Mar 21, 2014

The Wichita Massacre: The Kidnapping, Rape, and Slaughter of 5 Whites by the Carr Brothers


On September 9, Reginald Carr and his brother Jonathan go on trial for what has become known as the Wichita Massacre. The two black men are accused of a week-long crime spree that culminated in the quadruple homicide of four young whites in a snowy soccer field in Wichita, Kansas. In all, the Carr brothers robbed, raped or murdered seven people. They face 58 counts each, ranging from first-degree murder, rape, and robbery to animal cruelty. Prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

The only survivor of the massacre is a . . . Read more

White Victim of Violent Home Invasion Persecuted for Fighting Back


Ira Beumer was the victim of a violent home invasion by a groups of young black perpetrators. The thugs smashed into his home at 2:30 am wearing ski masks. They robbed Beumer at gun point, stealing money and firearms. When they left, Beumer couldn’t find his daughter who was hiding.

Thinking his daughter had been kidnapped, he pursued the thugs in his own car. Their cars eventually collided. One of the thugs died and another was seriously injured.

Ira Beumer was charged with murder. None of the surviving thugs even came to the trial to testify. However, the judge allowed the jury to hear allegations by a cop that Beumer said he killed the perp on purpose. After the first two days of the trial, Beumer accept a plea deal mid trial. He plead guilty to reckless homicide, because the claims of one of the cops would have biased the jury against him.

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Black 'Rapper' Executed for Slitting the Throat of a Music Studio Owner's Throat & Stealing His Equipment


Ray Jasper was injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital at its death chamber in Huntsville and died at 6.31pm . . .

"To my family, we are one. To my beautiful daughter, the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you endlessly," Jasper wrote in his last words.

"I am you and you are me forever." Jasper was convicted of the 1998 killing of David . . . Read more

Black 'Firefighter' & His Wife Attack Pregnant Woman


A city firefighter was suspended Thursday after he and his wife were accused of attacking a pregnant woman in front of her children in a dispute over a car, officials said.

The pregnant woman's mother, an off-duty correction officer, detained the couple until police arrived, officials said. A defense lawyer is now accusing the correction officer of pistol-whipping his client, although the . . . Read more

Blacks Flood Kansas City Zoo for Free Admission Day -- Fights, Gunshots Ensue


Kansas City Zoo officials and the city’s mayor don’t want to see an end to free-admission days at the zoo, but after several fights broke out Tuesday, followed by gunshots in the facility’s parking lot, they say something needs to change.

No injuries were reported after the shots were fired as people were leaving the zoo near its 4 p.m. closing time, The Kansas . . . Read more