Apr 30, 2014

Hate Crime Hoaxes


Hate Crime Hoaxes

The Following is a partial list of “hate crimes” allegedly carried out by “racist” or “homophobic” whites, which upon police investigation turned out to be hoaxes wholly invented by the “victims” themselves to push their agenda.

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African 'Refugee' Attacks Random White Neighbor Woman with a Hatchet in Fargo, ND


A[n African] man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment after police say he attacked a neighbor with a hatchet late . . .

. . . woman was walking to her vehicle when she was attacked by Afidegnon. She was able to escape by running to a nearby residence where Afidegnon threw the hatchet through a front window . . .

The female was transported to [the hospital by ambulance]. The condition of the female . . . Read more

Blacks Attack Paramedics Attempting to Help a Burned Toddler & Rape One of the Female EMTs and Attempt to Rape the Other


Editor's Note: Although the article doesn't mention the race of the victims it is reasonable to assume they're White. Most EMTs in SA are White and these types of crimes are almost exclusively perpetrated against Whites.

Johannesburg - The men who attacked two female paramedics attending to a burnt toddler, behaved like animals, President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday.

One of the women was raped.

"It was very disturbing to hear that people providing a service to the community were violated in such a cruel manner... Those criminals behaved like animals," he said addressing Roodepoort fire station staff and a crowd who gathered . . . Read more

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Death Warrant for Black Armed Robber Convicted of Killing White Cop


Gov. Tom Corbett has signed an execution warrant for a man convicted of first-degree murder in the 2007 shooting death of a Philadelphia police officer.

Twenty-seven-year-old Lewis Jordan, a.k.a. John Lewis was sentenced to death by a Philadelphia jury in 2009. He was convicted of fatally shooting 54-year-old police Officer Chuck Cassidy when the officer interrupted Jordan's robbery of . . . Read more

'Gangster Granny' and Two Grandsons Arrested in 'Laundry Room' Slaying of 67-Year-Old White Man


. . . 67-year-old Donald Clark, who was a recently retired car salesman, was shot to death last year in the laundry room of . . . Clark had been shot once in the head at close range during an apparent robbery. . . .

. . . 17-year-old Emmanuel Butler shot Clark at point-blank range, his 19-year-old cousin Renard Miller helped afterward, and the teen's grandmother . . . who goes by Gangster Granny . . . Read more