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Black-on-White violence is the biggest racial problem in America. According to Department of Justice data, more than two million Whites are beaten, robbed, raped, killed or otherwise victimized by non-Whites every year in America. Although, because the DOJ deliberated fudges the data, it is difficult to determine exactly what percentage of victims of racial violence are White, it is at least 85% and probably closer to 95%.

The double standards of the Obama administration, concerning racial violence, have worked to increase both the instances and the severity of black-on-White violent crime. The administration has sent strong signals to black criminals by refusing to treat black-on-White crime as the national crisis that it is and by refusing to charge black criminals, who attack Whites simply because of the color of their skin, with hate crimes.

This petition will force the president to acknowledge black-on-White crimes for the first time. It also asks him to make the ending of racial violence a national priority and to convene a nationally televised press conference to address it.

In the nearly 100 years between the end of the Civil War in 1865 and the passage of the Civil Rights act in 1964, roughly 3400 blacks were lynched. Approximately eight times that number (almost 27,000) of Whites are killed EVERY YEAR by blacks in this country. Starting in the middle part of the last century, the federal government made it a national priority to end the practice of lynching. Within a few short years they were successful. We believe that if the government made the effort, black-on-White violent crime could be eradicated in a few short years. Millions of lives, that will otherwise be ruined, could be saved.

As America's first half-White, half-black president, Barack Obama is in a unique position to prove that he is serious about a post-racial America where all Americans receive equal protection of the laws. The president spoke-out when he perceived that a black person, Trayvon Martin, had been victimized by a White person (in point of fact, George Zimmerman is mixed-race -- his great-grandfather was black and several of his other ancestors were American Indians), and we believe it is time the president spoke-out on behalf of the millions of White victims of black violence.

Even if Obama elects to ignore out plea, your signature is still important because it will help to expand the audience of the petition and grow awareness of the issue.

The version of the petition published at the website is abridged because the site only allows up to 800 characters in the text of a petition. What follows is the text of the full petition:
We petition the Obama Administration to convene a press conference to formally address the issue of black-on-white interracial violent crime.

Whereas black-on-white interracial violent crime is the biggest racial problem in America;

Whereas, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) statistics, more than two million white Americans are beaten, robbed, raped, killed, and/or otherwise victimized by black-perpetrator instigated violence, annually;

(NOTE: The numbers used herein are based on careful analyses of the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports and National Crime Victimization Surveys. The figures given are very conservative. The department of justice deliberately obfuscates the statistics in an effort to downplay the extent of black-on-white violent crime. For instance, there is a category for race-based crimes against Hispanics, but no category for race-based crimes committed by Hispanics. The interracial violent crimes that Hispanics commit against blacks are categorized by the reports as "white-on-black" crime. This makes it appear as if Whites are committing more crimes than they actually are. Even with this deliberate distortion the black-on-white violent crime rate is at roughly 40 times greater than the reverse and were the Hispanic crime statistics not included among the white statistics the black-on-white crime rate would be seen to be perhaps as much as 100 times greater.)

Whereas the overwhelming majority of the victims (perhaps as much as 95 percent) of interracial violent crimes, involving members of the white and black races, are white;

Whereas this violence is escalating, in part, due to federal policies (which the government claims are aimed at solving "the race problem") that force increasing social contact between the two races;

Whereas instances of violent black-on-white crime have increased in both number and kind during the Obama Presidency with the introduction of new forms like The Knockout Game (sometimes called Polar Bear Hunting because the targeted victims are white, like polar bears) and flash mobs;

Whereas this escalating violence means, that given an average life expectancy of 75 years, every white child, born today, can expect to be made a victim of black violence at least once in his or her lifetime;

Whereas the federal government has reacted strongly to the deaths of the roughly 3400 blacks killed by lynching in the century between the end of the Civil War in 1865 and the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and;

Whereas almost 27,000 whites are killed EVERY YEAR by black perpetrators;

Whereas institutional indoctrination -- of whites to feel guilty about past racial relations and of blacks to feel angry and resentful toward whites -- is a major factor in the current rates of black-on-white violence;

Whereas, all the institutions of power in this country -- including the federal government -- are complicit in promoting guilt in whites and anger and resentment in blacks;

Whereas President Barack Obama is the head of the federal government, and;

Whereas President Barack Obama is himself half white and half black and has, in the past, addressed the issue of interracial violence when he perceived that a black person (Trayvon Martin) was the victim of interracial violent crime;

Therefore be it resolved that President Barack Obama shall make the termination of black-on-white interracial violent crime a national priority (just as previous administrations made bringing an end to lynching a priority) and shall formally address the issue during a press conference that he convenes.

And be it further resolved that his address to Congress shall include an outline of the steps his Administration will take to end black-on-white violent crime.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. Why doesn't someone force Al Sharpton to debate this information??? Please tell me. Surely, someone has the influence, courage, and money to stand up and demand that truth be told.