May 30, 2014

How Long Until Police Departments Stop Publishing Crime Data by Race?

One day soon, a directive will come down from the White House - or perhaps the Supreme Court - demanding a cessation to crime data being broken down by race and being readily accessible to the general public. 

If you spend a few minutes on this site, you'll find the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission data breaking down gun violence (fatal and nonfatal) by race in the formerly . . . Read more

Black Border Agent Arrested for Helping to Smuggle Illegals Over Border

Black border patrol agent Marvin Davis has been arrested on charges that he was assisting illegal aliens come into the United States as long as he could profit off of turning the United States less White.

As it turns out we cannot even trust our own border agents. Perhaps when you do not have a distinct border, language and culture it is impossible to expect the border agents to do their job with any passion or vigor.

Many border agents from ICE have petitioned the Obama administration to literally allow them to do their job but Obama and people like Marvin Davis has different motives: namely making the United States as non-White as fast as possible. What do Obama and Davis have in common?

Well, we'll let you determine that, but first check out the official news report on this sickening story. 


Victim of Brutal Farm Attack Identifies Her Attackers by the Gloves One of Them Wore

There was a moment as Beth Bucher was being beaten and choked when she recognised the glove on her attacker’s hand as he forced it down her throat. It was the same kind her partner, Dan Knight, who had just been killed with a hammer, bought for his staff.

In the lounge of the couple’s Underberg farmhouse, Knight, 55, had been beaten with a hammer . . . Read more

Black Driver Given 12-Year Sentence for Intentionally Running-Down Group of White Joggers

An Arkansas man was sentenced to 12 years in prison Tuesday for running down a group of joggers last fall . . .

Vincent Anderson, 19 . . . last month pleaded guilty to first-degree assault for the Oct. 28 attack, in which he drove a stolen 1994 Ford Thunderbird into a group of joggers . . . Three of the joggers suffered minor injuries. . . .

. . .[One victim] said the impact went beyond physical injuries. . . . Read more

Family Doubles Reward for Leads in Mystery of Murdered Pregnant Woman

. . . Police had originally responded to what was called in as a car crash, but when officers arrived, they found 22-year-old Amber Dawn Stokke dead inside. She had been shot multiple times. . . .

. . . originally Stokke's car hit the curb, plowed through a yard, and slammed into a fence . . . less than a mile away from where Stokke lived with her father and her roommate, who was in the car with her.

All the roommate was able to say was that it was a black male who approached the car they were in and shot Stokke. . . . Read more

May 29, 2014

Mayor Says Myrtle Beach Held Hostage by Black Violence During 'Urban Bike Week'

The mayor of Myrtle Beach said that his city is held hostage by Black Bike Week. This is literally true. All efforts by private businesses and the city to curtail activities by thugs during the event has been met with lawsuits and relentless agitation by the NAACP.

The NAACP has emboldened the large thug element to be more aggressive and more violent each year. . . . Read more

Sick and Injured Afraid to Visit Hospital in Cape Town Because of Black Violence and Intimidation

Patients who depend on Gugulethu Community Health Clinic say they are too frightened to visit the clinic because robbers terrorise them there and steal their valuables and medicines.

They say they have long been aware that they risk being mugged outside the clinic, but the situation has deteriorated with criminals now even attacking people inside it.

Last week, trainee UCT physiotherapists were robbed while waiting . . . Read more

Group of Blacks Caught on Camera Randomly Attacking White Couple in a McDonald's

Melissa Gilliland, one of the victims, [said] that she hopes the attackers will be recognized and punished.

The video was shot on April 28 at the McDonald's . . . Gilliland said that . . . a stranger walked up and hit her friend [while he was sleeping]. She said the attack happened very quickly and was unprovoked.

. . . I jumped up and said, 'Why are you going to hit someone you don't know?' And he got . . . Read more

Black Male Sentenced to Life in Revenge Killing of the Sister of White Man He Argued with in a Local Shop

A man accused of murdering a 28-year-old . . . mother in 2011 was sentenced to life in prison Thursday.

Candice Owens died from multiple gunshot wounds to her legs and torso after she was shot by Thomas Dowlen . . .

. . . the shooting stemmed from an incident involving Owens’ brother and Dowlen at a tobacco store . . .

. . . Owens was shot after she and Dowlen exchanged words when he came looking for her brother. . . . Read more

Five to Eight Blacks Randomly Beat White Man, His Girlfriend, and Sister in Uprovoked, Racially-Motivated Attack

. . . Police are investigating two alleged assaults at approximately 12:02 a.m. Sunday . . .

Police said five to eight suspects jumped, punched and kicked a person who was helping his sister back out of a parking space . . . [They] said the victim's girlfriend attempted to help but was struck in the head.

The suspects are described as black males, ages 15 to 18. One suspect had braids coming out of . . . Read more

May 28, 2014

Mail & Guardian Publishes Hate Speech by Anti-White Propagandist

. . . Mail and Guardian publish[es] anti-white hate incitements by black racist propagandist Andile Mnxingtama – Andile Mngxitama is not a journalist – he is merely a black-racist liar whose entire adult career has been misspent inciting black people to kill white South Africans.

In the past his articles have even forced newspapers to publish retractions because of his lies and gross propaganda misrepresentations. Anything . . . Mnxcitama writes must . . . Read more

Two Gangbangers Video-Recorded as they Beat and Rob Two White Females Walking Their Dog, Authorities Refuse to Describe them as Black

In a case of what is PLAINLY two Black males on bicycles, the media and the local police department is pretending to be "colorblind" after two White females who were walking their dog were viciously beaten and robbed.

The news report below contains surveillance video that features the vicious attack in which the two BLACK MALES went after the two WHITE FEMALES.

Here is what . . . Read more

More than 250 Arrested in Connection with Black Violence of 'Urban Beach Week'

Just as the media is censoring the violence at Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, they are censoring violence at Black Beach Weekend in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. . . .

. . . It seems that because of crack downs in Miami, some of the annual violence took place in Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami. Miami police arrested 225 people in connection with the event. This is down from 413 . . . Read more

Black Male, Only in Town Eight Weeks, Kills Hockey Mom, Julie Paskall in 'Robbery Gone Wrong'

Paskall was assaulted in the parking lot of [an ice rink] while waiting to pick up her teenage son, Cailean, who was refereeing a hockey game the night of Dec. 29, 2013.

She was taken to hospital where she was placed on life support, but she died days later, on New Year's Eve.

At the time, police described the attack as a robbery gone wrong. Hackett confirmed that . . . Read more

Black Shooter Arrested for Killing Matthew Pech, Injuring Two Others at Party

One person is dead and two people were sent to the hospital after an early Saturday morning shooting . . .

We were told there was a party at the residence. Police were already on their way to the home when they received several calls about a shooting.

. . . When authorities arrived, they found a man - later identified as 27-year-old Matthew Pech - dead on the scene. . . . Read more

May 27, 2014

Jewish Left Blames 'White Privilege' for Half-Asian, Elliot Rodger, Who Slaughtered White Women

Elliot Rodger was a self-described “Eurasian.” His father is a Hollywood big shot and his mother was Chinese. He claimed to be a “superior alpha male,” and an “exotic gem” of a man. He claimed that white women couldn’t recognize his superiority, so they deserved to be killed. His primary target was women with blonde hair. He was obsessed with hating blondes. . . . Read more

NAACP Partly Responsible for Violence of 'Black Bike Week'

For years, the NAACP has tirelessly supported the criminal elements that come to Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week each year. They sued local businesses. They sued the city. They got the city of Myrtle Beach to force police officers to attend “cultural sensitivity” training. They have done everything possible to create the best environment for the criminal element to thrive. Now three people are dead . . . Read more

Three Killed in Mayhem of 'Black Bike Week'

Three people were killed, and another injured in a shooting . . . late Saturday night, a police official confirmed. Police continue to investigate, and are asking the public for video and information of the incident.

Officers responded to a report of a large fight . . . at about 11 p.m. . . . Before officers arrived, three shots were fired by a man, striking and injuring Keith Williams. The man who shot . . . 

Three Blacks Sentenced in Robbery/Slaying of Young Deaf Man, Michael Shull

Michael Shull, who had recently graduated from the N.C. School for the Deaf, died shortly before Christmas 2012, the victim of a plot by people he knew.

The 21-year-old was fatally stabbed by a member of his girlfriend’s extended family.

The attack took place during a robbery planned in part by his girlfriend’s half sister.

On Thursday, all three involved in the robbery/slaying . . . Read more

Jewish Left Tries to Blame White Men, Collectively, for Spree Killing of Half-Jew, Half-Asian Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger is a self-described “Eurasian.” His father, Peter Rodger, is a . . .  Hollywood big shot. Some claim he is Jewish . . .

His biological mother is Chinese, who worked as a nurse in Malaysia. . . .

This has not prevented the SPLC, and extreme left-wing fundraising hustle, from attempting to profit on the slaughter. They are calling the perp an extreme misogynist and “racist” while . . . Read more

May 23, 2014

A Blind Eye to Murder of Whites in South Africa


It’s business as usual in South Africa where the ANC has won a predictable victory in the first elections since the death of Mandela. It is unlikely there will be any big changes in a country mired by one corruption scandal after another, which is now the murder capital of the world and which is slowly sliding into economic chaos.

And one thing that will . . . Read more

89-Year-Old Great Grandmother Killed by Black Male on 71st Wedding Anniversary


Imagine living to the ripe old age of 89-years-old? Wow, that in and of itself is quite the accomplishment. Going all of those years avoiding the grim reaper in the form of cancer, disease, accident, or murder.

Well that was the case until the day of Anna Mae Eblen who's throat was slit after a vile Black terrorist robbed $35 from her on the day of her 71st wedding anniversary.

See Video

Black Male Arrested After Dismembered Remains of Jamie Lea Harmer Found Near Tracks


. . . police have arrested a 28-year-old man in connection with the killing of a . . . woman, whose dismembered remains were found scattered inside plastic bags alongside railroad tracks on April 27.

. . . Christopher Marcus Brown was arrested in connection with the slaying of Jamie Lea Harmer, 32 . . .

Police had said last month they believed Harmer had fallen victim to foul play and asked for the public’s . . . Read more

Death Penalty Sought in Robbery/Murder of 63-Year-Old Feed Store Owner Steven Finckbeiner


Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for a . . . man accused of killing the proprietor of a . . . feed store during a robbery and wounding his wife. They made the announcement Wednesday afternoon as the alleged gunman, Charles McQuarter III, pleaded not guilty during a brief court appearance . . .

A grand jury charged McQuarter, 22, with first-degree murder of Steven Finckbeiner, 63, and attempted first-degree murder of . . . Read more

Justice for Victims of Muslim Sex Gangs


Working to expose police incompetence and to empower our community to resist racially motivated sex hate crime.

A unique, powerful new video in which Nick Griffin interviews a mother about the shocking failings of the police and authorities in the North West of England following the gang rape of her 16-year-old daughter.

When the police treat racist gang rape like petty crime, it's time to make a stand for justice and to help spread awareness of the dangers.

This video is just the beginning of the campaign.

See Video

May 22, 2014

News Outlet Caught Censoring Mention of the Perpetrators' Race in Interview with White Shooting Victim


We see case after case after case of media outlets censoring black crime, especially racially motivated black on white crime.

As we reported earlier, Channel 6 Orlando (WKMG) censored the race of black suspects who committed a racially motivated spree shooting. However, they went even further. They expanded their censorship into fraud. They actually claim in the video segment that no description exists. They even . . . Read more

Middle School Student, Wyatt Davis, Disciplined by School Authorities after Being Savagely Beaten -- Twice in One Day -- by Blacks


Samantha Davis said her 15-year-old son, Wyatt, was beaten up twice Monday at . . . School -- once in the locker room of the gym and later in a stairwell.

"What they did to my son… is one of the most disgusting things that you could ever see," said Davis.

She believes the school staff was clearly negligent by not providing a safe environment and . . . Read more

Racist Street Gang Kidnapped, then Murdered Police Captain, Kevin Quick


The people who carjacked, kidnapped and killed Waynesboro reserve police captain Kevin Quick were members of the Bloods street gang who robbed stores and sold drugs in the weeks and months leading up to the murder, according to a 39-page indictment unsealed Friday.

A total of nine individuals were indicted in the abduction and slaying of reservist Capt. Quick.

The suspects killed Quick “for . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested in 2010 Kidnapping/Murder of 23-Year-Old Jessica Callan


Nearly four years after the homicide of a . . . woman . . . prosecutors have charged a man in connection with her death.

[They] charged Birl L. Hill with murder in the July 2010 shooting death of 23-year-old Jessica Callan.

Hill, 37, is scheduled . . . for arraignment on 12 felony charges, including first-degree premeditated murder and first-degree felony murder.

Police found Callan's body on the morning of . . . Read more

Second Black Male Arrested in Robbery/Murder of Fisherman Kyle Boudreaux


Investigators have made a second arrest in the murder of a man at a camp . . .

[Police] arrested Darrell Georgetown Jr., 26, . . . on Tuesday.

He is charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder and obstruction of justice in connection with the death of Kye Boudreaux, 26, . . . Boudreaux was found shot to death on May 7 in what was described as a "horrendous scene."

Detrell . . . Read more

May 21, 2014

Black-on-White Crime Continues to Increase Affecting Tourism in South Africa


Crime continues to increase in South Africa affecting tourism throughout the country, after reports circulated of yet another elderly person being attacked. A 66-year-old woman living in George was viciously attacked at her home. The woman sustained injuries to her face and body; she was taken to hospital by Paramedics who arrived on the scene shortly after the confrontation. The police said . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested in Montana in Connection with Murder of 38-Year-Old White Woman, Tina Hoult


Police have arrested a suspect in the death of 38-year-old Tina Hoult. Anthony Burries, 42, was taken into custody Monday evening . . .

[Police] issued an arrest warrant earlier Monday for Burries for First Degree Murder.

Authorities in Missouri made the arrest. Burries awaits extradition back to Omaha.

Police investigators earlier identified the woman whose body was found Sunday in a southwest Omaha apartment as . . . Read more

Riots Erupt Throughout MultiCult 'Paradise' That Is Brazil


. . . protests in 12 cities have marked the worst day in another awful week for Brazil as the government struggles with strikes, crime and public unease less than a month before the tournament kicks off.

Co-ordinated demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and elsewhere coincided with a military police strike – and spate of murders – in another World Cup host city, Recife, to add . . . Read more

Black Sex Offender Stabs Two White Women During Botched Bank Robbery


A former convict and registered sex offender was charged Friday with a federal weapons count linked to a botched southern Illinois bank holdup in which two women workers were stabbed to death and a third critically injured by a knife.

An armed James Watts, 29, was arrested Thursday . . . after leading police on a chase in one victim's new sport utility vehicle . . . The holdup occurred hours . . . Read more

'Three or Four' Blacks Pull-Up, Shoot, & Kill Young White Man, Alex Mazzan, While Walking on the Sidewalk


A man was killed in a shooting Monday night . . .

Alex Mazzan, 20, died in the shooting, which occurred while he was walking with another man . . .

. . . a newer model, white, four-door Nissan with three or four men inside pulled up to the men . . . Shots were fired from inside the vehicle toward the two men, striking Mazzan as he and the other man tried to hide . . . Read more

May 20, 2014

The Dirty War: America's Race War of Black Against White


Editor's Note: This piece was written 19 years ago today and has proved to be prophetic and very relevant to the present situation involving black-on-White hostility, violence, and crime.

The longest war America has ever fought is the Dirty War, and it is not over. It has lasted 30 years so far and claimed more than 25 million victims. It has cost almost as many lives as the Vietnam War. It determined the result of last year’s congressional election.

Yet the American news media do not want to talk about the Dirty War, which . . . Read more

Black Attacker Stabbed White College Student, Margriet Muller, in the Back While She Was Running Away


Afrikaner student Magriet Muller, 23, survives 8 stab wounds from black male attacker while jogging . . .

. . . The man attacked the Afrikaans girl on the same night when another Stellenbosch student, Ilzé-Dene Oberholzer, 21, escaped from a black-male gang who had kidnapped her while she was walking from her car to the university hall where she had to write a test.

Ms. Muller is recovering at . . . Read more

Black Killer of 77-Year-Old White Woman, Julia Ann Mudgett, Remains Behind Bars


The 53-year-old man charged in the murder of 77-year-old Julia Ann Mudgett remains behind bars.

Bond was denied on Saturday for Jerry Lee Manigault charged with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary in connection with Mudgett's death.

During Saturday's court hearing, he was called a 'danger to the community' and a flight risk. Manigault was originally arrested on Monday on charges . . . Read more

Third Elderly White Woman Slaughtered in Daylight Hate Crime Attacks in Dayton, OH


If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in America. Instead it is a “hush crime” and the local media calls it “a robbery.”

An 89 year old great grandmother was attacked in her own home and had her throat slit. The media calls it “a robbery” because he took $35.

See Video

Rape Survivor, Marty du Plessis, Pleads for Better Protection for Whites in Black-Run South Africa


Mrs Du Plessis tells her harrowing story of how she was raped inside her own home by a (*black) stranger, armed with a handgun with a silencer: “As I opened my eyes, he said shhh, shhh, shhh, and all I could say was ‘Please don’t hurt me, take whatever you want, but don’t hurt me’,” Marty du Plessis said in a terrified voice. The perpetrator . . . Read more

May 19, 2014

Hush Crimes: Racially-Motivated Black-on-White Crime & the Media


If five whites carjacked a black couple, tortured them for hours, then dumped the bodies, the national news media would descend upon the benighted city in which the dastardly crime occurred and, having reported the unspeakable deeds, subject the rest of us to rants on racism and harangues on hate. It happened with James Byrd, the black man dragged to death behind a car in . . . Read more

Police Captain Kidnapped and Killed in Racial Hate Crime


Two black males and two black females have been charged for the kidnapping and murder of a white reserve police captain in Charlottesville, VA. The suspects are all connected to the “99 Goon Syndikate” which is a set of the Bloods street gang. Bloods gangs have a long history of committing racially motivated violence against white people as part of gang initiations.

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the USA. Instead it is a “hush crime” and the white victim is just a routine victim of a robbery.

Police began arresting the suspects last February, but they have only now been formally charged. Five other people have been arrested for crimes connected to the same gang.

Female Victim of 'Knockout' Game Turns the Tables on Her Black Attacker


The first documented case of white people fighting back against the vicious, hate-filled black racist “knockout” attacks has taken place in a Las Vegas, Nevada shopping mall.

The fight back against black racism was captured by a passer-by on his cell phone camera, and starts immediately after the black thug punched his victim, a young white woman. This is part of a racist crime . . . Read more

Black Gang Threatens Police in YouTube Video


Birmingham, Alabama is a forgotten city.


1963 ended... 51 years ago.

Bull Connor is long dead.

As is a white majority in the city.

Birmingham is 73.4 percent black in 2014.

The legacy of Jim Crow is a memory, though it's continually cited as the reason (well, a shield really) behind the complete lack of civility in modern, majority black Birmingham.

Perhaps it's time . . . Read more

White Rapper Beaten and Killed by Black 'Fans' During His Video's After Party


A white rapper was shot and killed right after filming a rap video in Las Vegas. After the video was done there was an after party in a Las Vegas suite. Apparently the mostly black crowd turned on him. He was attacked and then shot and killed. His brother was also brutally beaten and has several broken bones.

Las Vegas police says other people at the party have put up a wall of silence. One suspect has been arrested. Local media is censoring the race of the suspect. 

See Video

May 16, 2014

Video of the Black Gangbanger's Attack on Universal CityWalk that Hospitalized Three


Witnesses say that Universal Citywalk had exploded into violence right before a gangbanger sprayed a crowd of people with bullets.

Three victims were hospitalized. Police shot and killed the gunman. The perpetrator was a 21 year old black male with a criminal record.

Media are giving very few details. Cell phone video posted on youtube shows a large mass of young black males explode into a panic as gunshots ring out. The video then shows police searching a line of black males for weapons.

Black Maid Poisoned White Family Who Employed Her


. . . [Mandy de Lange said her] family discovered that their food was poisoned when she prepared coffee on Saturday morning and found it had an overwhelming taste.

The night before, one of her children had complained about a horrible taste in the bottle of milk she had prepared for her. “We had nausea, were vomiting and had cramps in our stomachs,” she said.

. . . when she checked the food in the refrigerator she discovered a . . . Read more

Black Suspect Named in Disappearance of 73-Year-Old White Woman


[The Sherrif's office] named a suspect in the disappearance of a missing . . . woman.

Deputies have identified Jerry Lee Manigault, 53, as a suspect in the disappearance of Julia Ann Mudgett, 77, according to sheriff's spokesman . . . Manigault is being held . . . on unrelated charges . . .

Manigault was arrested . . . on Monday on an outstanding arrest warrant for failing to re-register as a sex offender . . .

Authorities say Manigault's rap sheet dates back to . . . Read more

Black Arrested in Decade-Old Cold Case of Slain White Man


Ten years after a man was found shot to death in a car . . . [police] have made an arrest in the case.

Investigators arrested Devion M. Gentry, 32, in connection with the 2004 homicide of Russell D. Franklin. A deputy found Franklin dead of a single shot to the chest on August 14, 2004. His 1995 light blue Cadillac ran off the road and hit a . . . Read more

Black Killer Attended Vigil of Pregnant White Woman He 'Strangled and Stabbed' to Death


As Brittany Eldridge's family pleaded for justice the day after her murder, Norman Clark stood right next to them.

"If there's anybody here that knows anything about what happened please come forward," Velma Smith, Eldridge's cousin, said at her 2011 candlelight vigil. "She didn't deserve to go this way.

"Clark lit a candle at the vigil in Brittany's honor. The day before, her mother . . . Read more

May 15, 2014

It's Hard to Care About Benghazi, When the Republican Mayor Secretly Meets With Black Gang Leaders


From January 1, 1968 to January 1, 2000, the city of Indianapolis had a Republican mayor. 

From January 1, 2000 to January 1, 2008, the same city had a Democrat mayor. 

From January 1, 2008 to present, the mayor of Indianapolis has been a Republican. 

The city, if you are to believe conservatives, Tea Party members, and right-of-center cheerleaders . . . should be a thriving . . . Read more

Another Majority-Black Jury Refuses to Convict Black Guilty of Killing a White Person -- Judge Intervenes


A Flint teen was ordered to spend a minimum of nearly three decades in prison even after jurors acquitted him of killing a 71-year-old man.

Estes Jamone Walker, 19, was sentenced Tuesday, May 13, by Genesee Circuit Judge Geoffrey Neithercut guilty of carjacking, first-degree home invasion and unarmed robbery following a four-day trial stemming from the death of . . . Read more

Blacks Racially Intimidate Young White Single-Mother, then Burn Her House Down


A young white female, with two young kids, is relentlessly harassed by black teenagers for months. When she calls the police, her house is burned down. The only reason she wasn’t home at the time is that her family begged her to flee the house.

Police believe that the perps thought the victims were still in the house when they set it on fire. The . . . Read more

White College Girl Kidnapped by Blacks in South Africa


A Stellenbosch University student was bundled into a car in a daring kidnapping while walking to class to write a test. A traumatised and fragile Ilzé-Dene Oberholzer, 21, from Bellville, a human resource management student, described to the Cape Times yesterday how two men had kidnapped her when they tried to rob her of her car.

“I could not look the kidnappers in the . . . Read more

'Left-Wing' Paper Attacks Candidate for Admitting that Gypsy Sex-Gangs Have Created a 'No-Go' Zone for Whites


A UKIP candidate standing in the European election has denied being alarmist after saying there were "no-go" areas in Kent because of the presence of gangs of Eastern European immigrants.

The claims have been denounced by the Liberal Democrats, who say they are inflammatory and could provoke vigilante attacks.

UKIP candidate Janice Atkinson made her comments following police raids across the county earlier this . . . Read more

May 14, 2014

Black Jurors Refuse to Convict Black Murderer because His Victim Was White


In the past, majority black juries have refused to convict black men who were certainly guilty of heinous crimes against white people. However, we have never seen an acquittal with such an overwhelming volume of evidence.

In 2012, two white men were attacked at random by two armed black men. One was shot and killed. They other was shot twice and wounded. . . .

The gunman was just acquitted by a majority black jury. There were three eyewitness. One of the eyewitnesses was the gunman’s accomplice. Despite massive overwhelming evidence, the majority black jury acquitted the gunman on all charges. Read more

White Farmer Resists Black Regime in South Africa


A South African farmer is annoyed -- no not annoyed -- so angry he will defy the South African law with whatever means he has to. The blatant theft, harassment, over taxing and farm murder is to stop. The farmer is ready to go to war over his legally owned land and will fight to the end to protect what is legally his.

In his own . . . Read more

Blacks Rob American University Students at Gunpoint on Tour Bus in South Africa


Thirty students from a Maryland university on a trip to South Africa will return home early after they were robbed at gunpoint on a tour bus, university officials said Monday.

No one was injured during the robbery Sunday in Pretoria, South Africa, according to Stevenson University. Officials are confident that students are safe, but they are being brought back to the United States as a . . . Read more

Three Black Home Invaders Rob and Sodomize White Teen


One adult and two teenagers were arrested Monday . . . and charged with several felonies, including rape, sodomy and burglary.

Lakeith D. Black, 18, . . . was arrested and charged along with a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old . . . They were charged with burglary first degree, theft of property first degree, rape first degree and sodomy first degree. The 15-year-old was also charged with receiving . . . Read more

White Family Stalked, Pummeled by Black Mob


A family of eight, "just enjoying their Mother's Day weekend in Savannah," were savagely attacked by an unknown number of blacks in the Georgia city, that left several family members injured, including a 6-year-old girl who was "punched in the stomach." . . .

Family members said they had just finished eating dinner in a Savannah restaurant and were walking along River Street. . . .

. . . "All of a sudden," . . . Read more

A family of eight, “just enjoying their Mother’s Day weekend in Savannah,” were savagely attacked by an unknown number of  blacks in the Georgia city, that left several family members injured, including a 6-year-old girl who was “punched in the stomach.”
A report from WTOC-TV said the attack on eight members of a family visiting from Atlanta happened in downtown Savannah on Saturda


May 13, 2014

Black-on-White Femicide Rates


The media portrays white female/black male relationships as trendy and glamorous. Is that a true representation, or a media fantasy?

The following are white females murder victims, that were in the news over the past few weeks. . . .

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked at ten years of data. Black females married to black males are 9 times more likely to . . . Read more

Black Home-Invader Kills White Mother & Daughter in Racially-Motivated Attack


A Madison man who broke into his neighbors' apartment and killed a mother and daughter before police fatally shot him had been . . .

More details in the case were released Monday, including the names of the victims and suspect. The . . . coroner identified the suspect as Londrell Emone Johnson and the victims as 57-year-old Robin Rae Grossmann and her daughter, Charity Rae Grossmann, 34. . . . Read more

Black Triggerman Shot Down in Universal CityWalk Shooting that Killed Three


A suspected gunman was fatally shot by police at Universal CityWalk and three other people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds early Monday morning.

The shooting happened on the main walkway near Infusion Lounge.

According to LAPD Sgt. Barry Montgomery, police officers and sheriff's deputies responded to a report of a group disturbance around 1:15 a.m. When they arrived, they heard shots fired from the crowd and took . . . Read more

Black Drug Dealer Kills White Police Officer in Raid


Detective Charles "Chuck" Dinwiddie succumbed to life threatening injuries at Scott and White Memorial Hospital a little after 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Dinwiddie was seriously injured after attempting to serve a narcotics search warrant Friday morning. . . .

. . . [Police] are charging 49 year old Marvin Lewis Guy with three counts of Attempted Capital Murder.

Guy is in . . . jail on $3 million bond.

A 50 year old female is also in . . . Read more

Blacks Riot at Italian Festival: Hurl Rocks, Racial Slurs While they Attack Whites


An annual Italian festival in Las Vegas was shut down early Saturday night when black teenagers rioted. Many screamed racial slurs and attacked people. A large groups hurled rocks and bottles at police officers. Some jumped on cars in the parking lot.

Most media outlets are showing no pictures and simply saying “teens got into fights.” The notorious far-left Las Vegas Sun, published no . . . Read more

May 12, 2014

White Former Leader of 'Anti-Apartheid' Movement Killed by Negro Male for Being 'Racist'


A Second World War veteran who helped found the Anti-Apartheid Movement died after being knocked to the ground by a man who accused him of making a racist remark, a court has heard.

Murray Wrobel, an intelligence linguist in a clandestine unit known as “Churchill’s Secret Army”, was 91 when he was shoved over by Marcus Jean after complaining that his bicycle was blocking a . . . Read more

White College Student Beats Black Roommate for Stealing from Him


When Whites fight back. People whom you live with are people you should be able to trust. When you evade that trust, apparently this is what happens..

We urge all people to avoid fights, especially for White people to avoid this type of interracial violence because when the non-White party loses, they often will be sore losers and demand "hate crime" charges be brought up.

55-Year-Old Black Male Shoots 8-Year-Old White Boy for the Fun of it


Police have arrested a man who they say "accidentally" shot an 8-year-old boy while he was riding his bike in Pottstown, North Coventry Township on Friday night.

According to authorities, Wayne Snowden, 55 of North Coventry, has been charged with aggravated assault and related charges.

Police say it appears he fired a random shot that struck the child.

The police investigation revealed that the . . . Read more

Black Male Attacks People Walking Down the Street while Yelling “I hate white people”


A man was left brain dead after being violently attacked for being white. The racially charged hate crime happened in New York City’s Union Square.

The suspect, Lashawn Marten, is a 31 year old a black male who repeatedly yelled, “I hate white people” as he went on his rampage. Marten had vowed to attack innocent white people on the streets just for being white. . . . Read more

Black Suspect Named in Racially-Motivated NYC Subway Hammer Attacks


Police have released the name of the man they believe has attacked at least three people with a hammer in New York City subway stations.

The suspect is Anthony Coward, 28, police said. He is described as a 28-year-old black man with black hair and brown eyes, standing 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighing about 160 pounds.

On Wednesday, Coward allegedly attacked . . . Read more

May 9, 2014

Black Male, with Scissors, Attacks Elderly White Man In His Home, While He Sleeps


Metrorail machinist Etienne Jordaan 60, survives attack by 17-year-old Parow Western Cape South Africa.

Jordaan was stabbed three times in his chest with his own scissors, penetrating one lung and his chest. The 17-year-old attacked Mr Jordaan while he was asleep at around 03h30 in his Parow, West Cape home. He said he became embroiled in a life-and-death struggle during which he . . . Read more

Two Blacks Attack White Patrons and Staff of an Outdoor Cafe in NYC


The video below features two young black males fighting with two White males who we can assume are patrons as well as White waiters and probably management. The White man who is initially battered was just standing there with his arms folded watching the fiasco unfold and defending himself verbally.

What follows is an assortment of punches and tables being flipped over while people are just trying to enjoy a meal. Thanks multiculturalism!

Caught on Tape: White Girls Terrorized By Blacks on Bus


Repeat after us: multiculturalism is not our greatest strength; Not in the US, not in the UK, not anywhere in the the organized or civilized world. Multiculturalism makes racist things happen.

The case in the video below is no different. On a public bus, a security camera caught a gang of approximately 4-6 African Muslim migrants. If you are not aware, all of Europe is being overcome with a variety of north African and Somalian Muslims that are repeatedly raping and terrorizing their women.

Toward the end of the video, it is evident that the thugs are pulling the hair and tossing around the women on the back of the bus. Multiculturalism enabled this; "Cultural Enrichment."

Kenyan 'Immigrant' Nurse Who Raped White Patient Has Fled to Kenya to Avoid Prosecution


Debe Castro was an in-patient at The Medical Center of Plano in January 2013, preparing for a heart procedure. Medicated but conscious, she said her nurse — Wilson Karago — came to her bed in the middle of the night.

“He woke me up. He kissed me. He said, ‘You kiss, but you don’t tell.’ Something to that nature when he woke me up," Castro recalled. "And I said . . . Read more

Police Say Two Black Home Invaders Who Killed Retired White Firefighter Are 'Criminal Predators'


The slaying of a retired . . . firefighter and two-tour Vietnam veteran gunned down during a break-in at his . . . home earlier this month was tragic and senseless, . . .

"This case is not just an outrage for . . ."

Authorities on Friday announced capital murder charges against two men in the April 23 slaying of 66-year-old Howard Arthur McKee. Kamal Potts, 23, was taken into custody into custody . . . Read more

May 8, 2014

NOLA for Life? Then Rid New Orleans of the Source of Crime: Blacks


. . . it's just the dysfunction of blacks making New Orleans a dangerous, violent place, where the PR campaign NOLA FOR LIFE must waged to try and make a difference. 

In Key West, a much more licentious atmosphere can be found (Duval Street is more fun than Bourbon Street), but the shooting and chaos is absent; because the black population is negligible. 

But in New Orleans, it's . . . Read more

National Demonstration to Raise Awareness of Muslim Sex Gangs


On May 10th, the Reds are mobilising to stop the National Front's Anti-Grooming demo in Newcastle.

The Communists, supporting the Asian Groomers want to smash our demonstration? Will you stand with us?

White Teen, Home Sick from School, Foils Black Home Invaders


A . . . teen showed his bravery . . . and kept dispatch updated as a burglary unfolded inside his home.

On Wednesday afternoon, . . . Police received a call from the 16-year-old teen, who happened to be home sick from school. He reported a burglary at his home . . .

The teen locked himself in one of the bedrooms, took out a sword and stayed connected to 911 dispatchers throughout the incident. . . . Read more

Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Black Murderer Who Killed the Wolfe Sisters in Their Home


. . . prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty for . . . [a] man if he's found guilty of killing his female neighbors in . . .

Allen Wade, 43, is awaiting trial on homicide charges. . . . police say he is suspected of shooting Sarah and Susan Wolfe in February at the home that the Wolfe sisters shared . . .

. . . Sarah Wolfe was killed when she returned home to find Susan Wolfe killed on the night of . . . Read more

Two Welsh Co-Eds Attacked, Robbed at Knifepoint by Blacks While Traveling in S. Africa


Two North Wales students were subjected to a horrifying attack by men wielding knives in South Africa. The two women, one from Flintshire and the other from Gwynedd, were on a woodland eco trail in Knynsa when they were robbed.

The pair, who are in their early 20s, only flew out to the country on Friday as part of a six-week work placement through . . . Read more

May 7, 2014

The Philadelphia Homicide Report: Blacks & Hispanics Commit More than 96% of the Murders in Philadelphia


Philadelphia Homicide Report

The data show that the black murder rate is astronomical. Blacks commit murder in extreme disproportion to their percentage of the population.

What is more, whites are disproportionately likely to be victims compared to their murder rate. This shows that many black murderers are killing white people.

Philadelphia is 37% white, 44% black, 6% Asian, and 13% Latino and other. Of known perpetrators, blacks . . . Read more

Black Sex Offender Arrested in 40 Year Old Cold Case Involving the Murder of a White Woman


Lonzo Guthrie, 69, of Austell, Georgia, was arrested Tuesday night for the 1974 murder of Eileen Ferro in Shrewsbury . . .

Lonzo Guthrie is a registered sex offender, according to an inmate website, Guthrie was convicted of rape in October 1974.

. . . detectives . . . arrested Guthrie in Georgia Tuesday night, almost exactly 40 years after Eileen Ferro was killed.

On February 22, 1974, Ferro was found stabbed to death . . . Read more

24-Year-Old White Female Shot and Killed by Her Black 'Boyfriend'


A 24-year-old woman was found dead in her apartment . . . Saturday morning . . .

"The first scream I heard, it was like a cry for help" said a next door neighbor who heard the domestic dispute escalate. That cry for help was the last thing that neighbors heard before 24-year-old Savannah Johnson was allegedly shot and killed by her 26 year old boyfriend Jamie Key. . . . Read more

Three Blacks Invade Home of American Idol Winner Scott McCreery, Rob Him and His Guests


American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and some friends were the victims of a home invasion style robbery . . .

. . . three armed people came into the home and took wallets, cash, and electronic items before fleeing. Police estimate the value of the items stolen as over $1,600, including a $400 iPhone belonging to McCreery, and a $1,200 laptop belonging to one of McCreery's friends. . . .

. . . In a 911 call . . . Read more

One of Three Black Teens Sentenced in Racially-Motivated Slaying of Young White Mom


Marcus Velasquez, . . . 15, was sentenced Friday . . .

. . . [He] pleaded no contest to third-degree murder last month for the shooting that killed 22-year-old Kayla Peterson on Dec. 8, 2012.

Velasquez and two other boys followed Peterson's boyfriend home from the store and yelled profanities after he ignored their requests for a cigarette. Velasquez allegedly shot Peterson when she confronted the youths as her boyfriend arrived home.

Peterson had a 2-year-old daughter at the time. Read more

May 6, 2014

Ethnic Cleansing of White Farmers in S. Africa


A collection of videos analysing and explaining the ongoing White Genocide of S. Africa's White farmers, and why the current political regime ignores it.

See the Videos

Black Killer Arrested in Robbery/Murder of White Man


Metropolitan police made an arrest Thursday in connection with an April homicide.
Anthony Spearman, 22, was arrested on a preliminary murder charge in the death of 55-year-old Kevin Coughlin. Detectives said the motive was robbery.
On April 23, investigators found an unidentified man dead in an alley off West 34th Street. The victim had been shot to death and bound. It took officers a week to identify him as Coughlin. They released a sketch of the victim days after the killing in hopes of getting tips in the case.
Funeral services for Coughlin were held Friday.

. . . police made an arrest in connection with an April homicide.

Anthony Spearman, 22, was arrested on a preliminary murder charge in the death of 55-year-old, Kevin Coughlin. . . . the motive was robbery.

On April 23, investigators found an unidentified man dead in an alley . . . The victim had been shot to death and bound. It took officers a week to identify him as Coughlin. They released . . . Read more

opolitan police made an arrest Thursday in connection with an April homicide.
Anthony Spearman, 22, was arrested on a preliminary murder charge in the death of 55-year-old Kevin Coughlin. Detectives said the motive was robbery.
On April 23, investigators found an unidentified man dead in an alley off West 34th Street. The victim had been shot to death and bound. It took officers a week to identify him as Coughlin. They released a sketch of the victim days after the killing in hopes of getting tips in the case.
Funeral services for Coughlin were held Friday.


Obama Attempting to 'Trayvon' Another Black Thug: This One Kidnapped, Raped, Tortured, & Killed an 18-YO White Girl


President Barack Obama is testing a much-needed replacement for Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen whose media-magnified death helped spike African-American turnout in the 2012 election.

The new campaign-trail martyr is Clayton Lockett, an African-American who kidnapped four people, including a 18 year-old woman whom he raped and then killed after she watched her grave being dug for 20 minutes. . . . Read more

Black Female Caught on Video Randomly Attacking White Woman with Knife


. . . police arrested a woman accused of jumping and stabbing a woman inside a . . . general store for no apparent reason.

Police received a tip . . . that led to the arrest of Phyllis Bennett, 49 . . .

Bennett is accused of jumping a woman she didn’t know and stabbing her with an edged weapon . . . on April 28.

The attack . . . appears to be a random act with no motive . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested for Murdering White Man then Burning His Body


Donald Richardson Jr., 52, . . . was arrested in connection with the murder of Donald Kidd . . . Richardson Jr. is charged with six felonies including murder, felonious assault, arson, abuse of a corpse, and two counts of tampering with evidence.

Kidd's body was found inside his car after it was set on fire . . . An autopsy revealed Kidd died from a gunshot wound, not due to a fire. . . . Read more

May 5, 2014

If Philadelphia Had a Stronger Mayor, Amber Long's Black Killers Would have Already Been Brought to Justice


It will take a man with the character and strength of former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo to begin and turn things around in the decaying urban areas of America.

This thought is one that probably hasn’t crossed the mind of Stephanie Long, whose 26 year old daughter, Amber, was gunned down in Philadelphia three months ago.

In a city where high rates of black crime . . . Read more

White Business Man Contracts HIV after Being Repeatedly Gang-Raped in S. African Prison


. . . The 42-year-old, was targeted in a cell he shared with 90 inmates in 2007.

‘They did it not just as part of gang dominance but in my case it was showing supremacy over a white man – I was the only one there,’ he said.

‘It went on for months – there wasn’t much left of me by then anyway, I was pretty much a  . . . Read more

Black Guy Who Bullies White Women at Fair and Tips-Over Their Table, Gets Beat-Down by White Man


The video below shows a table and tent display at what is probably some sort of fair event.

A group of White folks are selling what appears to be some type of jewelry or watches when a thug deviant is circling around their face. It isn't before long that the thug deviant runs over and flips over the table of merchandise the Whites are . . . Read more

Three Blacks, Who Recorded Their Racially-Motivated Attacks on Whites, Charged with 'Ethnic Intimidation'


Three Allentown high school students have been charged with ethnic intimidation for allegedly recording themselves bullying other students and posting the resulting “smack cam video” on Facebook.

The three males – two aged 15 and one aged 14 – are accused of selecting the victims, in part, because they are white . . .

The suspects used the racial slur “pink” in referring to the white victims . . . Read more

Blacks Gang-Attack White Man Walking His Dog


Zachary Hotchkins, 22, allegedly pointed a gun at Boorujuy's face and pulled the trigger, according to court documents. But when the gun didn't go off, Hotchkins allegedly used the butt of the gun to beat Boorujuy in the face and head. Police said Robert Mitchell, 18, held Boorujuy down while he was being hit.

According to court documents, one of the suspects called Boorujuy a racial slur several times . . . Read more

May 3, 2014

May's Petition to End Racial Violence Is Now Available (We only need 28 more signatures to 'become visible')

The Petition to End Racial Violence (PERV) for May 2014 is now available to sign. As of this writing, we need 28 more signatures to "become visible," i.e. listed in the "Open Petitions" page of the White House website.

Please sign it and help us to promote it. All of the links for the petition's web banners have been updated with the latest address -- pointing them to this month's Petition. You can get them here: Petition to End Racial Violence Web Banners

This page contains web banners created to help you promote the PERV. To use them, simply copy and paste the code in the description of each banner, into your website, blog, or social media pages.

Thank you for signing and promoting. If you'd like to learn more about why you should sign, please see: Why You Should Sign the Petition

If you'd like to help us to get the 150 signatures needed each month, to make the PERV 'visible' on the White House website as quickly as possible, please consider becoming a stalwart. Stalwarts receive an email as soon as the petition is posted each month, so that they can be among the first to sign it.

To become a stalwart, email me at with the words "Add me" in the subject line. To learn more see: Join Our Stalwarts

May 2, 2014

Hate Crimes You Don't Hear about


. . . If these acts of savagery had indeed happened as I originally described them above, you would have heard about them. But because they were perpetrated by blacks against whites — even though they were based completely on racial hatred — the national media, politicians, and civil rights leaders ignored them. As opposed to the deaths of Yusef Hawkins and James Byrd, these deaths are only reported in . . . Read more

Black Football Player Latest to Be Arrested in University of New Mexico Gang-Rape Case


Editor's Note: Because this is a sex crime, the identity of the student is not revealed in the report. However, in the majority of cases of this nature, the victim is White.

University of New Mexico cornerback SaQwan Edwards has become the latest student to be arrested in a gang rape in which a female student claims she was assaulted by three men in a moving car.

The 21-year-old from Houston remained jailed after surrendering Tuesday on a warrant accusing him of criminal sexual penetration and kidnapping. He has also been dropped from the team. . . . Read more

Three Blacks in Custody for Killing White Cabbie During Hold-Up


Police arrested Jonah Brown, 17, after a foot chase Tuesday night. He will be charged with first-degree murder since the shooting happened during an armed robbery . . .

As of 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, Tavon Corley, 19, and Ivory Warren, 18, also were in custody. Corley will be charged with accessory to first-degree murder . . .

The victim was identified as Blake J. Helmer, 55, a long-time . . . Read more

International Press Seeks to 'Trayvon' Turkish Exchange Student Shot and Killed During Home Invasion Robbery Attempt


It is not clear what Diren Dede was doing in Markus Kaarma's garage just before the shooting early Sunday morning. Prosecutors allege the 29-year-old wildland firefighter shot into his garage without warning after an intruder tripped sensors he had installed.

Just days before, Kaarma told a woman that his house had been burglarized twice and he had been waiting up nights to shoot . . . Read more

Black Mob Attack on White Student on School Bus Caught on Film


. . . police say they are investigating what is being described as a "brutal assault" on a juvenile on a school bus.

The incident happened as the bus was traveling home from Central Parkway Academy in Dover, police said. They added that investigators were monitoring social media activity when they discovered an "extremely disturbing" video of the attack. The video shows at least four boys attacking the . . . Read more

May 1, 2014

Gun Violence Is Almost Entirely Black in Origin


Cecilia Marie Trapuzzano was welcomed into the world in an Indianapolis hospital, the same weekend the National Rifle Association (NRA) held their annual national conference in the city.

She’ll be raised, alone, by Jennifer Trapuzzano.

The mother is the widow of Nathan Trapuzzano; daughter Cecilia is the first and only child of Nathan and Cecilia.

He never got to see her face.

Cecilia will never . . . Read more

The Truth Behind the Shocking Crime That Put Clayton Lockett on Death Row


Clayton Lockett, whose execution went wrong last night, was sentenced to death following the shocking murder of Stephanie Nieman, 19.

She was kidnapped, shot twice (sic) and buried alive in 1999 a month after she graduated from high school.

Lockett was involved in a botched raid on a house with two other men belonging to Bobby Bornt when Miss Neiman and another 19-year-old woman walked in. . . . Read more

Illegal Aliens Charged with 250 Child Molestations Last Month (In North Carolina Alone)


In March 2014, illegal aliens were charged with more than 250 separate counts of sex crimes against children, throughout the state of North Carolina.

Of course, this figure is not an anomaly, as those here illegally were charged with more than 150 acts of child molestation during the previous month in the Tarheel state.

This war against the children of North Carolina is simply the . . . Read more

Hispanic Student Attacks Teacher, Is Arrested


"Teacher and female student caught in punch up after she tried to confiscate girl's make-up in the classroom

Marlina Martinez, 15, facing an assault charge following brawl in classroom . . . who has not been identified, is on paid administrative leave following investigation.

A shocking fistfight that erupted between a teenage girl and her teacher has been caught on camera." Read more

White Bouncer Shot in Leg by Black Thug He Had to Eject


If the bouncer had been armed and was able to defend himself, would the media be suggesting that the perp was guilty of "drinking while black."

Todd Stone was bouncing at a downtown Spokane bar Thursday morning when police say 23-year-old Andre Hallman fired two gunshots into the crowed bar. Stone was hit once in the leg. The other bullet grazed his stomach. . . .

. . . Stone says he was moving some patio furniture in from outside the bar and told Hallman he was not allowed back in because he was causing trouble. . . .

. . . Hallman fired two shots through a glass window from the . . . Read more