Apr 22, 2014

White ANC Member, Responsible for Unleashing Black Violence on Whites in SA, Hospitalized by Two Black Home Invaders


One of South Africa’s current white ANC Members of Parliament, Sue van der Merwe, 58, is recovering after being attacked and strangled to unconsciousness in her luxury Cape Town home, police in that city have said.

Van der Merwe’s house was also ransacked. The two black males “assaulted and strangled her until she lost consciousness,” police Captain Frederick van Wyk was quoted as saying. The . . . Read more

Black Rikers' Inmate Attacks White Healthcare Worker


A 24-year-old medical intern was viciously assaulted by an inmate at Rikers Island this week. Joseph McRae was caught on surveillance video punching Stephanie Porcelli in the lockup’s George R. Vierno Center around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Porcelli suffered a broken jaw and multiple facial fractures in the unprovoked attack. You can see video of it below.

In the video, you can see McRae feigning a punch before actually doing so; it's unclear whether Porcelli spoke to him before he punched her, sending her flying onto her back. Porcelli underwent surgery on Friday for her facial injuries. McRae, 24, was arrested in July 2013 and charged with two counts of assault for allegedly striking two women in the face at Penn Station.

White Teen Stops to Help Black Males with Car Trouble, They Beat & Rob Her


. . . The person she stopped to help drug her out of her car and beat her, over and over again.

"I was like ‘are you guys okay?' Before I could finish the word ‘okay' he grabbed my ponytail - I had my hair up - and he said if you scream I'll hit you even harder," said Caleigh Roelfs.

Roelfs, 19, still has scars and bruises on her . . . Read more

Black Home Invader Beats 72-Year-Old White Man to Death


A home invasion . . . left a 72-year-old man dead and another man injured Wednesday.

. . . Police said a man forced his way in to a house . . . around 1 a.m. and assaulted two men inside.

Police said they found Donald G. Mariner, 72, of Salisbury, and a second man injured. Mariner later died at the scene. . . .

State police described the assailant as a black man who was . . . Read more

27-Year-Old Black Male Is the Gunman in the Recent KC Highway Shootings


Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said that Mohammed Pedro Whitaker has been charged with 18 felony counts and is being held on $1 million cash bail. Whitaker has been charged with two counts of shooting into a motor vehicle and injuring a person, seven counts of shooting into a motor vehicle and nine counts of armed criminal action.