Jul 1, 2014

Group of Black Females Brutally Attack 15-Year-Old Girl Sitting on a Park Bench, While other Blacks Cheer them on

A 15 year old teenage girl was attacked in an unprovoked hate crime mob attack while sitting on a park bench by herself in Brooklyn. The race of the victim is unclear, but she appears to have lighter skin than the attackers.

A group of young women were captured on video beating a 15-year-old old girl until she fell to the ground in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and then pummeling her while onlookers encouraged the violence.

The brutal beatdown occurred about 6 p.m. Wednesday and was captured by at least one witness on a cell phone and posted on the Internet.

The teenager, who can be . . . Read more

Black-on-White Hate Crime Murders in Michigan and Alabama

Over 90% of all interracial crimes involving a black and a white has a white victim and a black perpetrator. In the extremely rare cases that a white person victimizes a black, it is national news. For the thousands of white victims, it is a “hush crime.”

Whites murdered by blacks are also described as “robbery victims” in the media. Here are two more “robbery victims.” One in Battle Creek Creek, Michigan and one in Montgomery, Alabama.

Two black males invaded the home of Allyn William Reeve, Jr in Battle Creek, Michigan and killed him. One suspect has turned himself in. 

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Black Suspect Arrested in Murder of Young White Man, Nathan Dasher

[Police are] charging a suspect in connection with a . . . homicide case. . . . Fredrick Shermain Simmons is charged with the murder of 27-year-old Nathan Dasher.

The murder happened early Tuesday morning . . . Officers located Dasher at the scene where he was pronounced dead.

Dasher was the city's 12th homicide victim of 2014.

Simmons is being held . . . on a capital murder during robbery in first degree. Read more

20-25 Blacks Attack Two White Men, Police Arrest One Who Is a Multiple 'Knockout' Offender

A . . . man claims he and his brother were victims of the so-called knockout game last week. Police said they've made an arrest, and it turns out the suspect was wanted for more than one of these types of incidents.

Police said officers arrested a 16-year-old boy out of a group of 20-25 teens who may have somehow been involved in the . . . Read more

Two Black Shooters Open Fire, Injuring 10 on Bourbon Street, Media Covering-Up Race of Perpetrators

. . . the reports are 10 people were shot on Bourbon Street at roughly 2:45 a.m., an hour when the lifeblood of the city - [primarily White] tourists - are just getting good and liquored up for a run at a wild, wild party.

On Sunday morning at 2:45 a.m. . . . two people opened fire. . . .

The fear of potentially being the victim of collateral damage in the largely black-in-origin crime/gun-crime in . . . Read more

The Petition to End Racial Violence for July 2014 Is Now Available to Sign

This month's (July 2014) petition is now ready to sign, here: July's Petition to End Racial Violence

There have been some changes to the whitehouse.gov petition site. You no longer have to create an account to sign the petition. There is a "Sign Now" button on the left-hand side of the petition page. Just type in your name and email address (and optionally, your zip code) and click sign now.

Thank you in advance for your help.

As a reminder, the purpose of the petition is to raise awareness of the escalating problem of black-on-White crime by using the White House website as a billboard to broadcast our message.

In order to do that we need 150 signatures to get the site listed in the "Open Petitions" page of whitehouse.gov.

The petition is only available for 30 days, the sooner we get the signatures the longer the petition will be available for casual browsers of the site, to see (as well as sign).

Please sign it now!

Also, if you would like to help promote the petition, you can use our web banner ads available at the Petition to End Racial Violence Facebook album.

This album contains web banners created to help you promote the Petition. To use them, simply copy and paste the code in the description of each banner, into your website, blog, or social media pages.

Again, thank you for all your help.


Russell James