Jun 12, 2014

Nate Szczerbinski: Another White Motorist Assaulted by Blacks

Another white male motorist was assaulted by blacks in Detroit, in a story completely deserving the title 'media blackout'. ["Detroit Police search for two suspects as driver recovers following beating after traffic accident", WXYZ.com, 6-9-14]: 
A man is recovering in the hospital after, he says, he was beaten following a traffic accident.
It happened Saturday afternoon.
Nate Szczerbinski says he got into the accident while . . . Read more

Negroes Attack Whites on the Streets of Piccadilly Gardens -- Whites Actually Fight Back

. . . violence broke out at the Piccadilly Gardens interchange on Saturday afternoon.

Two groups of men began fighting in front of the bus stops, punching and kicking each other. . . .

Police said they received several reports from different members of the public about the fight attended just before 3pm. . . .

It is unclear what injuries, if any, were suffered by any of the men involved.

One man was . . . Read more

73-Year-Old White Woman Attacked in Her Home by Black Invader and Stabbed with a Broken Bottle

The SAPS has confirmed a vicious attack on an Afrikaner woman, 73 . . . A (*black) man broke into her home by breaking a window and attacked her with a broken bottle. Her fingers were broken. . . .

According to . . . police . . . a man entered the premises around 02:00 on Sunday. He broke the living room's window to gain access to the house.

The man brutally assaulted the woman, allegedly by . . . Read more

Gang of Black Sexual Predators Rape (Mostly White?) Inmates in Missouri Jail

Editor's Note: Although the article doesn't identify the victims of these assaults, prison rape is overwhelmingly black-on-White.

SHERIFF KEN COPELAND attributes a rash of sexual assaults at the Newton County Jail to the presence of a small set of inmates he described as “sexual predators.”

. . . There have been three reported sexual assaults at the Newton County Jail this year. Sheriff Ken Copeland said members of a certain “clique” of inmates, a couple of whom have served time in the state’s prison system, have been bullying and preying on weaker inmates. . . . Read more

When You Go Black: White Woman's Black 'Husband' Stabs Her Son to Death

. . . [John] Cainion was originally charged with murder for stabbing Cody Sullivan to death Dec. 19 . . . Prosecutors dropped the murder charge, which carried a potential life sentence, in exchange for Cainion pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Sullivan, 26, was stabbed in the back while arguing with Cainion, his mother's husband. . . .

Cainion was married to Sullivan's mother in what police said was a volatile relationship. The day before the . . . Read more