Apr 3, 2014

The Pearcy Massacre: Another Black-on-White Home Invasion Mass Killing that You've Never Heard of


All of the victims were shot to death. All the corpses, save for that Edward Gentry Sr., were burned when the killers set the son’s family’s mobile home on fire. . . . Edward Earl Gentry Sr. was found dead in his house; his son’s mobile home was next to it.

Some expensive wire rims and flat screen TVs were missing. Edward Gentry Sr. was a decorated U.S. Navy veteran who had served in World War II, the Korean War, and the War in Vietnam. Pearcy is about 15 miles southwest of Hot Springs and 55 miles southwest of Little Rock. . . . Read more

Black Thugs Shoot & Kill 24-Year-Old White Father-to-Be in Robbery Attempt


The murder of 24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano . . . Two people tried to rob him on his walk Tuesday morning . . . Trapuzzano ended up shot to death . . . after a struggle with one of the men. . . .

. . . “This is disturbing simply because there was no relationship. There was no cause for such violence,” . . .

. . . A wife lost her husband, and a little girl will never meet her daddy. Read more

Illegal Mestizo Serial Rapist Arrested -- After Five Years on the Run


. . . [He faces] charges of raping, beating and biting five unsuspecting women from 2009 until 2011.

“He would come up behind them,” . . . “a lot of times they didn’t even know he was there, he would start punching them in the head and the face to gain compliance.”

. . . Investigators believe Delgado would find out about his victims before the attack.

"He worked with the husband of one of the . . . Read more

Elderly White Man Beaten & Stabbed in Racially Motivated Hate Crime Attack


Another suspect in the beating of an elderly . . . man has turned himself in to police. . . .

. . . [The victim, 83-year-old Charlie] Clark will make a recovery, but he has several large, purple bruises, on his face and down his arms. Police said he was also stabbed in the initial robbery attempt. After his vehicle was later stolen, it was found abandoned in St. Petersburg. Read more

Black Male Rapes and Batters College Student in Dormitory Shower Stall


Editor's Note: Because most media outlets have a policy of not identifying female victims in these cases, the race of the woman is unknown, however, in the overwhelming majority of these types of cases, the victims are White females.

. . . Tavares Humphries, 28, faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated criminal sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, battery of a police officer and residential burglary, . . .

. . . the victim was taking a shower . . . on Monday morning when she heard a man's voice in the bathroom. The woman looked out the shower curtain and saw Humphries standing there, naked, asking for soap. She yelled at him to leave but instead he . . . Read more