Mar 20, 2014

The Zebra Killings: 71 Organized Black-on-White Serial Murders


MOST SERIAL KILLINGS in America take on a life of their own through movies, books and documentaries. The crimes of Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and The Son of Sam are still well remembered years after they were committed. Yet there is one set of serial killings that has been almost completely forgotten and is rarely mentioned in popular culture.

The Zebra Killings occurred in . . . Read more

Another Racially Motivated Sex Attack on White Female Caught on Video


Video captures a black male playing profanity laced gangster rap music on a BART bus. When multiple people ask him to turn the offensive music down, he becomes enraged. He starts berating a white female. When she tries to move seats, he attacks and sexually gropes her. The San Francisco Bay Area has long been one of the nation’s worst hot spots of racially motivated black on white violence.

Black Thug Attacks White Truck Driver, on Camera, Takes a Beating


A black male at an Arizona gas station is captured on video berating two white males with profanity, racial slurs, threats, and homosexual invitations. All three parties initially go their own way. The perp walks up to the video camera to exclaim that he is “from New York” and yells more threats and racial slurs. However, once the two white victims walk apart, the perp charges at one of them and throws a superman style punch. Instead of being knocked out, the truck driver humiliates the attacker.

Black NFL Player, Henry Melton, Calls Bar Owner a Racial Slur, Bites Him in the Kidney


Illegal Alien Invades Home, Rapes 3-Year-Old


On Thursday, police in Winston-Salem arrested Luis Enrique Marin Noyola, 20, after he reportedly broke into a home and raped a toddler.

The rape occurred in the early morning hours of March 9.

The News & Record reported:
Winston-Salem police were called to an apartment on Bruce Street. At that time they were told a man entered the apartment about 3:40 a.m., sexually assaulted a 5-year-old and fled.
During the course of their investigation, detectives learned that the child is actually, only 3-years-old. . . . Read more