Jul 24, 2014

Nigerian Accountant Steals £4million from British Schools

An accountant at a chain of academies championed by Michael Gove is at the centre of a fraud investigation after £4million of school funds ended up in his personal accounts.

Nigerian-born Samuel Kayode is said to have spent much of the cash on an extravagant lifestyle and buying a string of properties.

The 57-year-old part-time pastor was told by the High . . . Read more

Black Female Attacks White Repo Man, Bites Him

After an Upstate tow truck driver said he was bitten while repossessing an SUV, he pulled out his camera and started filming as the woman smashed the windows out of the vehicle.

Scotty Fowler, the owner of Mission Towing & Recovery, said they had been looking for an SUV for repossession for over a week before they located . . . on Sunday evening. . . . Read more

White Couple Tell Their Story of Violent Black Home Invasion

A pair of Black terrorists invaded a White couple's home, beat the White male, nearly raped the female in Orange New Jersey.

All the man did was walk his dog while White. His wallet wasn't enough.

These two look like former White idealist/multiculturalists. Now, they look like two people who know the deal about race issues.

Notice how the Asian news reporter seems to enjoy the story a bit too much.

According to the 2010 census, Orange New Jersey was over 70% Black.

Now they have moved to Youngstown Ohio which is slightly more than 50% White.