Jun 26, 2014

The Single-Most Important Demographic Indicator, that You Will Be a Victim of Crime, Is the Percentage of Non-Whites that Live in Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Scout published a list of America’s 100 most dangerous cities with over 25,000 people. Here is the racial makeup of the top ten.

Cities in the top ten either have large black majorities, or they have large percentages of both blacks and Latinos. This is especially true if the dominate Latino group is Mexican.

In fact, the entire list of 100 cities could just as easily be call “100 American cities over 25,000 with a substantial percentage of blacks.”

10 Newburgh, NY 26% White (3 Major Racial groups, White, Black, Mexican)
9 Oakland, CA 26% White (5 Major Racial groups, White, Black, Mexican, Other Latino, Asian)
8 Chester, PA 17% White (75% Black)
7 Bessemer, AL 28% White (70% Black)
6 Detroit, MI 8% White (83% Black)
5 Saginaw, MI 28% White (3 Major racial groups, White, Black, Latino)
4 West Memphis, AR 34% White (64% Black)
3 Camden, NJ 12% White (48% Black, 30% Puerto Rican)
2 Flint, MI 36% White (57% Black)
1 East St. Louis, IL <1% White (98% Black)


NeighborhoodScout’s Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

Black Municipal Leaders Agree, Whites Must Be Forced to Live in Shacks

. . . Port Elizabeth PE councillor suggestion: “Make Whites Move from Their Mansions and Live in Shacks While black people are moved into their lavish homes: — and ANC mayor agreed that ‘radical change is needed in South Africa’.

One-million white people – 97% Afrikaans-speakers — already live in shacks since 1994 as per Refugee Camps South Africa : . . .

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Illegal Alien Charged with Home Invasion Rape in Broad Daylight

Editor's Note: As is typically the case with sex crimes, the identity of the victim is not given. But it is commonly the case in crimes of this nature that the women is White.

. . . Authorities arrested Milton Mateo Garcia, a 28-year-old kitchen worker from Honduras who is here illegally and had already been deported at least once, on Monday night and charged him with grabbing the woman early Saturday on Spruce Street, forcing her into her own apartment, and raping her.

"For the residents of Rittenhouse Square, we have this guy off the street," said Capt. John . . . Read more

Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Four Blacks in Racially-Motivated Attack on White Family -- Caught on Camera

Editor's Note: Presumably the grand jury was majority black. The concept of federal 'hate crime' charges was created for precisely this case -- will Eric Holder's DOJ sweep in and charge the perps with a hate crime?

. . . Allen, 18, and his cousins Tyrone Booker, 19, Jerron Bush, 21, and Craig Dean, 20, were accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint at the intersection of Amy and Market streets.

Allen and Booker were also accused of later assaulting a woman at the intersection of First and Liberty streets the same night a group of young people wreaked havoc in the downtown area.

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Affirmative Action Is Dangerous Says the Institute for Race Relations (IRR)

SA needs to wake up to the serious consequences affirmative action could bring about, the Institute for Race Relations (IRR) said on Wednesday.

The appointment of unqualified people, along with failure to fill key posts when the only available candidates are white, are some of the reasons for this, said the IRR in its latest @Liberty policy bulletin.

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