May 1, 2014

Gun Violence Is Almost Entirely Black in Origin


Cecilia Marie Trapuzzano was welcomed into the world in an Indianapolis hospital, the same weekend the National Rifle Association (NRA) held their annual national conference in the city.

She’ll be raised, alone, by Jennifer Trapuzzano.

The mother is the widow of Nathan Trapuzzano; daughter Cecilia is the first and only child of Nathan and Cecilia.

He never got to see her face.

Cecilia will never . . . Read more

The Truth Behind the Shocking Crime That Put Clayton Lockett on Death Row


Clayton Lockett, whose execution went wrong last night, was sentenced to death following the shocking murder of Stephanie Nieman, 19.

She was kidnapped, shot twice (sic) and buried alive in 1999 a month after she graduated from high school.

Lockett was involved in a botched raid on a house with two other men belonging to Bobby Bornt when Miss Neiman and another 19-year-old woman walked in. . . . Read more

Illegal Aliens Charged with 250 Child Molestations Last Month (In North Carolina Alone)


In March 2014, illegal aliens were charged with more than 250 separate counts of sex crimes against children, throughout the state of North Carolina.

Of course, this figure is not an anomaly, as those here illegally were charged with more than 150 acts of child molestation during the previous month in the Tarheel state.

This war against the children of North Carolina is simply the . . . Read more

Hispanic Student Attacks Teacher, Is Arrested


"Teacher and female student caught in punch up after she tried to confiscate girl's make-up in the classroom

Marlina Martinez, 15, facing an assault charge following brawl in classroom . . . who has not been identified, is on paid administrative leave following investigation.

A shocking fistfight that erupted between a teenage girl and her teacher has been caught on camera." Read more

White Bouncer Shot in Leg by Black Thug He Had to Eject


If the bouncer had been armed and was able to defend himself, would the media be suggesting that the perp was guilty of "drinking while black."

Todd Stone was bouncing at a downtown Spokane bar Thursday morning when police say 23-year-old Andre Hallman fired two gunshots into the crowed bar. Stone was hit once in the leg. The other bullet grazed his stomach. . . .

. . . Stone says he was moving some patio furniture in from outside the bar and told Hallman he was not allowed back in because he was causing trouble. . . .

. . . Hallman fired two shots through a glass window from the . . . Read more