Jul 28, 2014

Daniel Ruffin Killed in Random Black-on-White Hate Crime Attack, While Walking His Dog

. . . Witnesses say just after 5:00pm Daniel was walking his dog down the quiet street where they live when he was approached by three people.

"They just shot him right out here for no reason," Strange said.

A 17-year-old suspect was arrested not far away. The motive is unclear. Daniel's wallet and money, car keys and cell phone were all found on him. . . . Read more

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  1. Fox did not say, but I am assuming the young man was white (as per the title)!

    I will tell you what the man did wrong: he was white and was killed by n****rs. He was a cracker who dared walk his dog by them.

    These SOBs are not to be pittied, or loved, or felt sorry for, they are to be shot or hung on a tree until they are dead!

    The minute we segregate ourselves from these apes is the minute we can breath freedom again. We need to stop asking the question why! Do you ask a wild animal why it kills someone? No. You just kill it before it kills you!