Mar 27, 2014

The Muslim Rape Jihad

A long list of videos and news articles on the Rape Jihad aspect of White Genocide.


Black Shooter Indicted for Killing Two White Men


An Escambia County Florida grand jury has indicted Henry Payton on two counts of first degree murder.

He is accused of shooting to death Christopher Fehl and John Gibbons.

Payton will be arraigned March 27.

Black Males Kidnap & Torture White Female 'Friend'


[Police] said she was held captive for two days and narrowly escaped when the man she said was keeping her fell asleep.

Haywood West . . . , 38, was arrested and charged with felony battery causing great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement, and false imprisonment. . . .

". . . She was a badly beaten lady, very unrecognizable, like out of a horror story. It was unbelievable." . . .

. . . doctors think their mom will be blind. . . . Read more

Black Male Robs White Woman, Armed Witness Chases Him off


. . . They struggled, and in those panicked seconds, our witness ran over to help and changed everything.

"When he said, 'I’ll shoot you,' then it was, we’re in real danger right now," she said. "I just pulled my gun and said, 'Drop it.'"

She has a concealed handgun license, and when she pointed her Glock at Koroma, he ran. He took all of Lanphere’s money, but . . . Read more

Black 'Mom' Leads Her Daughter and 7 other Teens in Home Invasion Style Attack on White Girl


. . . Police say Angela Thomas led a whole group of teenagers to the 15-year-old’s house and even joined in on the attack, which also hurt the girl’s father.

The Crane family, who lives in the Berclair neighborhood, says they are living in fear of not knowing what could happen next after being attacked by eight teenage girls and a mother.

Billy Crane’s 15-year . . . Read more