Apr 9, 2014

A Black Mob Nearly Lynched (Yes, Lynched) Steven Utash, a 54-year-old White Motorist


Life as a white person in Black-Run America (BRA) can be summed up in this one paragraph.

Imagine being an individual convicted of rape and murder; a person who dismembered their victims and engaged in necrophilia, cannibalism and the avocation of preserving body parts from those he killed. Imagine before you were convicted of 15 consecutive life sentences (936 years), you gave an interview . . . Read more

Three Black Teenagers Invade White Co-Eds' Home, Tie Them Up, & Rob Them In the Middle of the Afternoon


. . . The men came upstairs right outside of the student's bedroom door, but did not open it. . . .

. . . “I was already planning on leaving. We're seniors, yeah. Getting out."

The woman did say that police talked to neighbors who have at least one surveillance camera on the house in hopes that it caught a glimpse of the perpetrators.

Neighbors now plan to be much more protective.

"It's . . . Read more

Doctors Without Borders Attacked by Mob in New Guinea


An angry crowd attacked a treatment centre in Guinea where staff from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) were working to contain an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, forcing it to shut down, a spokesman for the medical charity said.

"We have evacuated all our staff and closed the treatment centre," Sam Taylor told Reuters news agency on Friday, adding that the attackers in Macenta . . . Read more

Elderly White Couple Attacked by Black Female While Eating at a Restaurant


A black female was screaming profanities into her cell phone inside a restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas. An elderly white couple asked her to tone it down. She became enraged that some white people had the audacity to ask her to stop yelling in the restaurant. She became enraged and attacked them, despite being in a public venue with surveillance cameras.

Trial to Start for Black Rapist Who Broke into 93-Year-Old Woman's Home and Raped Her


Editor's Note: Because this is a sex crime the identity of the victim is not reported, but in the overwhelming majority of cases of this type, the victim is a White female.

. . . [He] broke into the elderly woman's home then sexually assaulted her. The victim was sleeping at the time and woke up to find Taylor in her bedroom. Read more