Apr 10, 2014

Raw Story Publishes Anti-White 'Hate-Crime' Hoax, SPLC Promotes the Lie


The is the headline promoted by the SPLC, a notorious left-wing fundraising hustle: Four Michigan men arrested for viciously beating Army veteran because they thought he was a “nigger lover.” They link to Raw Story which claims veteran Adam Wagner was brutally beaten by three men in Livonia, MI because he came to the aid of a black female clerk.

According to the article . . . Read more

If Obama Had a Son, He'd Look Like 16-Year-Old Simeon Adams, the Black Killer of White 24-Year-Old Father-to-Be, Nathan Trapuzzano


People magazine won't be putting Nathan Trapuzzano on the cover of its magazine, as they did an 11-year-old Trayvon Martin.

CNN won't air any stories on Trapuzzano, or show heart-breaking documentaries on how his widow - Jennifer, who is due to give birth to their first child next month - is coping without her husband.

Indianapolis will continue to drift toward Detroit status, though a . . . Read more

When Is a 'Hate Crime' not a 'Hate Crime'?


Thanks to Leftists and Liberals, we have been blessed with the wonderful, comic, tautological, and Orwellian concept of "The Hate Crime."

Traditionally it has been associated with crimes of violence, but important research, now under way, is looking at the possibility of extending it on a permanent basis into other areas, such as writing, social media, conversation, and even our innermost thoughts. The results of . . . Read more

Two Armed Mexican Soldiers Draw-Down on US Border Patrol Officers


Two armed Mexican soldiers crossed into the Arizona and drew their guns during a stand off with Border Patrol agents back in January, the Mexican government and U.S. officials have confirmed.

In the most recent of more than 20 instances since 2010, in which Mexican soldiers have crossed into southern Arizona, the Los Angeles Times reports that the Jan. 26 confrontation ended only after the Mexican soldiers retreated back to Mexico, when Border Patrol drew their weapons and called for backup. . . . Read more

Negro Shoots White Bartender Three Times after He Refuses to Serve Two Underage Girls


Cordney Holmes, 24, was arrested for second degree attempted murder and first degree assault after shooting . . . James Gackstetter.

Gackstetter was bartending . . . on Friday night when he asked two under-aged girls to leave the bar. . . . Police say once the girls were escorted outside, that's when an altercation occurred and Holmes allegedly shot Gackstetter three times.

Gackstetter is recovering at a hospital . . . after getting shot . . . Read more