Jul 23, 2014

L.A. Times Incites Racial Hatred against White Afrikaners -- Again

In the racist anti-Afrikaner L.A. Times article, "White Couple Backs Reforms From Behind an Electric Fence," Scott Kraft, interviews the Afrikaner Van der Merwes family, who reside on a small holding some 30 kilometres outside Johannesburg. Kraft paints a picture of a racist family detached from an American neo-liberal notion of how one MUST think and act in 21st century South Africa.

The piece, which . . . Read more

Black Female Assaults, Robs 8-Year-Old White Girl Selling Candy Outside a Store

An 8-year-old girl selling candy outside a store in San Francisco was assaulted and robbed Monday by a woman who said she needed money for a bus fare, police said.

The girl was selling candy with other children outside a store in the City's Western Addition neighborhood, near Divisadero and Eddy streets, about 1:45 p.m. Monday when the robbery took place.

Surveillance video shot by the store's security camera shows the young victim and the suspect crossed paths minutes before the attack, according to police. The footage appears to show the girl and two of her friends inside the store holding candy and cash for a school fundraiser while the suspect tried -- unsuccessfully -- to buy a beer.

"The kids had the money in a clear plastic bag, so you can see all the [$1 bills] in the bag," SFPD Officer Gordon Shyy said.

Mestizos Attack Dozens of Homeless, Killing Two

Albuquerque police have arrested three teens in the murder of two men sleeping in a field on the city's Westside.

Negro Charged with Killing White Grandmother of 12

A man has been charged in the death of a 51-year-old . . . woman.

Ahkram Bilal, 34 was charged with murder Monday. Officials say he was an acquantence (sic) of the victim.

The body of 51-year-old Violet McElroy was found around 6 a.m. Saturday next to a dumpster . . .

McElroy's family describes her as a loving mother who leaves behind three children and 12 grand children. . . . Read more

African Invader Rapes at Least 15 French Women to 'Fight Racism'

Please spread this video, do not let the suffering of innocents go unheard because the multicultural media refuse to report on horrible racist crimes when the victim is white.

Jul 22, 2014

Whites Attacked Daily in the New 'Diverse' America; Media and Political Elites Say and Do Nothing

Is this how America ends?  Being rotted away demographically from within?  A non-White America is not America, it is Post American America.

A few decades ago, when America was still White, few would believe that we would ever allow this country to fall to this level where Whites are just helpless victims of Black mobs and Black criminals.

But, today, Whites have been reduced in . . . Read more

A Group of African Invaders Kidnap & Torture Four Canadian Teens

Four young men were stripped naked, beaten with rocks and robbed at gunpoint while answering an online ad for a car for sale.

The victims were tortured for four hours in an underground garage before escaping the ordeal Monday night. . . .

. . . an 18-year-old man answered a Kijiji ad and decided to take three friends with him to check out the vehicle at a building . . . Read more

Media Celebrate a Peaceful Indiana Black Expo Weekend (but Fail to See the Irony of That)

Go ahead and clap.

Give yourselves a standing ovation!

Pop the champagne and celebrate.

Just don’t demand an encore, because without the “armies on the streets” none of this would have been possible; and this type of resource allocation isn’t available every weekend, when the crime and mayhem found in Indianapolis is an undeclared exposition of blackness.

Let flow the celebratory language and laudatory verbiage for . . . Read more

Jews and Muslims Engage in Mob Warfare in the Streets of Paris

A group of 150 Jewish men were seen brandishing iron bars and cans of pepper spray as they clashed with Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris.

Video footage of the clashes show the group chanting racist slogans as they roamed the streets.

It came as President Francois Hollande warned that he did not want to see ‘the Israeli-Palestinian conflict imported into France’.

French Jewish groups have complained . . . Read more

Jurors Find Guilty Black Killer Who Shot and Killed White Cop and Another Man on Christmas Eve

Jurors have found a man guilty of capital murder in the fatal shooting of a . . . police officer in 2012.

It didn't take long for the verdict to be reached against Harlem Lewis, who fatally shot Corporal Jimmy Norman and business owner Terry Taylor. Police say Lewis shot and killed Corporal Norman and Taylor, who owned an auto repair shop, outside that business during a traffic . . . Read more

Jul 21, 2014

In one 12-Hour Period in Chicago Blacks Kill Two and Wound 20 More with Gunfire

Judge Sets Execution Date for Black Male Who Raped and Killed White Teen

A Texas judge has set an execution date for a death row inmate convicted of raping and murdering a 19-year-old woman.

Judge Doug Shaver on Monday set Rodney Reed's execution date for 6 p.m. on Jan. 14. Reed is in prison for the 1996 slaying of . . . Stacey Stites.

Attorneys for the Innocence Project argued there is more evidence in the case that needs to . . . Read more

Black Male Kidnaps, Kills 5-Year-Old White Girl

Those who know the young victim and the man who is accused of kidnapping her are in shock after hearing about the events of Friday night that resulted in the death of the 5-year-old girl.

Cadence Harris was killed sometime between when she was abducted by 30-year-old Marcus McGowan and when he pointed his gun at police during a tense standoff . . . Read more

White Man Beaten, Robbed in Park Believes Attack Was Racially Motivated

In just a matter of weeks, a man beaten and robbed in an area park will come face to face with one of the men he says attacked him. . . .

The victim, Joseph Rountree, said three others have not yet been arrested for the crime he said left him not only humiliated but physically injured.

"For a while I didn't get out hardly at all. . . . Read more

White Man Shot by Four Blacks in a Car, While Taking a Walk

Police are investigating after a 29-year-old . . . man was approached by four people in a car and shot while taking a walk.

The shooting happened around 12:20 a.m. Saturday . . .

Officers at the scene learned the man sustained multiple gunshot wounds.
. . . he was taken to the hospital for treatment, where he is listed in critical but stable condition.

. . . a sedan with four black men inside approached him. One of them got out of the vehicle and began shooting . . . Read more