Apr 11, 2014

In the Middle of a Black-on-White Violent-Crime Epidemic, SALON Goes Looking for 'Angry White Men'


Who are the white supremacists? There has been no formal survey, for obvious reasons, but there are several noticeable patterns. Geographically, they come from America’s heartland—small towns, rural cities, swelling suburban sprawl outside larger Sunbelt cities. These aren’t the prosperous towns, but the single-story working-class exurbs that stretch for what feels like forever in the corridor between Long Beach and San Diego . . . Read more

Mother of Black Rapist Threatens Police Officers in Open Court


. . . According to court documents, Darlene Jones, was in court as her 16-year-old son Markeon Jones was being certified to stand court as an adult last December. Police say M. Jones broke in a University City home where he robbed and sexually assaulted a young woman for hours.

Police say Darlene Jones became angry and fired off threats to a juvenile officer. . . . she said . . . Read more

Simeon Adams, Killer of Young White Father-to-Be, Nathan Trapuzzano, Epitomizes the Black 'Culture' of Hate & Violence



It's what we are dealing with, and black 16-year-old Simeon Adams is the poster child for why urban America is now a war zone.

Why white people correctly fear black males. [Teen murder suspect smiles, laughs before hearing, Fox 59, 4-10-14]:
A teen murder suspect didn’t have much to say about his role in the shooting death of a young father-to-be
 . . . Read more

Mayor, other City Officials Skip Memorial for White Police Officer to Attend His Black Killer's Funeral


Alexander Thalmann is a white police officer that was murdered by career criminal Bryan Stallings, a black male. Stallings also wounded a second police officer before being shot and killed himself.

Mayor Dana Outlaw and Aldermen Kinsey and White actually skipped the memorial for Thalmann so they could attend the funeral of the cop killer. . . . Read more

Black Gangbangers Kidnap Father of Prosecutor, Threaten to Dismember Him


. . . [Frank Arthur] Janssen's kidnapping was related to Kelvin Melton, a reputed high-ranking member of the "Bloods" gang who is currently serving a sentence of life without parole . . . after being prosecuted by Janssen's daughter, an assistant district attorney . . .

Melton was convicted in October 2012 on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, which made him a violent habitual offender.

"I can . . . Read more