Feb 25, 2014

Video of White Schoolboy Being Bullied by Blacks


The reality of life is that these types of situation happen every single day across the country. Whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, there is not always a camera to capture the sheer terrorism that our people, the descendants of Europeans are victims of.

We hear constant claims of "racism" and "oppression" from the race merchants in the media and in the shameful modern civil rights movement but not once do you ever see footage of gangs of Whites mobbing innocent Black children as you see the White child the victim of.

Yet, we still must be sensitive to these people while our own are being viciously terrorized.

Watch the below video to see a Black gang taunting a single White child before, . . . Read more

Two Black Suspects Sought in Shooting that Left White Man Dead


A man was found shot to death in a parking lot in North Seattle . . .

The victim was 54-year-old David L. Peterson . . .

Witnesses saw several suspects running away from the area. Police are only able to provide vague descriptions of the three suspects: a black man, 20-30 years old, 5-foot-10, thin . . . a short black male; and a white woman.

. . . there may . . . Read more

Pakistani Immigrants Gang-Rape 50-Year-Old Woman


A Group of 5 Pakistanis have been going around western Attica breaking into private homes.

Two of the Five, aged 17 and 24 have been caught. In broad daylight they broke into a womans home, raided the house, and raped her. Prior to this the same group was respondible (sic) for a string of burglaries. Media coverage of this completely new phenomenon in Greece, unheard of in . . . Read more

Police Have Identified Black Male Who Attacked David Woods with a Hammer at an ATM Machine


. . . Surveillance video . . . shows the surprise attack Thursday on 46-year-old David Woods.

He was using an ATM inside the deli. When he came outside, the suspect ran up and strated (sic) beating him with a hammer.

Woods' employee was nearby and tried to no avail to stop the attack. . . . the suspect then came back to kick and hit Woods while he was helplessly lying on . . . Read more

Judge Denies Stay of Execution for Black Killer of White Teen, Ann Harrison


. . . The motions filed on behalf of Michael Taylor raised four different issues that defense attorneys said merited a halt to the execution. Taylor is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday for the 1989 kidnapping, rape and murder of 15-year-old Ann Harrison.

Attorneys for Taylor immediately filed notice Monday morning that they will appeal the rulings to the 8th U.S. . . . Read more