Jun 25, 2014

Media Censors Race of Perps in Attack on White Marine That Led to His Death and Injury to His Wife

A US Marine, who served in Afghanistan, was murdered by two black males in an unprovoked racial hate crime attack in Lexington, Kentucky. His wife was also injured.

If the races had been reversed, it would be the biggest news story in America. Instead it is a heavily censored “hush crime.”

Watch as WKYT falsely claims that police have no description! In reality, police informed . . . Read more

New Anti-White Trend among Blacks

The racial recipe calls for a White victim, a Black [perpetrator], and a video camera of some sort.

The way their new "game" (much like the Knockout 'game' and the smack cam 'prank) is one in which a Black menace repeatedly eggs on a White person to the point they cannot take it anymore. They will harass you by following you around and point a . . . Read more

White TV Star, Terence Bridgett, Beaten and Robbed by Blacks in Home Invasion

South African TV actor, Terence Bridgett of Isidingo fame, has sustained several injuries after being violently attacked by robbers . . .

. . . “Two men came into the house. They attacked him, broke a couple of his ribs, kicked him around, strangled him and basically left with a few minor things, his cellphone. He went into hospital, he is fine and he spent most of the day relaxing and . . . Read more

Negro Robs Cultural Museum, Tries to Cast Blame on Whites by Spraying 'White Supremacist' Symbols

Editor's Note: Notice how the author of the article, David Cobb, goes out of his way to downplay the perpetrator's culpability in a way that seems to implicate all of White society. In other words, it isn't the black criminal's fault that he committed a crime, it's Whitey's. This is a common tactic used by Cultural Marxist propagandists who masquerade as journalists.

. . . Torrey Lamar Hines, 35, is charged with burglary, vandalism and theft over $50,000 after taking responsibility for the June 10 burglary . . .

Hines also confessed to vandalizing the interior of the center with spray-paint to make it look like a crime committed by white supremacists . . .

Hines worked as a custodian and helped set up for events at the [museum] . . .

Hines was placed on probation for six months . . . Read more

Police Investigate Attack on 10-Year-Old White Girl as a Hate Crime

. . . Police are investigating an attack on a 10-year-old girl as a hate crime, and the attack was captured on video and posted on-line.

A video posted on YouTube shows a white girl on a scooter ambushed and beaten by a black girl. The beating went on for about 12 seconds until you hear voices in the background calling for it to stop.

A . . . [police] report shows . . . Read more