Jun 10, 2014

Black Male Shoots Aaron Lowry for Talking to His 'Girlfriend'

A Philadelphia man wanted in Williamsport in the shooting death of a 30-year-old North Carolina construction worker was arrested Friday . . .

Rashwan Jeffrey Williams, 32, who was arrested in vicinity of a sister's home, will be returned to face charges that include criminal homicide, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm without license and terroristic threats . . .

Williams is accused of killing Aaron Coty Lowry of . . . Read more

Black Lesbian Sexually Dominates White Woman then Bludgeons Her to Death

Usually when we talk about interracial relationships ending in death it is because a Black boyfriend murders his White girlfriend but in the case out of San Diego, we have quite an eye roller.

Blunt force trauma.

That was the cause of death for 38-year-old California resident Russina Vale who was found bludgeoned to death in her home in a San Diego apartment complex.

Police are trying to track down Tiffany Nowden, who goes by her "wife's" last name Vale. No charges has been filed just yet but she is a primary person of interest in the bludgeoning death.

Investigators have determined that the "wives" have recently broken up.
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Four Muslims Attack Danish Teen and Her Dog, Throw Them into a Lake

A teenage girl was walking her dog in Odense, Denmark when four four Muslim men beat them, hit them with rocks, and hurled the girl and her dog into a lake.

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White Motorist Claims Three Blacks Beat Him While Screaming Racial Epithets, after Car Accident

Police are investigating the beating of a white motorist who claims three black men pummeled him while using racial epithets after he caused a traffic accident over the weekend on the city’s east side.

The incident Saturday, as described by the victim, shares some similarities to the April beating of Steve Utash, whose assault by an angry mob following an accident made national headlines two . . . Read more

Black Male Shoots and Kills Theodore Kelbach Out of Jealousy

Police responded to a home . . . after receiving reports of the shooting. Upon their arrival, officers found the body of 49-year-old Theodore Kelbach.

. . . [He] had been shot at point blank range.

. . .[They arrested] 31-year-old Douglas Evans early Tuesday morning.

“We believe that a predominant motive in this case was a relationship issue that revolved around the girlfriend of Mr. Evans and Mr. Kelbach,” . . . “We believe there was a jealousy situation involved and . . . Read more