Mar 6, 2014

Muslim Who Bombed Arizona Social Security Office only Gets 5 Years


. . . Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, 48, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton on Monday morning in Phoenix. The judge combined his sentences, pointing out that he faced up to 10 years in prison on the three counts. Aldosary has 14 days to appeal his federal sentence.

Additionally, Aldosary was fined $7,500 and ordered to pay a $100 court fee. He was sentenced to three . . . Read more

Black Neighbor Charged with Robbing & then Killing 2 White Sisters


. . . Allen Darell Wade, 43, was wanted on numerous charges including criminal homicide, robbery and theft and a firearms violation in the slayings of Susan Wolfe and Sarah Wolfe, his former neighbors.

“I'm innocent. I'm being framed,” Wade told . . . reporters Wednesday.

Shortly before Wade was taken into custody . . . this comment [was uncovered] on his Facebook page:

“I would never, ever in any way hurt a person so brutally. . . . Read more

If Black Panther/Cop Killer 'Eddie' Marshall Is a Political Prisoner Does that Make Whites War Criminals?


. . . The black community . . . has long sympathized with black criminals, with black elected (and self-appointed) political leaders constantly using past racism from whites as a clarion call for racial unity in the present to forge a strong black future.

Jury nullification is a huge problem in majority black [communities], with the black citizens siding more and more with black defendants (after all, the law is nothing . . . Read more

NAACP Cheers as Violent Black Panther/Cop Killer Is Released from Prison


Marshall ‘Eddie’ Conway murdered a police officer in 1971. The victim was targeted at random because he was white. The NAACP has been campaigning for his release for years.

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Black Activists Happy After Former Black Panther & White Cop Killer Freed From Jail


. . . Marshall “Eddie” Conway–a former member of the Black Panther party–was released from prison Tuesday. [Anti-White] activists say it’s a big win but others are upset that he’s walking free. . . .

Conway was convicted of killing a Baltimore City police officer in 1970 . . .

“It just shows you that things can come right after a wrong,” said Baltimore NAACP President Tessa Hill-Aston. Read more