Aug 2, 2014

The Black-On-White Crime Blog and the Petition to End Racial Violence Have Been Discontinued

Many of you have probably noticed that there haven't been any stories published over the last few days. That's because I have decided to discontinue this blog.

The blog was originally established to help promote the Petition to End Racial Violence. After eight months of hard work and some success, interest in the petition has begun to peter-off. We went from getting almost 1500 signatures the first month to less than 300 this last month.

The blog and petition were consuming 30 or so hours of my time every month and, due to the diminishing returns, I've decided that those hours could be better put to use some where else.

I continue to believe that both the petition and the blog are excellent ideas and necessary components of a successful strategy for ending White Genocide, and hope to revive both in the future, when conditions permit.

Till then, for those of you interested in tracking the epidemic of black crime in general and black-on-White violence in particular, please see

Finally, I want to thank everybody who contributed to the efforts of both the blog and the petition. There are far too many of you to name, and inevitably I would leave out a name or two, so I won't list them, but you know who you are.


Russell James


  1. I only visited your blog a few times - just recently! I thank you for your hard work in putting this together.

    We live in a time when white people are under assault from all sides. I hope we as a people will continue into the future, but we must stick together and fight with one another for justice.

    Best of luck in the future...I will delete this blog from my view list.

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  2. THX for all the updates, and for your hard work on the petition as well as this blog. Best wishes, and 73-- D.

  3. I want to thank you for all you've put into this venture and to encourage you : there are excellent results coming you haven't yet seen. The diminishing number of signings simply means that you're approaching the edge of your first circle of influence : you, we, need to look beyond this to the next circle of influence and the one after that. I only found you recently but you've helped me, us, wake up from a deathly slumber ... and we are telling others.

    I thought something was wrong with the Trayvon spin - the kiddie pics, the omissions, the H8. More was wrong with Zimmerman being pronounced white. Obama jumps in & throws another log on the fire, ignoring the Chris Lane H8 murder at the same time : something is worsening but I don't know what it is. The verdict, the H8, the knockout game ... I feel like I'm under attack. Then a year later I learn of the reversal being hushed up - Christopher Cervini killed by Roderick Scott. Identical situation - but not to the media left !

    Our kindness & heritage have been under attack by the leftists & apologists for fifty years & they are accelerating to finish us off. I survived the brainwashing of a liberal college education but I won't be shut up or castrated. I urge you to continue your efforts as your inspiration has inspired me to start mine (in my own diversity wasteland). I have begun to open the eyes & minds of the kind & naïve. The next step will be the second circle of influence : well meaning lefties who really don't know of the deception they've been under. Your examples are data. This circle is still able to reason. We can't give up on them. They need lots of proof. This blog is firm, compiled, documented evidence in building our case.

    Here is mine, it's about how we got to here ... please share :

    confirmed by :

    Marginalize, confuse, misrepresent, divide & conquer from within. This is part of the leftist plan and they have achieved nearly all of their stated goals over a fifty year period. Don't believe it ? Too far out there ? Invest 10 minutes & use your reasoning ability. YOU MUST LEARN FROM YOUR HISTORY OR ...

    1. Thank you for the links…if you have any other good ones please pass them along! I have another youtube link to a person named Jared Taylor who seems to be very knowledgeable concerning race and crime.

      The suggestion Mr. James made regarding New Nation News was excellent, although I already heard of it. I found Mr. James’ blog from somebody who linked it from “things black people don’t like” blog. If you have never heard of it, I can recommend it as it is very enlightening.

      The thing I don’t understand is how the media just ignores the sheer amount of violence perpetrated against white people. If a fraction of the things blacks do against whites were done to blacks, the media would go apoplectic! Blacks are to most guarded race in the media, and for some reason are the darlings of the media no matter how bad they are!

      You are very articulate…you should have your own blog! However, it was like Mr. James said: it takes a lot of time and commitment to do all those things.

  4. Russ,

    Did you remove your Facebook and Twitter profiles as well? Please stay in touch.

    Michaela Nastasia

  5. Please start doing this blog again. People need to know what is going on as so much is suppressed by the media.

  6. Blogging can be a thankless business, but you were an information source for a lot of us, even you were not acknowledged for your efforts. All the best. enochered