Dec 11, 2013

Why this Blog?

Both the frequency and severity of black-on-White violent crimes have increased annually, since the end of the Civil War. Following the onset of the so-called "Civil Rights" movement, black-on-White violence has increased exponentially. Department of Justice reports reveal that more than 2 million White Americans are beaten, robbed, raped, or killed every year by non-White perpetrators. They also show that Whites are roughly 40 times more likely to be the victims of interracial violent crimes than the reverse. As it happens, the election (and subsequent re-election) of Barack Obama to the presidency has initiated another escalation in anti-White violent crime. During his tenure, black-on-White crime has not only increased in quantity, but in kind. New types of assaults have developed, such as the "Knockout Game" (sometimes called "Polar Bear Hunting" because the victims are White) and "flash mobs."

(NOTE: The numbers stated above are based on careful analyses of the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports and National Crime Victimization Surveys. The figures given are very conservative. The department of justice deliberately obfuscates the statistics in an effort to downplay the extent of black-on-White violent crime. For instance, there is a category for race-based crimes against Hispanics, but no category for race-based crimes committed by Hispanics. The interracial violent crimes that Hispanics commit against blacks are categorized by the reports as "White-on-black" crime. This makes it appear as if Whites are committing more crimes than they actually are. Even with this deliberate distortion, the black-on-White violent crime rate is roughly 40 times greater than the reverse. If the statistics weren't distorted in this way, the black-on-White crime rate would be seen to be perhaps as much as 100 or more times greater. The New Century Foundation publishes an excellent report, The Color of Crime, which analyzes the DOJ data.)

This escalating violence means, that given an average life expectancy of 75 years, every white child, born today, can expect to be made a victim of black violence at least once in his or her lifetime.

There are two main reasons for the rise of black-on-White violence: 1. Forced Integration, which increases the interaction between the two groups, giving blacks more opportunity to victimize Whites and 2. Cultural-Marxist Propaganda, that teaches a false history of past racial relations intended to make Whites feel guilty and to encourage blacks to be angry and resentful toward Whites. White-guilt causes Whites to behave submissively toward blacks while at the same time Cultural-Marxist inspired anger and resentment emboldens blacks to be belligerent and aggressive.

All the institutions of power in this country are complicit in these crimes. The academy and churches teach Cultural Marxist propaganda, the mainstream media misrepresent the facts, frequently manufacturing stories about White-on-black violence (see Trayvon Martin and the Duke Rape Hoax) in an effort to promote it (the propaganda), and the government enforces it. This blog was founded to both document individual occurrences of anti-White crime and to demonstrate the complicity of our institutions.


  1. I wish you the best in your new endeavor. Spread the knowledge, each one teach one.

  2. We as white americans have to go how we were BEFORE 1965, we NEED to go out and string up these blacks and HANG THEM. Brutal violence is the only thing they will EVER understand. One final thought, I have read on black websites that Barack Obama has a plan during his last hours in office to offer CLEMENCY toward a great number of these blacks that have been locked up. Grants of clemency are not required to have explanation to the crime victims and the public, this is a power of being president of the united states. Take note of the crime rate soon after Obama leaves office, watch it will rise exponentially.
    Hopefully there will NEVER be another black president again.