Jul 28, 2014

Two Mestizo 'Gangbangers' Carjack a Woman and Ram Three Young Siblings Selling Fruit by the Roadside

Three children who had been selling fruit to raise money for a playground were killed in North Philadelphia on Friday morning after two men carjacked an SUV and drove it into a crowd, police said.

Police identified the victims as 15-year-old Kiera Williams, 10-year-old Thomas Reed, and 7-year-old Terrence Williams.

The children were at a stand near Germantown and . . . Read more

September Execution Date Set for Black Killer of White Service Station Attendant

The Missouri Supreme Court today set a Sept. 10 execution date for Leon Taylor, who murdered a service station attendant . . . in 1994.

Leon Taylor, 56, killed Robert Newton during a robbery that was witnessed by Newton’s 8-year-old stepdaughter. According to trial testimony, Taylor also pointed the gun at the girl’s head and pulled the trigger, but the weapon jammed.

The order for the . . . Read more

Convicted Killer -- Who Shot White Female Cop after Killing His White 'Girlfriend', Her Sister, and Another Person -- Denied Parole

Convicted killer Kenneth Wayne Woodfin will remain in jail after a former Richmond Police officer’s letter writing campaign . . . Parole Board.

Woodfin shot Cheryl Nici in the face on October 26, 1984 outside of the Marriott Hotel . . . after he killed his wife, sister-in-law and a friend.

“When I brought my head up, the bullet went in here down through my mouth and launched an . . . Read more

White Man Shot & Killed by Two Blacks in a McDonald's Parking Lot

A man who was shot in the parking lot of the McDonalds . . . late Sunday has died from his injuries . . .

Michael Raymond Bailey Jr., 22, . . . died after being taken to . . . [the hospital] following the shooting that took place about 11:15 p.m. . . .

. . . two black males were seen running from the scene. No suspect description was immediately available.

A possible motive in the shooting was also not immediately known. The . . . Read more

Daniel Ruffin Killed in Random Black-on-White Hate Crime Attack, While Walking His Dog

. . . Witnesses say just after 5:00pm Daniel was walking his dog down the quiet street where they live when he was approached by three people.

"They just shot him right out here for no reason," Strange said.

A 17-year-old suspect was arrested not far away. The motive is unclear. Daniel's wallet and money, car keys and cell phone were all found on him. . . . Read more