May 27, 2014

Jewish Left Blames 'White Privilege' for Half-Asian, Elliot Rodger, Who Slaughtered White Women

Elliot Rodger was a self-described “Eurasian.” His father is a Hollywood big shot and his mother was Chinese. He claimed to be a “superior alpha male,” and an “exotic gem” of a man. He claimed that white women couldn’t recognize his superiority, so they deserved to be killed. His primary target was women with blonde hair. He was obsessed with hating blondes. . . . Read more

NAACP Partly Responsible for Violence of 'Black Bike Week'

For years, the NAACP has tirelessly supported the criminal elements that come to Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week each year. They sued local businesses. They sued the city. They got the city of Myrtle Beach to force police officers to attend “cultural sensitivity” training. They have done everything possible to create the best environment for the criminal element to thrive. Now three people are dead . . . Read more

Three Killed in Mayhem of 'Black Bike Week'

Three people were killed, and another injured in a shooting . . . late Saturday night, a police official confirmed. Police continue to investigate, and are asking the public for video and information of the incident.

Officers responded to a report of a large fight . . . at about 11 p.m. . . . Before officers arrived, three shots were fired by a man, striking and injuring Keith Williams. The man who shot . . . 

Three Blacks Sentenced in Robbery/Slaying of Young Deaf Man, Michael Shull

Michael Shull, who had recently graduated from the N.C. School for the Deaf, died shortly before Christmas 2012, the victim of a plot by people he knew.

The 21-year-old was fatally stabbed by a member of his girlfriend’s extended family.

The attack took place during a robbery planned in part by his girlfriend’s half sister.

On Thursday, all three involved in the robbery/slaying . . . Read more

Jewish Left Tries to Blame White Men, Collectively, for Spree Killing of Half-Jew, Half-Asian Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger is a self-described “Eurasian.” His father, Peter Rodger, is a . . .  Hollywood big shot. Some claim he is Jewish . . .

His biological mother is Chinese, who worked as a nurse in Malaysia. . . .

This has not prevented the SPLC, and extreme left-wing fundraising hustle, from attempting to profit on the slaughter. They are calling the perp an extreme misogynist and “racist” while . . . Read more