Jul 16, 2014

Anti-White Hatred Is Now Mainstream in North Carolina (Not to Mention Taxpayer Funded)

A few years ago the city of Charlotte, NC tore threw the historic Elmwood cemetery with a backhole (sic). Then, in a shocking fit of anti-white hatred, they and ripped down a 75 year old flagpole that was part of the decorations for the Confederate veteran section of the cemetery.  Now, the University of Lee and Washington in North Carolina, held a ritualistic Taliban style public desecration of Robert E. Lees’s grave and memorial.

As further proof that white leftists are pandering to black anti-white hatred, the city of Winston-Salem erected a sign honoring the Black Panther Party in 2012.

Black Shooter Convinced to Surrender by Dispatcher after Going on Killing Rampage

A 911 dispatcher was lauded Monday for convincing a . . . gunman to surrender peacefully after he had allegedly fatally shot three people and wounded two others.

The shootings occurred about 4:20 p.m. Saturday, when John Izeal Smith, 44, opened fire . . .

Smith fired on police officers responding to help one of the victims and then barricaded himself in a nearby home . . .

During the ensuring standoff, Smith called . . . Read more

Black Homosexual Arrested for Assaulting 10-Year-Old Boy at Christian Day Camp

A man is facing numerous charges after a boy was allegedly sexually assaulted while at a . . . day camp.

Last Friday, a 10-year-old boy was attending a day camp . . . the boy was allegedly sexually assaulted while in the washroom.

Kamal Thomas, 20, of Toronto, was arrested that day. He is charged with sexual assault and sexual interference.

Police believe there may be more victims. . . . Read more

Four Blacks Arrested in Racially-Motivated Mob Attacks against Whites

Editor's Note: They've been charged with a laundry-list of crimes, including ethnic intimidation, still, the media are silent.

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in America. Numerous white people were targeted at random by a huge group of black men and women. The bloodthirsty mob simply wanted to commit serious bodily harm against any white person. The mob was screaming anti-white racial slurs and taunting their victims.


Black 'Community' Celebrates Black Thug Gunned Down after Killing Cop

“Thug in Peace.”

In three simple words the black community of Jersey City, NJ, has summed up their sentiments on their fallen “bro” and their collective attitude on life, writ large.

“Thug in Peace,” does one really need to read any further? Those were the words written on an impromptu public memorial to a “good man,” who “looked out for everyone on the block.” On Sunday, Lawrence Campbell, 27, already a career scumbag with three prior drug convictions and a potential murder charge hanging over his . . . Read more

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