Apr 29, 2014

Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in South Africa


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They have to steal what a white man has built up, but don.t realise that they haven’t got the brains or acumen to be a successful farmer. They loot and plunder, and destroy nearly everything they touch. What they don.t realise is that if it wasn.t for the white man they would be fucked. Past history shows that when haiti drove the belgium’s out their . . . Read more

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Three New Racially-Motivated Black-on-White Murders around the Nation


Any one of these would be a major news story if the races were reversed. Instead they are hush crimes. Over 90% of all interracial violence involving whites and blacks is black against white.

A white man was shot in the head and killed in Fresno, California. Police say a black male gangbanger was playing with his gun and it accidentally went off. The victim . . . Read more

Police Officers Attacked as Blacks Riot at Midget Football Fundraising Fair


Two . . . police officers were hospitalized after being attacked while attempting to remove a rowdy crowd from a fundraising fair . . . late Friday night, officials said.

At least one civilian was also hurt and in the melee and required treatment at an area hospital . . .

The fair . . . was just closing down after a three-day run at the time of the incident around 10 p.m. Friday in the park . . .

“This is an incident that disgusts me,” Cummings said . . . Read more

One of the Black Suspects Arrested in Home Invasion Robbery/Murder of Eric Anderson -- The Other Is Still on the Run


An arrest has been made in the homicide investigation of Eric Anderson's death . . .

. . . The method of murder appeared to be blunt force with round object, like a baseball bat or pipe, according to Taylor.

Taylor says Anderson knew Sokolgz though playing video games together. He says the suspected motive was robbery of electronics in Anderson's home.

All of the missing items from the home have . . . Read more

Two Blacks Arrested in Racially-Motivated Shootings of Two White Men -- One of Whom Died of His Wounds


Rochester Police have identified the homicide victim as Ronald Stern . . . The shooting happened yesterday . . . A second gunshot victim, Earl Cartwright . . . was treated and released for a gunshot wound to the lower extremity.

[Law enforcement officers] arrested two suspects: Ralik Coffie, 19 . . . and Victor Martin, 26 . . . for the homicide of Ronald Stern. Both are being charged with [two] counts of Murder 2nd Degree and [two] counts of Robbery 1st Degree.

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