Jun 9, 2014

Police in Chicago Turning City Over to Violent Black Mobs as Policy

Live a little. Work. Pay taxes. Die. And make sure you never are exposed to the ravages of a black mob attack.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) sure won't care, knowing they plan to target those who dare correlate mob attacks with black aggressors. 

Domestic terrorism (with the reopening of The Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee) doesn't define black mob attacks as a problem; the problem . . . Read more

Security Expert Warns White South Africans Will Revolt if Black-on-White Crime Isn't Brought Under Control

. . . A local independent security practitioner predicts a sad ending for South Africa should nothing be done about crime. “Unless we do not curb the problem now, we might find ourselves in a civil war soon,” Louis Grobler says.

Grobler has collected and processed crime data throughout the country for the past 30 years, enabling him to identify certain criminal patterns that are developing.

“In some . . . Read more

White Pedestrians Jump-in to Defend Whites in Black-on-White Mob Attack -- MSM Attempts to Demonize Them as 'Racists'

A group of African immigrants assaulted a young white female pedestrian in Manchester, England. The woman’s brother was then assaulted when he tried to defend her. As many as 16 African immigrants participated in the attack.

However, other pedestrians rushed to their aid. An on again off again battle was captured on video as groups African immigrants repeatedly charged at would be victims only to be pushed back.

The media is now demonizing good Samaritans as “racists” from defending other pedestrians against racially motivated mob attacks.


White Student Trashes Black Bully in Locker Room Fight

It is quite clear in the video below that the White young man wants nothing to do with this fight. As the video goes along it becomes clear that the Black young man is not going to back off of instigating a fight with the White young man.

Then, when the dormant White fighting spirit erupts, the young Black male is in for a big surprise!

White Gas Station Attendant, Shot in Head by Black Robber, Dies

The gas station clerk who was shot in the head on Wednesday has passed away . . .

On Friday evening, friends and family held a private vigil for 45-year-old Harry Briggs.

Briggs was shot in the head during an armed robbery at [a] gas station . . .

. . . Police are looking for leads as they search for the suspect . . .

The suspect is described as a black male, in his . . . Read more