported, but in the overwhelming majority of cases of this nature the victim is White.

. . . In October 2012, he raped a 70-year-old woman in the sanctuary of [a church] . . .

[Law enforcement] matched Morris to the crime using a sample of his DNA in their database. Morris gave the DNA sample in 2002 when he was 17-years old when he was charged with lewd and lascivious act on a child.

The rape occurred in broad daylight. . . . Morris tricked the woman, who is . . . Read more