Mar 14, 2014

Paul Kersey's Take on the 'Home Invasion Gone Wrong' In Madison, Wisconsin


The situation in Madison, Wisconsin (a 75 percent white city situated in the 81 percent white Dane County) is biblical in its connotations.

It’s a microcosm for the apocalypse upon white racial thinking and the belief that white people have interests worth defending.

Namely, civilization.

Because those Nordic whites who helped build Madison into one of America’s best places to live lack the ability to understand black . . . Read more

Black Gangbanger Rams His Car into Mostly White Crowd at SXSW Conference


Police say thug intentionally rammed his car into a huge crowd of party-goers in Killen, Texas.

Economic Freedom Fighters’ Party Sponsor, Atheling Mavangira, Want to Put Whites into Concentration Camps


He posted this to his Facebook page:
We have the military might (to wipe out you whites). Your kind need to be rounded up and put into a concentration camp… Rewards should be given to unemployed youths to kill 10 parasitic whites a day. . .

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Black Killer Pleads Guilty to Home Invasion Murder of White Man


. . . [Shea] Stremcha and his fiancée were sleeping . . . when they woke up to the sound of glass breaking. Stremcha grabbed knife and went to investigate. The three men confronted Stremcha, who was able to stab one of the suspects. Walker then shot Stremcha in the chest, and he died at the scene.

According to the three suspects, they were planning to rob a drug dealer they knew . . . Read more

Guilty Verdict of Black Killer Comes as a Relief to Family of David & Vivian Bouwman


After a year of waiting, it took a jury four hours to deliver the answer the Bouwman family has been waiting for: Javonte Higgins is guilty of murder.

“Javonte Higgins is the lowest form of humanity we can have here on God’s green earth,” said Tom Kelly, son-in-law of murder victims David and Vivian Bouwman, the Kentwood couple shot to death at the . . . Read more