Feb 7, 2014

Fractured Skull and Media Stitch-Up for Latest 'Knockout' Victim Cody Robinson

A White man who was first victimized by black terrorists is now being victimized by both the police and the media, as they try to downplay this blatant racial attack.

Cody Robinson has had to resort to writing in the comments section to try to get the truth out about what happened to him: “Yes they were all black.”

“It was literally minutes later that I was trying to get in my car after talking to the first group that the attack started. When I tried to get in my car I heard ‘get the white boy’ and when I turned around I got hit and fell.

“That’s when I heard ‘KNOCK OUT.’ That’s when they started trying to go through my clothes to steal everything. When they noticed I wasn’t completely unconscious, that’s when they said ‘stomp him. Stomp that white boy,’ and they tried their hardest to knock me completely unconscious.”

Cody Robinson, 30, said he had just arrived at his car after leaving the EspaƱa Bar de Tapas, at 5638 W. Hausman Road, around 2 a.m. when an unidentified man punched him in the face and shouted “knockout.”


Robinson’s attack didn’t stop after the punch. He said at least four men surrounded and repeatedly stomped on him.

San Antonio Police, however, refused to call Robinson . . . Read more

Black Perv Tries to Rape Crippled Grandmother


 . . . A 54-year-old woman had put something in the dumpster and was walking back towards her car when she noticed a man following her. She said the suspect grabbed her and wouldn't allow her to close the door. She reportedly tried to hit him with her cane but he grabbed her and pulled her to the staircase behind the building.

She told police . . . Read more

Black Cop Detains White Firefighter -- While He's Helping Crash Victims


While responding to a Tuesday night rollover accident in Chula Vista, Calif., a police officer and firefighter got into a dispute over where the fire engine should park. The verbal altercation ended with the uniformed firefighter in handcuffs.

The California Highway Patrol officer reportedly demanded the firefighter move the fire engine off the center divide. He refused and continued to treat the crash victims at . . . Read more

LASD Launches Search for Black Male In Hills Near Greek Theater, After He Kills Young White Man


Oscar Bridges is wanted in the Jan. 23 fatal stabbing of Robert Brewer, 21, in a motel room . . .

“Brewer suffered multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene . . .

Bridges, who has an extensive criminal record and is a registered sex offender, is considered armed and dangerous.

“. . . this suspect likes to befriend young boys, ages 16 to 25 years old, so we’re looking for . . . Read more

Black Male Kills White Wife because She Was Considering Leaving Him -- After 19 Days of Marriage


. . . [Marcus Donnell] Hoskins called . . . sheriff’s investigators and confessed to killing his wife after leading her into the woods . . . He shot her and left her there to die.

Earlier that morning, Thompson had been in an Atlanta hospital with her oldest daughter, who had the first of several brain surgeries five days before her mother’s death.

Thompson was considering getting back with her ex-husband for the sake of . . . Read more