Apr 14, 2014

Detroit News Confirms: The Black Mob Lynching of Steven Utash Was Motivated by Racial Hate


He told the NAACP Convention in 2013 that Mr. George Zimmerman was still being investigated for possible violation's of Trayvon Martin civil rights, after being acquitted of murder charges. 

His Department of Justice worked with black churches and the IRS to make sure they navigated smoothly around the trouble waters of violating their tax-exempt status during the 2012 election.

His Department of Justice let . . . Read more

White Bride-to-Be's Dad Stabbed to Death by Vicious Black Thugs Before Her Wedding


A daughter who was planning to get married now is left without a father.

[She was] planning to surprise her father with news of an engagement instead learned he was murdered.

Police say the body of John R. Neff was discovered in the backyard of a home . . . Monday night by a family which employed Neff as a maintenance man. Neff's daughter Haley told 12News Neff did . . . Read more

No Trayvon Martin-Like Media Coverage for This Murdered White Man, Shot by a Black 'Youth'


The 16-year-old suspect in the murder of a young father-to-be in Indianapolis laughed and smirked as he was led to a hearing this morning.

Simeon Adams is facing a murder charge for the shooting death of 24-year-old computer programmer Nathan Trapuzzano as he took an early morning walk on April 1.

Wearing a prison issue jumpsuit and shackled to . . . Read more

Native French Under Attack in Muslim Areas


Here you have a fantastic report from the Christian Broadcasting Network . . . on racist attacks against White French by the invading hordes.

It seems that our ideas continue to get more and more mainstream at a very rapid pace. Though I am sure CBN is a Zionist operation, on the whole, this is a very good thing.

Even the Fat Man is being forced to board this non-stop racist train to absolute victory.

Black Student Attacks White Faculty, Staff, and Fellow Students, Shouting 'I hate all White people'


In this class room eruption below a Black female student is captured on two cameras going absolutely nuts on a White professor, white guard, and White students shouting: 
"I hate mother fuckin White people" and even battering multiple people along the way.

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