Mar 31, 2014

The Fallen: A List of the Victims of Anti-White Violent Crime News Articles


Victor Parsons (67) and Keith Needell (84)

A sadistic killer who wielded a ‘caveman’s club’ is facing life behind bars for battering two pensioners to death and attacking five other strangers in a month of random violence.

Ali Koc, 30, beat his victims with lumps of wood, before head butting, punching and kicking them in a series of attacks in parks across north London.

He was found . . . Read more

Five Blacks Arrested for Gang-Raping 18-Year-Old College Girl


Editor's Note: As per the policy of most jurisdictions, the identity of the victim is not reported, but in the overwhelming majority of cases of this type, the victims are White females.

Five men gang raped an 18-year-old Hofstra University Student on campus early Sunday morning after one of them lured her away from a party by snatching her cell phone . . . Detectives have arrested four men and are looking for the fifth suspect. . . .

. . . "She repeatedly asked for the cell phone but he was not responsive. He left the club. She followed him out of the . . . Read more

10 Year Sentence for Black 'Knockout' Attacker Who Killed White College Student


The family of Colton Gleason was outraged a few weeks ago when their son’s killer was sentenced to just 10 years in prison for second-degree murder. Jesse Smithers, 18, could have been sentenced to up to 40 years based on the crime.

Johnson explained that Smithers could be out of jail within about five years based on the 16 months he’s already served and . . . Read more

White Family Attacked by Black Mob in Racially-Motivated Hate Crime


Kentucky police are investigating a string of alleged assaults by a group of teens. One of the teens was caught on camera. A woman says they attacked her and her family as her kids watched in horror. This is like something out of a movie. I've never seen something like this before, Viola Loeffler said. It was around 8 p.m. Saturday when she and her . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested in Stabbing Death of White Man Who Told Him His Headlights Were out


Authorities arrested and charged a suspect for killing a . . . man Friday, 17 months after the murder took place.

Police say 32-year-old Myron Parker . . . killed 25-year-old Michael Leger and charged him with manslaughter and other related offenses.

Leger died on Oct. 28, 2012 after a verbal altercation between he and Parker escalated to a physical assault . . . The argument began when the victim . . . Read more

Mar 28, 2014

Study Finds 'Racism' Rampant In Black Community


. . . a new study of 212 black college students made available to Secrets found little open-mindedness: Blacks don’t like it when other blacks associate with whites, to the point of refusing help to an African-American experiencing “a run of bad luck” — just because they have white friends.

The study . . . found the so-called “black code” alive and kicking, prompting blacks far more than whites to . . . Read more

Two Black Males Film Their Machete-Wielding Attack on White Cyclist


. . . He was riding home when he spotted two men approaching from an alley. Then he noticed one of them had a machete.

“One of them hit the bike with the machete, in the back wheel, . . . . "

". . . [Then] he just punched me in the face,” . . .

. . . the second man was filming the attack with a camera phone. . . .

. . . [It] was especially puzzling because [they] never tried to take a thing.

Read more

'Get Out of Town Cracker' Sprayed on White Man’s Burnt-Down House


A white man had his house burnt down, and anti-white racist and black gang graffiti was found at the scene. The graffiti said “Get Out of Town Cracker” and featured symbols of the “Gangster Disciples” a black gang.

Media coverage is really weird, as usual. [Channel 3 News Reports:]
John King says he’s lost the only home he’s ever owned, possibly due to a hate crime.

On March . . . Read more

Black Male on Trial for Shooting Spree, Killing Irish Immigrant


[He's] charged with the first-degree murder of Ciarán Conneely, known as Kiwi, 36, during a botched robbery attempt in the early hours of October 10, 2011. Conneely, a construction worker, . . . [was only] moments away from his . . . home when he was callously shot dead. . . .

Graham . . . is also charged with eight other offenses, including shooting two other men later in October 2011. Both of those victims survived that attack . . . Read more

Life in Black-Run South Africa: Black Gang Breaks Through Security Perimeter, Shoots Man, Terrorizes His Family


A gang of robbers, pretending to want directions, shot a Morningside father and terrorised his family.

Chris Denn, 58, was shot in the stomach.

His father-in-law, Ian Thomas, said not even electrical fencing and high gates . . . deterred the robbers.

They gained entry into the house by removing the brackets of his driveway gate and forcing it open. . . .

. . . then he saw a man with . . . Read more

Mar 27, 2014

The Muslim Rape Jihad

A long list of videos and news articles on the Rape Jihad aspect of White Genocide.


Black Shooter Indicted for Killing Two White Men


An Escambia County Florida grand jury has indicted Henry Payton on two counts of first degree murder.

He is accused of shooting to death Christopher Fehl and John Gibbons.

Payton will be arraigned March 27.

Black Males Kidnap & Torture White Female 'Friend'


[Police] said she was held captive for two days and narrowly escaped when the man she said was keeping her fell asleep.

Haywood West . . . , 38, was arrested and charged with felony battery causing great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement, and false imprisonment. . . .

". . . She was a badly beaten lady, very unrecognizable, like out of a horror story. It was unbelievable." . . .

. . . doctors think their mom will be blind. . . . Read more

Black Male Robs White Woman, Armed Witness Chases Him off


. . . They struggled, and in those panicked seconds, our witness ran over to help and changed everything.

"When he said, 'I’ll shoot you,' then it was, we’re in real danger right now," she said. "I just pulled my gun and said, 'Drop it.'"

She has a concealed handgun license, and when she pointed her Glock at Koroma, he ran. He took all of Lanphere’s money, but . . . Read more

Black 'Mom' Leads Her Daughter and 7 other Teens in Home Invasion Style Attack on White Girl


. . . Police say Angela Thomas led a whole group of teenagers to the 15-year-old’s house and even joined in on the attack, which also hurt the girl’s father.

The Crane family, who lives in the Berclair neighborhood, says they are living in fear of not knowing what could happen next after being attacked by eight teenage girls and a mother.

Billy Crane’s 15-year . . . Read more

Mar 26, 2014

The Petition to End Racial Violence Stalwart Program

To become a stalwart, email me at with the words "Add me" in the subject line.

Every month we start a new petition. As many of you know, it's very important to make the petition visible to visitors of the White House website, by getting it added to the "Open Petitions" page, as soon as possible. It takes 150 signatures to make a petition visible on that page.

Because petitions only run for 30 days, the sooner they become visible, the more effective they are. So we are asking for people to become stalwarts or folks who volunteer to sign the petition as soon as it is published to the web.

If you'd like to become a stalwart, please email me at with the words "Add me" in the subject line and I will add you to the mailing list of people, that I alert, once the petition becomes available each month. (We re-publish the petition on the first of each month, every month.)

Rest assured, your privacy will be protected and I will never email you for any other reason.

Thank you for your support.

Russell A. James

When Whites Fight Back

When Whites Fight Back

A long list of videos and news articles about White successfully defending themselves from non-White attackers.

White Janitor Who Defended Himself against Black Attackers with Baseball Bats Jailed


A maintenance worker spent two nights in jail after he fatally shot two teens involved in brutally beating him with a baseball bat last Wednesday in the stairwell of the apartment building where he works. Some are outraged over the idea of the man facing possible homicide charges for what they believe was a straightforward act of self-defense, while others are upset over . . . Read more

17-Year-Old White Girl Brutally Beaten While Riding the Bus in Racially Motivated Mob Attack


A 17 year old “suburban girl” was attacked and stomped on by a mob of “thugs” on a Cleveland bus. Media outlets in Cleveland are censoring the race of the dangerous at large suspects. They are placing political correctness far above public safety. If the races were reversed, the same media outlets would include the race of the perps and victim in the headlines and call it a “hate crime.”

At least two women and one man were attacked and brutally beaten on RTA buses on the same weekend.

Whites Attacked, One Killed, for Daring to Enter a Muslim 'No-Go' Zone in Their Own Country


. . . Gavin Hopley, who was attacked after he mistakenly wandered into the town's Glodwick area . . .

Gavin, 19, who worked for a local shopping centre security firm, was with two friends trying to find a taxi to take them home in the early hours of last Saturday when the attack happened.

They were suddenly surrounded by at least a dozen Asian youths, some armed with lumps of . . . Read more

Blacks Go on Racially-Motivated Rampage in Louisville, Attack Dozens of Whites -- Media Silent


An estimated two hundred young blacks rioted in downtown Louisville over the weekend. Police document seventeen incidents of violence. At least three victims were sent to the hospital. At least one gas station was looted. A white female clerk was also beaten up at that gas station.
There was also a mob attack against a thirteen year old girl. A female motorist, with her children . . . Read more

Mar 25, 2014

Remembering Charlene Downs: 14-Year-Old White Girl 'Chopped-Up and Put into Kebab' by Muslim Invader


A missing persons inquiry began but police later launched a murder investigation after receiving information that Charlene had been “killed and chopped up”, the court heard.

No trace of Charlene’s body has ever been found.

Mr Holroyde told the jury that a witness had heard Albattikhi and others talking about her. “These people were talking about sex with white girls, and there was mention of . . . Read more

Black Male Stabs Woman Leaving the Gym in Random Attack -- White Man to the Rescue


A full day after 25-year-old Rikki Whitaker was stabbed in an apparent random assault outside a gym on the city's west side, she remains in critical condition at Mt. Carmel West Hospital.

Whitaker was stabbed in the parking lot of LA Fitness . . . at about 6:03 a.m. Thursday. She was stabbed in the upper right side of her abdomen.

[A National Guardsman] who happened to be working . . . Read more

Elderly White Woman Survives Four-Hour Torture at the Hands of Three Black Males


Family and friends of tortured attack victim Mrs Christine Otto, 75, are furious at the brutal torture she had to endure for hours at the hands of a three-member black male gang who attacked her outside her . . . home, dragged her inside, tied her to the shower and tortured her for hours: amongst others with a hot iron. She was ambushed . . . while walking to her . . . Read more

White Marine Beats-Down Black Hooligan for Harassing Him and His Girlfriend


Watch below as a White army veteran is being berated on a New York City train with his girlfriend by a light complexion black hooligan. Finally, the Marine realizes that he didn't risk his life over seas to come home and be disrespected by ghetto trash on a train.

Mob of Black Youths Randomly Attack White Couple, Smash Woman in Face with Brick


A young white couple was brutally attacked by a mob of thugs in Philadelphia. The female victim was smashed in the face with a brick and seriously maimed. The perps are said to be only 8-14 years old.

The attack has all the hallmarks of a racially motivated black on white hate crime. However, the Philadelphia media has gone into deep censorship mode. They are refusing to report the race of the dangerous at large suspects. They have put political correctness way above public safety. Censoring the race of the perpetrators is most common when the victims are white and the perpetrators are non-white.

The attack took place near the border of two different census tracks. One of the tracks is 65% black. The other is 97% black. Most of the whites in the first census track are probably students at Temple. So almost all non-students in the area are black.

Since blacks are over 30 times more likely to commit mob attacks that white people, the odds that the attackers are black are virtually 100%. Who does the media think they are fooling?

See Video

Mar 24, 2014

White Martyrs


Whites who have been threatened, assaulted and/or murdered because they dared to stand up for white people: . . . Read more

Black Male Savagely Attacks 63-Year-Old White Bus Driver


The sickening attack comes weeks after two teenage girls punched, kicked and spat on an elderly man on a bus . . .

Yesterday’s attack occurred about 8:30 am at . . .

Video of the incident shows the driver, 63, being dragged on the ground outside the bus and being kicked by his attacker.

Police said the passenger boarded the bus and tried to pay with a prepaid travel card . . . Read more

Black Rapist Held on Pair of Rape Charges


Editor's Note: Because courts routinely (and unconstitutionally) with-hold the names of females in sexual-assault cases, the race of the victim is not known. But in the overwhelming majority of these types of cases, the victims are White. Blacks rape almost 40,000 White women every year (in America alone), by contrast, Whites rape fewer than 10 black women each year.

Arraigned by video from the Rockingham County House of Corrections, for the pair of charges alleging rape, was Marc Donald Jean-Michel, 37, of 104 Ledgewood Drive #9, Portsmouth. A native of Haiti, Jean-Michel was arraigned with assistance from a French translator and told the court he works in Rye as a licensed practical nurse, while living in Portsmouth with his wife and child.

Judge Sawako Gardner read the charges to Jean-Michel, one of which alleges that in May he held a woman down in a car and raped her. The second charge alleges that on the same date Jean-Michel raped the woman after she said “don't” and pushed his chest with her hands.
. . . Read more

Black Gunman Kidnaps White Couple, the Male Victim Kills Him with His Own Gun While He's Raping the Woman


Police say at about 9:30 p.m. a couple took a stroll . . . a man with a gun forced them into a construction site at the school.

Police say the 26-year-old gunman forced the couple into the school yard and sexually assaulted the woman. Somehow, the male victim managed to get the attacker's gun and shot him. He later died at a hospital. . . . Read more

Elderly White Woman Discouraged from Calling Police after Being attacked by Black Patron at Wal-Mart


A man assaults an elderly woman in a Wal-Mart but now the store is under fire for not calling police in San Bernardino. . . .

She fights back, the necklace ends up on the ground, and he runs away.

Linda Andrade, 68, says Wal-Mart managers then discouraged her from calling police.

"She says well if you want me to call the police... You'll have to . . . Read more

Mar 21, 2014

The Wichita Massacre: The Kidnapping, Rape, and Slaughter of 5 Whites by the Carr Brothers


On September 9, Reginald Carr and his brother Jonathan go on trial for what has become known as the Wichita Massacre. The two black men are accused of a week-long crime spree that culminated in the quadruple homicide of four young whites in a snowy soccer field in Wichita, Kansas. In all, the Carr brothers robbed, raped or murdered seven people. They face 58 counts each, ranging from first-degree murder, rape, and robbery to animal cruelty. Prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

The only survivor of the massacre is a . . . Read more

White Victim of Violent Home Invasion Persecuted for Fighting Back


Ira Beumer was the victim of a violent home invasion by a groups of young black perpetrators. The thugs smashed into his home at 2:30 am wearing ski masks. They robbed Beumer at gun point, stealing money and firearms. When they left, Beumer couldn’t find his daughter who was hiding.

Thinking his daughter had been kidnapped, he pursued the thugs in his own car. Their cars eventually collided. One of the thugs died and another was seriously injured.

Ira Beumer was charged with murder. None of the surviving thugs even came to the trial to testify. However, the judge allowed the jury to hear allegations by a cop that Beumer said he killed the perp on purpose. After the first two days of the trial, Beumer accept a plea deal mid trial. He plead guilty to reckless homicide, because the claims of one of the cops would have biased the jury against him.

See Video

Black 'Rapper' Executed for Slitting the Throat of a Music Studio Owner's Throat & Stealing His Equipment


Ray Jasper was injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital at its death chamber in Huntsville and died at 6.31pm . . .

"To my family, we are one. To my beautiful daughter, the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you endlessly," Jasper wrote in his last words.

"I am you and you are me forever." Jasper was convicted of the 1998 killing of David . . . Read more

Black 'Firefighter' & His Wife Attack Pregnant Woman


A city firefighter was suspended Thursday after he and his wife were accused of attacking a pregnant woman in front of her children in a dispute over a car, officials said.

The pregnant woman's mother, an off-duty correction officer, detained the couple until police arrived, officials said. A defense lawyer is now accusing the correction officer of pistol-whipping his client, although the . . . Read more

Blacks Flood Kansas City Zoo for Free Admission Day -- Fights, Gunshots Ensue


Kansas City Zoo officials and the city’s mayor don’t want to see an end to free-admission days at the zoo, but after several fights broke out Tuesday, followed by gunshots in the facility’s parking lot, they say something needs to change.

No injuries were reported after the shots were fired as people were leaving the zoo near its 4 p.m. closing time, The Kansas . . . Read more

Mar 20, 2014

The Zebra Killings: 71 Organized Black-on-White Serial Murders


MOST SERIAL KILLINGS in America take on a life of their own through movies, books and documentaries. The crimes of Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and The Son of Sam are still well remembered years after they were committed. Yet there is one set of serial killings that has been almost completely forgotten and is rarely mentioned in popular culture.

The Zebra Killings occurred in . . . Read more

Another Racially Motivated Sex Attack on White Female Caught on Video


Video captures a black male playing profanity laced gangster rap music on a BART bus. When multiple people ask him to turn the offensive music down, he becomes enraged. He starts berating a white female. When she tries to move seats, he attacks and sexually gropes her. The San Francisco Bay Area has long been one of the nation’s worst hot spots of racially motivated black on white violence.

Black Thug Attacks White Truck Driver, on Camera, Takes a Beating


A black male at an Arizona gas station is captured on video berating two white males with profanity, racial slurs, threats, and homosexual invitations. All three parties initially go their own way. The perp walks up to the video camera to exclaim that he is “from New York” and yells more threats and racial slurs. However, once the two white victims walk apart, the perp charges at one of them and throws a superman style punch. Instead of being knocked out, the truck driver humiliates the attacker.

Black NFL Player, Henry Melton, Calls Bar Owner a Racial Slur, Bites Him in the Kidney


Illegal Alien Invades Home, Rapes 3-Year-Old


On Thursday, police in Winston-Salem arrested Luis Enrique Marin Noyola, 20, after he reportedly broke into a home and raped a toddler.

The rape occurred in the early morning hours of March 9.

The News & Record reported:
Winston-Salem police were called to an apartment on Bruce Street. At that time they were told a man entered the apartment about 3:40 a.m., sexually assaulted a 5-year-old and fled.
During the course of their investigation, detectives learned that the child is actually, only 3-years-old. . . . Read more

Mar 19, 2014

Remembering Kriss Donald: The 15-YO Scottish Boy Who Was Kidnapped, Tortured, and Killed by Gang of Muslims


Kriss Donald (2 July 1988 – 15 March 2004) was a Scottish fifteen-year-old white male who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in Glasgow in 2004 by a gang of Pakistani men, some of whom fled to Pakistan after the crime.

Daanish Zahid, Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid, and Mohammed Faisal Mustaq were later found guilty of racially motivated murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. A fifth participant in the crime was convicted of racially motivated violence and jailed for five years.

The case, which featured the first ever conviction for racially motivated murder in Scotland, is cited as an example of the lack of attention the media and society give to white sufferers of racist attacks compared to that given to ethnic minorities, with organisations such as the BBC later admitting failing to cover the case sufficiently. It is also suggested the crime demonstrates how society has been forced to redefine racism so as to no longer include white victims. . . . Read more

Paul Kersey's Take on White Janitor Who Killed Two of Three Black Attackers


The right to bear arms.

Without it, would there be any reason to live in America?


Consider the story of 39-year-old Jeremy Rossetto, a janitor/maintenance worker in Milwaukee.

He has a concealed carry permit and keeps a .40 caliber gun on him at all times because he considers it an "occupational necessity" for his line of work in the 40% . . . Read more

Three Blacks Attack 39-YO White Janitor with Baseball Bats -- He Shoots Two of them Dead


. . . The victim was attacked at work, when the thugs incorrectly believed he was the apartment’s manager. The victims was changing the locks of an apartment where someone had been evicted. The thugs who attacked him, were friends of the person who was evicted.

The two perps who were killed are a 17 year old black female and a 19 year old black male. They had two children together. . . . Read more

16-YO White Girl Brutally Attacked by Gang of Hispanic Females


. . . During the assault, the girls held Faith’s arms and head and began violently beating her before realizing the girl they were attacking was not their intended target. . . . one of the girls yelled out, “That’s not her, that’s not her!” before the beating subsided. . . .

. . . Faith suffered a broken nose with multiple fractures, which will require corrective surgery. In addition to the fractures she suffered a concussion . . . Read more

Two Blacks Rob & Beat 51-YO White Man Outside Mall in Broad Daylight


A 51-year-old man suffered a possible broken jaw when he was mugged by two attackers in the parking lot of Lakeside Mall . . . on Friday morning . . .

Police said the victim was robbed about 10:15 a.m. [as] he walked in the parking lot near the Sears store . . . The muggers stole his wallet and a briefcase that contained nothing of great monetary value, said Lt. Luke Riley. . . . Read more

Mar 18, 2014

Black Mugger Who Killed White Man over His Cell Phone Complains that Phone 'was not a nicer model'



Turning the other cheek.

A black teenager - a purported 'star' athlete on his high school football team - blows away a white male in Seattle, all while he was on the phone with the police.

His wife widow? Nothing but grief for the family of the accused murderer. (Two women share grief over Greenwood slaying: The slaying of David L. Peterson on Feb. 23 has . . . Read more

Interracial 'Couple' Kill Elderly White Man in His Home


Amanda Harris and Mario Keene are charged with killing Donald Ray Gunter on Old Mountain Road February 10th.

They are being held at the Greene County Detention Center on $600,000 bonds pending their first court appearance Friday February 14th.

Update Thursday 11 a.m.:
The Greene County Sheriff's Department said its located two persons of interest in connection with a recent suspicious death.. . . Read more

Black Convict, Released on Probation, Kills 72-YO White Woman


According to Berkeley County Prosecuting Attorney Pamela Games-Neely, a Martinsburg man who is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Martha Tyler, 72, was recently released from jail and was out on probation from Morgan County, W.Va., when the homicide occurred.

William Patrick Jackson, 37, was taken into custody Tuesday and charged with one felony count of first degree murder. According . . . Read more

Black Paedophile Given 20 Years for Rape of 4-YO White Girl


A man convicted of sexual battery involving a 4-year-old girl will spend the next 20 years in prison, prosecutors said.

Tawarius Donta Sanders, 27, was sentenced to 40 years, but the last 20 will be suspended, said Michael Guest, the district attorney for Madison and Rankin counties. When he's released from prison, Sanders will have to register as a sex offender and will . . . Read more

Muslim 'Student' Previously Caught Making Bombs Dies from Blast in His Apartment


Back in February I reported that Saamer Akshabi, a Georgia Tech Muslim Student had third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body from a fiery blaze in his apartment, as a result of an explosive device and gasoline that was found in his apartment. An FBI spokesman said that his burns were most likely from an incendiary device.

In addition to what police described as . . . Read more

Mar 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'll be away from my desk today. So there'll be no news stories published. But I'll be back tomorrow.

Have a save and happy St. Patrick's day, everyone!

--Russell A. James

Mar 14, 2014

Paul Kersey's Take on the 'Home Invasion Gone Wrong' In Madison, Wisconsin


The situation in Madison, Wisconsin (a 75 percent white city situated in the 81 percent white Dane County) is biblical in its connotations.

It’s a microcosm for the apocalypse upon white racial thinking and the belief that white people have interests worth defending.

Namely, civilization.

Because those Nordic whites who helped build Madison into one of America’s best places to live lack the ability to understand black . . . Read more

Black Gangbanger Rams His Car into Mostly White Crowd at SXSW Conference


Police say thug intentionally rammed his car into a huge crowd of party-goers in Killen, Texas.

Economic Freedom Fighters’ Party Sponsor, Atheling Mavangira, Want to Put Whites into Concentration Camps


He posted this to his Facebook page:
We have the military might (to wipe out you whites). Your kind need to be rounded up and put into a concentration camp… Rewards should be given to unemployed youths to kill 10 parasitic whites a day. . .

Read more

Black Killer Pleads Guilty to Home Invasion Murder of White Man


. . . [Shea] Stremcha and his fiancée were sleeping . . . when they woke up to the sound of glass breaking. Stremcha grabbed knife and went to investigate. The three men confronted Stremcha, who was able to stab one of the suspects. Walker then shot Stremcha in the chest, and he died at the scene.

According to the three suspects, they were planning to rob a drug dealer they knew . . . Read more

Guilty Verdict of Black Killer Comes as a Relief to Family of David & Vivian Bouwman


After a year of waiting, it took a jury four hours to deliver the answer the Bouwman family has been waiting for: Javonte Higgins is guilty of murder.

“Javonte Higgins is the lowest form of humanity we can have here on God’s green earth,” said Tom Kelly, son-in-law of murder victims David and Vivian Bouwman, the Kentwood couple shot to death at the . . . Read more

Mar 13, 2014

Brutal Hate Crime Mob Attack at Bus Stop


Media logic: White victims of random black on white hate crime violence are only hate crime victims if they happen to by homosexual or Jewish.

A white male was horrifically beaten in a random hate crime. He has serious injuries. Minneapolis has seen a HUGE number of random black on white hate crime attacks and the media covers it up. The media wouldn’t even be reporting this story except the victim just happened to be homosexual. So it is depicted as an anti-homosexual crime.

The media in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market are some of the worst offenders in the nation when it comes to censoring hate crime against white people. They always refuse to report the race of the perpetrators.

This website exposed the mass censorship of black on white hate crime violence against University students in Minneapolis. We used bulletins from the UM campus police website to learn the truth about the “crime wave” on campus. Every single crime for months had a black perpetrator and much of the crime were random hate crime style attacks on white people. Immediately after this website exposed the coverup, black students groups and black faculty members started demanding that the campus police censor the race of crime perpetrators on their bulletins.

Two Black Females Shoot & Kill White Grandfather Protecting His Stepdaughter


. . . [The stepdaughter told police the attackers] jumped out of their car, armed with a gun, and demanded the victims hand over their cash . . .

. . . Perry was complying with the demands when he saw Atkins pointing the gun at his step-daughter and grabbed it. During the struggle, neighbors reported hearing three gun shots.

Perry died at the scene . . . Read more

White Couple Injured in Attack by Machete-Wielding Blacks


. . . attack by six black males badly injures Afrikaner couple at Pienaars Dam in the mountain hut Middelburg Mpumalanga – Reported by their son-in-law Wikus Lee and the victim’s daughter Marie Fourie : “Can anyone help please. My in-laws were attacked by six panga-men at the Pienaarsdam in the mountain hut Middelburg. They are terribly injured and struggle to get help . . . Read more

Black HIV Positive Male Videotaped Himself Having Sex with More than 30 Different Victims


. . . Michael Johnson, 22, was charged with exposing sexual partners to HIV. Police later discovered multiple videos of Johnson having unprotected sex.

They believe those partners were unaware Johnson was HIV positive and that they were being videotaped.

The startling details were revealed after hidden camera sex tapes were uncovered, according to prosecutors.

“On that laptop were 32 videos engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Johnson . . . Read more

Black Burglar Found Guilty of Shooting White Police Officer


. . . Florissant police officers responded to a call of a burglary . . . around 3 a.m. on May 28, 2012. . . .

. . . Officer Mike Vernon was searching for the suspect . . . when he came across some suspicious clothes.

Authorities said Vernon got out of his car and was checking out the clothes when Cannon jumped out of a dumpster and fired five shots, striking Vernon in the shoulder, chest and leg. . . . Read more

Mar 12, 2014

Commentary on Home Invasion by Six Blacks in 75 percent White Madison, Wisconsin


According to the 2009 New York Times EBT/Food Stamp map, 51 percent of blacks living in Dane County, Wisconsin (home to Madison) rely on the generosity of the American taxpayer for the food on their table -- okay, the Slim Jim and Monster Energy Drink they purchase. 

Out of 240,000+ people living in Madison, more than 75 percent are white and only 7.3 percent are black. . . . Read more

Hate Crime Victim Killed in 2008, Voted Democrat in 2010


In 2008 a woman from Germany moved to Detroit. Within months, she was murdered and stuffed in car in the garage. The Detroit police couldn’t find the body even though it was still in the house. The body was finally discovered, on March 5th, 2014, by the bank that took possession of the house earlier this year.

Guess what? She voted Democrat in 2010. Records show she voted in the 2010 gubernatorial election between Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Virg Bernero.

Cheating is most common in urban black communities. Poll workers simply vote for extra people on the rolls after voting closes. This is why, all over America, the last votes to be turned in are from urban black districts. Even though urban districts usually don’t have to drive the votes as far.

This is also why groups like ACORN historically submit fake voter registrations in urban majority black precincts. ACORN knew that all they had to do was get more names on the rolls and poll workers would do the rest.

It is not uncommon for the last 1% of precincts to change an election. Often the last 1% of precincts turned in are from 90%+ black precincts that just happened to have record turnout. During the last presidential election, there were precincts with unusually high voter turnout where 100% of votes cast were for Obama.

Non-Whites and Sex Crime in the UK


Concerns about the amount of serious sexual crimes that have recently been committed by non-UK nationals/immigrants throughout Britain.

After entering the website, I was shocked to find out not only how many serious sexual crimes have been committed by immigrants, but also how many of these dangerous criminals remain at liberty under the current government.

The severity of the crimes is apparent as each profile is read, some of which are so heinous, they are very upsetting to read.

It appears that the current government’s policy in relation to dealing with the influx of foreign nationals into the UK has yet another major flaw, but this time the direct consequences are highlighted in serious sexual crimes being committed against the British public.

Of 37 wanted criminals from the serious sexual crimes information page, 28 of the individuals are of foreign nationality, the majority of them being Muslim, the others from an eastern European background.

This means that approximately 74% of sexual offenders wanted on Crimestoppers in the UK are not originally British.

In 2007, 85 000 women were raped. In the same year over 23 000 children were sexually assaulted.

It is impossible to say accurately without having access to the individual cases, but it would be fair to estimate that over 60 000 of these crimes were committed by persons not originally from Britain.

If the above figures are not shocking enough, please consider the implications that sexual crime has on society. Not only are the victims themselves emotionally and physically scarred for life, but British communities are being destroyed with fear. Nobody in their right mind would choose to raise children where there is a risk of them coming into contact with a paedophile; no parent would wish to leave their daughter at a disco where there is a possibility that a rapist dances next to them; no father would wish to let his son play five a side football in the park, where the referee may be a sex offender. Something has to change, and deporting immigrant criminals is the starting place.

We cannot possible know who all these evil people are in our community - that is up to the police - but through control of immigration we can take serious strides in protecting every British person from the fear of a sexually related crime.

The answer is simple: we have enough criminals already in Great Britain; nobody who has committed a sexual crime should be allowed into the country, and any foreign national who has been convicted of a sexual offence should be deported.

Enough is enough: we need to protect our women and children from the fear of sexually related crime now, and tackling immigrant criminals would be a good start.

White Woman Violently Gang-Raped by 7 Blacks at Her Job in SA


Hate crime against young white mom -- gangraped by seven blacks at her goldmine job. A laboratory worker at Target goldmine Allanridge . . . was gangraped by seven black males. Yet the SA Police Service did not provide the attackers' nor the victim's . . . Read more

5 Black Males and 1 Black Female Invade Wrong Home, Rape and Rob the Inhabitants, Anyway


. . . Madison police say three men planned a home invasion, but broke into the wrong home . . . around 6 a.m. on February 23. Police say the suspects were aware it was not the intended home, but they proceeded to violently attack the two victims who had been sleeping. The suspects are accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting the woman who was six months pregnant. . . .

. . . Three suspects are accused . . . Read more

Mar 11, 2014

Black Pastors Demand Death Penalty for Blacks Who Kill other Blacks but not for those Who Kill Whites


If more black murderers were put on death row, then maybe that would decrease the killings here in Jacksonville.

That was the startling statement made Thursday by black pastors calling for capital punishment for the city's most violent offenders.

"Maybe if they knew that if you take a life, your life will be taken, just maybe that will stop some of the killing," said Kathy . . . Read more

Media Scramble to Cover-up Racial Angle of Recent Mob Attack on White 14-Year-Old


The essentials of this story: A gang of twenty black African immigrants, mostly Sudanese, turned up uninvited to a party which – piecing everything together – looks to have been most or all white kids. The “Sudos” (Australian slang for Sudanese used by witnesses) were asked to leave. They left, and then waited further down the street to attack people leaving the party. Their victim was 14 year-old Ben Phillips, a white Australian boy, whom they stabbed four times. He survived but remains in a serious condition in hospital. . . . Read more

Gang of 20 Blacks Mob and Repeatedly Stab 14 YO White Boy


A 14-year-old boy has been attacked and stabbed repeatedly by a group of around 20 teenagers after walking home from a house party in Melbourne over the weekend.

Witnesses say the group of mostly Sudanese or African men attempted to gate crash the party a mere 10 minutes before attacking Ben Phillips.

After failing to gain entry, the group lay in wait outside, attacking . . . Read more

Black Teens 'Mob & Rob' Trendy Georgetown Clothing Shop


D.C. Police are working to identify about a dozen teens wanted for setting up a "flash mob"-style robbery at a high-end jeans store in Georgetown two weeks ago.

Surveillance videos from Feb. 20 shows the teens entering the True Religion Brand Jeans store on M Street just before 6:30 p.m.

The teens then stuffed more than a thousand dollars worth of the jeans . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested in Stabbing Death of White 'Girlfriend'


On Jan. 27, 2014 . . . police officers responded . . .  [an] apartment . . . on a welfare check. Investigators found Veronica Skinzera, 49, unresponsive and suffering from stab wounds. She was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled Skinera's cause of death was stab wounds. It was also ruled that her manner of death was homicide.

"That weekend, I saw this full . . . Read more

Mar 10, 2014

White Woman: 'I'm Tired of Being Looked at Like Prey'


. . . [Tracy Halvorsen] wrote an article about crime in Baltimore. [About] How she and her mostly white neighbors live in fear. And no one seems to care. Or worse, lots of people think it's normal. "Baltimore City, You Are Breaking My Heart" is going viral for an on-line magazine called A few quotes:

"I'm tired of being looked at like prey."

"I'm tired of thinking about the . . . Read more

Black Murderer Convicted of Killing Elderly Good Samaritan Will Now Be Charged with Sexually Assaulting His Wife


. . . Devon Derrick Parker, 20, was initially charged with a single count of second-degree murder that accused him of acting with intent but not premeditation in the Jan. 31 death of Thomas Sonnenberg, 69.

But on Feb. 21, prosecutors amended the criminal complaint Feb. 21 to add one count each of first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The new complaint accuses Parker of sexually . . . Read more

Three Black Prison Escapees Kidnap White College Student, Dump Body in a River


. . . Quentin Truehill, 26, was the first of three suspects to stand trial in the killing of Vincent Binder in 2010. The jury that convicted Truehill of first-degree murder spent hours Friday deliberating whether to recommend the death penalty or let him face life in prison without parole.

The sentencing phase of the trial lasted all week, with testimony from both sides. The judge will make the . . . Read more

Black Former Student Charged in White Middle School Teacher's Murder


. . . Dispatchers said they received a call about an explosion at the Quality Inn and Suites motel . . . at 5:28 a.m. Monday.

Deputy Jennings Autry said a woman was found dead inside the room where the reported explosion occurred, but there were no other injuries reported. He said guests in the surrounding rooms were evacuated.

. . . the woman had to be identified with dental records because of the . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested in Slaying of White Kid at Miley Cyrus After Party


Editor's Note: Other reports say this happened in the wee hours of Friday morning during a party that was held after Thursday night's Miley Cyrus concert. Those sources also report that the victim was defending the killer's girlfriend from his (the killer's) abuse. (See here & here)

Omaha police have made an arrest in the shooting death of 21 year old Brandon Samuels.

Police booked Laron Jones Saturday for first degree murder and weapons charges.

Samuels was shot while at a house party . . . just before 3:00 A.M. Friday. He died from his injuries at the hospital. According to family members, a fight started at the party and the suspect pulled out a . . . Read more

Mar 7, 2014

My Tram Experience in Sweden

  • Afghani immigrant voluntarily living in Sweden
  • Calls Swedes “disgusting”
  • Says he could kill Swedes “in seconds.”
  • Says he has a Swedish girlfriend, and he killed her dog.
  • Complains that Sweden forces him to “write lots of papers” to get welfare.
  • Says “the Taliban are back, the mujahideen are back. Allahu akbar!”
  • Says he has come to Sweden to stay. “If you try to throw me out, I will kill ten Swedes.”
  • Says “you have taken our lives in Afghanistan, you have taken the whole of Africa’s lives”
  • Complains “You can drink your alcohol, but I can not smoke my cannabis.”
  • Says the reason he moved to Sweden was to protect his little sisters (also living in Sweden) from being raped by disgusting Swedes.
  • Says he is much stronger than the Swedes
  • Spits in the faces of the elderly Swedish passengers
See Video

Four Black Males Arrested in Triple-Murder of White Family


One of the four . . . black male suspects in the cruel tripled murder of three members of the Schutte family actually used to work on their farm . . . Read more

More Than 750 Non-White Killers, Rapists and Pedophiles Released Onto the Streets Under 'Human Rights' Law


More than 750 foreign criminals – including killers, rapists and paedophiles – are walking the streets after jumping bail.

They should have been deported after completing their sentences, but instead have been released from detention under human rights laws and then gone on the run.

Among those at large are serious violent criminals, including 11 rapists, at least two killers and several child abusers and arsonists. . . . Read more

Black-on-White Mob Violence Relentless and Fatal


It just won't stop a smattering of recent violence.

It just won't stop, this black on white crime. . . . And it is becoming increasingly fatal.

This time Baton Rouge, again. This time another old white dude is dead. His name is John Bannon. The 53-year-old sports fan moved to . . . Read more

Black Cold Case Killer of White Woman Caught after Posting to Facebook


Union County investigators had ruled out more than 100 suspects in the fatal 2010 stabbing and strangulation of 54-year-old Diane Zaleski in her Union Township home.

More than a year after Zaleski died, investigators got a break in the case, in a call from a Massachusetts woman who claimed that messages Arnell Yearwood posted on Facebook related to the case.

Yearwood, who had . . . Read more

Mar 6, 2014

Muslim Who Bombed Arizona Social Security Office only Gets 5 Years


. . . Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, 48, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton on Monday morning in Phoenix. The judge combined his sentences, pointing out that he faced up to 10 years in prison on the three counts. Aldosary has 14 days to appeal his federal sentence.

Additionally, Aldosary was fined $7,500 and ordered to pay a $100 court fee. He was sentenced to three . . . Read more

Black Neighbor Charged with Robbing & then Killing 2 White Sisters


. . . Allen Darell Wade, 43, was wanted on numerous charges including criminal homicide, robbery and theft and a firearms violation in the slayings of Susan Wolfe and Sarah Wolfe, his former neighbors.

“I'm innocent. I'm being framed,” Wade told . . . reporters Wednesday.

Shortly before Wade was taken into custody . . . this comment [was uncovered] on his Facebook page:

“I would never, ever in any way hurt a person so brutally. . . . Read more

If Black Panther/Cop Killer 'Eddie' Marshall Is a Political Prisoner Does that Make Whites War Criminals?


. . . The black community . . . has long sympathized with black criminals, with black elected (and self-appointed) political leaders constantly using past racism from whites as a clarion call for racial unity in the present to forge a strong black future.

Jury nullification is a huge problem in majority black [communities], with the black citizens siding more and more with black defendants (after all, the law is nothing . . . Read more

NAACP Cheers as Violent Black Panther/Cop Killer Is Released from Prison


Marshall ‘Eddie’ Conway murdered a police officer in 1971. The victim was targeted at random because he was white. The NAACP has been campaigning for his release for years.

See Video

Black Activists Happy After Former Black Panther & White Cop Killer Freed From Jail


. . . Marshall “Eddie” Conway–a former member of the Black Panther party–was released from prison Tuesday. [Anti-White] activists say it’s a big win but others are upset that he’s walking free. . . .

Conway was convicted of killing a Baltimore City police officer in 1970 . . .

“It just shows you that things can come right after a wrong,” said Baltimore NAACP President Tessa Hill-Aston. Read more

Mar 5, 2014

More than 200 City Leaders from 37 Municipalities Met in New Orleans to Discuss Problem of Black-on-Black Violence


Editor's Note: But not a single word about the much bigger problem of black-on-White violence.

In America, our greatest liability is the black male population. 

However, we treat this demographic as if it were our greatest asset.

Only a day before President Barack Obama announced the (for colored males only) $200 million "My Brother's Keeper" program, the truth of the above statement was on display at a conference held in New Orleans. [Mayor Mitch Landrieu opens conference addressing violent crime . . . Read more

Four Blacks 'Jump' 36-Year-Old White Woman in Yet Another Racially-Motivated 'Knockout' Mob Attack


. . . a handful of [blacks] assaulted a 36-year-old woman walking her dog in Vinegar Hill yesterday afternoon.

According to police, the victim was taking a walk near her . . . home around 12:30 p.m. when she was jumped by four teenagers, one of whom hit her in the face, with the other three attacking her from behind. All four fled into the [projects] at . . .

The victim's injuries did . . . Read more

Blacks Angry over Whites Moving into 'Their' Neighborhoods (You Know, the Neighborhoods that Our Forefathers Built)


. . . [Anti-Whites] swiftly labeled him a pushy colonizer with a "white settler mentality." They denounced him as representing a wave of tone-deaf newcomers trying to remake the city in their own image without consulting their African-American, immigrant and lower-income neighbors who held it together for years.

Kopff and his partner were horrified.

"We weren't sure if they were going to be throwing bricks in . . . Read more

Black Would-Be Mugger Confesses to Killing White Man on His Nightly Walk


. . . According to court documents, White tried to steal Peterson's cellphone. When he couldn't do that, he walked away. As he did, Peterson called 911. The teenager told detectives that's when he turned back, pulled a handgun out of his waistband and shot Peterson once in the chest. Then he stole Peterson's cellphone and fled.

. . . Peterson's brother, Greg, spoke publicly for the first time about his . . . Read more

Four Blacks Arrested in Racially-Motivated Home Invasion-Style Slaying of White Family


. . . Michael Aikens, Rolondo Stewart, Travis Moore and Bernard James are all charged with murder, armed robbery and burglary. Investigators believe the four men went into Robert and Shirley Marchand's home in Gonzales and killed the couple and Shirley's son Douglas Dooley.

All three were found with their throats slashed, and there were no signs of forced entry into the home. Detectives believe a fifth person . . . Read more

Mar 4, 2014

Two of Marshall Coulter's Brothers Have Been Arrested in New Orleans


Two of Marshall Coulter's (the black 14-year-old "professional thief" Merritt Landry shot in 2013) Brothers have been arrested in New Orleans this year. One was for Armed Robbery... and he was 13-years-old.

Were America that evil, racist, white supremacist country our Nubian hegemons bemoan in the black-oriented press, those anointed white liberals over at MSNBC decry, or those faux-patriots over at Fox News deflect accusations of being, you would never have heard the end of the story of the Coulter boys down in New Orleans. . . . Read more

Four Adult Thugs Attack Random White Teenager in Hate Crime Attack


Four adults thugs, three white and one black, attacked a random white 16 year old in Brunswick, GA Walmart.

See Video

Did You Beat a White Man to Death? No Problem, Just Claim He Said Something 'Racist'


A white man told a black man it was against the law to ride his bicycle on the footpath. The black man’s black friend was so outraged that a white man would dare tell a black man what to do that he beat the white man to death. In court, he claimed the white man said something racist, as if that somehow makes it okay. This is one more attack in a long list of attacks where white people have been beaten or murdered for asking black people to behave. It’s also another example of black people playing the racism card when confronted with attacking white people. Just claim they said something racist! The black killer’s black mother has also said she doesn’t care and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about (it’s just whitey, right?).
Gill claimed he attacked Andrew because he thought he was about to pull a weapon from his pocket and alleged he made a racist remark.
The court heard Gill punched Mr Young after he allegedly made a racist remark.

Media Desperate to Censor String of Black-on-White Hate Crime Attacks


Ames, Iowa is a small city that is only 3.4% black. So it is shocking to see multiple black on white hate crime attacks in the city. However, you should keep in mind that Iowa has one of the highest black murder rates in the nation. The black murder rate in Iowa is 13 times the national white murder rate.

In 2010, blacks made up . . . Read more

Police Name Black 'Person of Interest' in Slaying of Cheryl Gilberg


. . . Phillip A. Byrd, 39, . . . has been named a person of interest in the homicide investigation of Cheryl Gilberg . . . Byrd is being held . . . on charges of bail jumping and drug possession.

According to the criminal complaint, a prescription amphetamine pill bottle prescribed to Gilberg was found alongside prescriptions belonging to Byrd during the home search.

. . . Sheriff Dave Mahoney said in a news conference Tuesday the medical . . . Read more

Mar 3, 2014

2nd Black Suspect Wanted for Questioning in Fatal Shooting Death of White Man


. . . detectives believe 20-year-old Andre Dewayne Lewis has important information in connection with the death of Ronald Sanders. The 26-year-old was shot and killed . . . last Saturday.

Efforts to locate Lewis . . . have been unsuccessful.

Police have already arrested 27-year-old Christian Brown on a murder charge in the case. Witnesses told police that Brown and a second suspect approached Sanders and demanded . . . Read more

Police Catch Two Blacks Who Carjacked 91-Year-Old White Woman


. . . Investigators identified the men as 19-year-old Travonte Brishard Banks and 20-year-old Savon Jamar Hunter. . . .

. . . Police say Landrey's Toyota Venza was rear-ended by a stolen Dodge Ram driven by Banks. Landry got out of the car to survey the damage and says one of the men said he was texting and apologized for hitting her. "It was at that very moment . . . Read more

Police Search for Black Mugger Who Shot & Killed White Victim


[Police confirm] they are searching for 17-year-old Byron White in connection with the murder of 54-year-old David Peterson.

Peterson called 911 from his cell phone reporting he was being robbed while on his daily walk Sunday evening. Police believe the robbers took Peterson’s cell phone and then shot him. Peterson was found on a sidewalk next to a busy retail strip mall. . . . Read more

Black Burglar Sentenced for Killing 73-Year-Old White Grandfather


. . . Aaron De Silva, 21, stabbed Joseph Griffiths, 73, 22 times after breaking into his house . . .

. . . De Silva has 31 previous convictions, including robbery, assault, burglary and carrying a knife. . . .

. . . London Chief Crown Prosecutor Baljit Ubhey said: "This was an unprovoked and violent attack by Aaron De Silva on a man more than 50 years his senior who was trying to protect his home and his . . . Read more

2nd Black Suspect Has Been Arrested in Connection with Robbery/Slaying of White Cabbie


Landrick Donyell Edwards Jr. is facing one count of first-degree murder with a firearm and one count of attempted robbery with a firearm. He is being held without bond . . .

[He] has been behind bars since December 13, 2013 – five days after the murder Yellow Cab driver John Dooley. Edwards was arrested originally on an unrelated violation of probation charge. . . .

Investigators arrested the other suspect, Devante . . . Read more