Jun 18, 2014

White Father Offers Reward for Information Leading to the Arrest of Black Male Who Beat and Blinded His Daughter

Editor's Note: This all could have been avoided if the man had raised his daughter to know that its wrong to 'date' blacks.

The father of a 20-year-old . . . woman is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of a man wanted in connection with a savage beating of his daughter. . . .

Zack’s daughter was the girlfriend of Powe, when in December Powe reportedly beat and choked her, causing her to lose the vision in one eye.

A Marion County judge has reportedly issued a felony . . . Read more

Charges Reduced for Three Blacks Who Invaded Elderly White Man's Home, Beat, Robbed, and Killed Him

. . . They’re accused of beating and stabbing 86-year-old Carroll Jordan in his . . . home back in January. Jordan died a couple of weeks after the attack and the three were originally charged with capital murder, but it was later determined that the injuries from the attack did not directly cause Jordan’s death. Prosecutors say the three pawned items stolen from Jordan and bought gasoline, pizza . . . Read more

Non-White Judge Frees Black Attacker of White Female Jogger (on a Technicality) -- After She Positively Identifies Him

A potentially dangerous teenager has been released from jail after being acquitted on charges of attacking a female jogger last month . . .

A judge decided Tuesday to free the unidentified 14-year-old suspect due to lack of sufficient evidence, and victim Jordan Monasmith says the local authorities are to blame.

Detention officers washed the suspect's clothing after he was arrested, thus erasing any potential DNA . . . Read more

Police Identify Black Suspect in Alex Mazzan Murder

. . . Brixten Dyer, 19, is already in [jail] on no bond for unrelated armed robberies.

Police did not say how Dyer was identified as a suspect in the shooting case.

Mazzan and a friend were leaving [a hospital] on May 19 after visiting two friends when they got into an argument with people inside a car.

Dyer is accused of pulling out a gun and shooting Mazzan -- the father . . . Read more

African Invader Kidnaps and Terrorizes White Ex-Girlfriend -- Hacks-off Her Hair to Make Her 'Unattractive'

A woman who was held captive for three days by her ex-boyfriend - who sheared her hair off as their children watched TV in another room - has spoken out about her nightmare ordeal.

Rebecca Watton, 29 . . . was in a relationship with Ian Hassen, 27, . . .

They split in December 2012 but she remained friendly with Hassen, a Zimbabwean. . . .

However, it later emerged that Hassen refused to accept . . .