Jul 2, 2014

Baltimore Mayor Denounces ‘Knockout Game’ -- Refuses to Acknowledge Their Racial Nature

After two recent “knockout games” left several people in Baltimore injured, the city’s mayor has decided to speak out.

. . . Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is disgusted by the attacks and says they are not a game.

“They don’t understand the consequences,” Rawlings-Blake said. “If you knock someone out, you could think its a joke and you’ll hurt somebody – that person could die, and . . . Read more

Racially-Motivated, Anti-White Mob Attacks Continue Unabated in Baltimore, MSM Continue to Ignore Them

Racially motivated black on white hate crime mob attacks are still occurring in Baltimore. The local media is censoring the race of the perpetrators and downplaying the attacks as “a game.”

If the races were reversed, this would be a major news story and the media would be screaming the races of the perpetrators and victims in the headlines.

In this attack, a huge mob of young blacks attacked two whites at random. When the would be victims started fighting back, the attackers fled. One of the perps was arrested. That suspect already faces charges for another attack.


White Taxi Driver, Paul Shepherd, Shot 'Execution-Style' by Two Blacks

A taxi driver was killed in a shooting Sunday afternoon . . . and now police are searching for two suspects in the crime.

. . . the shooting happened around 3:30 p.m. Sunday . . . Police identified the victim Monday afternoon as Paul Shepherd, 40 . . .

. . . Shepherd had been shot more than once while inside his taxi cab. . . .

“He had three gun shots that we saw, one in the back, one in the . . . Read more

Two Blacks Kill White Tavern Owner

. . . Brennan's Colony Tavern and Restaurant owner Jim Brennan has died . . .

. . . police responded to a shooting about 1 p.m. Monday . . .

No one has been caught yet. The suspects are described as two, young black men between the ages of 17 and 21 years old. One was wearing a grey hoodie, black pants, the other was dressed in all black.

Both had bandannas over their faces. . . . Read more

White Hero Shot Rescuing His Wife from Black Carjackers

Justin Mackley was shot in his right arm in a hijacking . . . last night, Monday, 30 June.

His wife, Kristyl returned home at 5:50 pm and opened the manual gate, drove her car through the gate and as she was closing the gate behind her she noticed a young man watching her.

She tried to shut the gate quickly but the man pushed the gate so hard . . . Read more