Feb 19, 2014

Pakistani Invaders Who Enslave British Schoolgirls Call Them 'White Trash'


Once again the BBC covers up the true nature of the Muslim rape-gangs. Read the BBC article and you will find no mention of the fact that the girls were called “white trash”. For this information you have to scour the local newspapers. . . .

. . . He added: “They have been subjected to name calling; suggestions such as ‘white trash’. . . .

. . . The court heard how victims had been . . . Read more

Black Panther's Terrorize Texas Town


The New Black Panther party is at it again.

The same organization that has made comments urging Blacks to kill Whites for their freedom and that it was going to take "bombing some White nurseries to get your freedom!"

This time, the New Black Panthers have taken to the streets of Jasper Texas shouting "Black Power."

They also chant (at 6:25) "the revolution has come, . . . Read more

Media Censors another Black Riot inside Kings Plaza Mall


Right after Christmas there was two days of rioting by young blacks, as well as racially motivated attacks on white people inside the Kings Plaza mall. It is still taking place and the media is covering it up.

The New York media is reporting “teens,” “kids,” and “youths” rioted inside the Brooklyn King’s Plaza mall again. Well they aren’t fooling anyone. We know exactly who was doing the rioting. . . . Read more

Black Slashes the Faces of White Mother & Daughter Who Refuse to Dance with Him

  • Thug slashed at Nicole, 20, and Lorraine Hill, 47, on November 16, 2013
  • Mother and daughter were punched to the floor in a West Midlands club
  • Pair needed hospital treatment to deep wounds to their head and face
  • Nicole needed seven stitches for a four inch gash on the back of her head
  • Lorraine had an inch-and-a-half gap on the top of her head glued by . . . Read more

Five Blacks Charged after Three White Men Found Dead in Burning Home


. . . Lawrence Bowman, 51, died of a gunshot wound to the head. He also suffered multiple stab wounds, . . .

Michael Hoots, 24, died from multiple stab wounds.

Nicholas Bowman, 26, later died at the hospital as a result of multiple stab wounds. He is the son of Lawrence Bowman. . . .

. . . Police have not determined at this time why the Bowman's home on Bentler street was targeted for robbery . . . Read more