Jun 23, 2014

Black Shooter Blames 'Racism' for the Fact that He Is Being Prosecuted for Crippling Random White Female

Micheal Smith, a vicious career criminal, is charged with the random shooting of a female college student in Columbia, SC. He claims he is being unfairly persecuted because the victim is white. In a tape recorded jailhouse conversation, the suspect says “I didn’t try to shoot that damn bitch.” He also says he is a victim of media driven persecution “because she’s white.”

The thug was just sentenced for a number of gun related charges and still faces charges for the senseless near fatal shooting of a beautiful young white female college student. The victim, Martha Childress , was left paralyzed.

Police say that the perp shot Childress while trying to hit two other gangbangers. Smith seems to think that since he was aiming for other people, he shouldn’t be prosecuted for crippling Childress.


Blacks 'Knockout' White Victim in Small White Town

A Ferndale man was sucker punched and briefly lost consciousness as he walked along Woodward with a male friend in what police say may have been a “knockout game” attack by two strangers.

The so-called knockout game involves an attacker who targets a victim and tries to the knock the person unconscious with a single punch.

Nationally, there is some dispute whether the “game” . . . Read more

Black Home Invader/Kidnapper/Robber Is Arrested After Being Recognized While Shopping by White Victim

. . . “My sister and her family were ambushed at 07h05 just as they walked out to take the children to school. My sister screamed when my brother-in-law got a gunbarrel pushed against his head. The gunman threatened to shoot him dead ‘to make an example of him’.

They dragged my sister by her hair through the house, forcing her to show them the safe. . . Read more

Black Male Found Guilty Years After Robbery/Beating of 83-Year-Old White Woman

A man has been found guilty in the brutal beating of an elderly woman . . .

Surveillance video showed James Dorsey beating and robbing an 83-year-old woman . . . in May 2005. Dorsey confessed to the crime several years later, but then recanted . . .

. . . Dorsey was found guilty of assault while armed and armed robbery of a senior citizen . . .

The victim . . . has passed away. Read more

Daycare Shutdown, Black Teacher Arrested after White Child Burned

The state ordered a daycare center to shut down on Friday, declaring that children there are in imminent danger.

The order stems from the investigation of the daycare, Discovering Basics and the arrest of one of the daycare center's teachers on a felony charge of child cruelty.

It's the latest in the case of a Hall County toddler who was severely burned last week. On . . . Read more