Mar 26, 2014

The Petition to End Racial Violence Stalwart Program

To become a stalwart, email me at with the words "Add me" in the subject line.

Every month we start a new petition. As many of you know, it's very important to make the petition visible to visitors of the White House website, by getting it added to the "Open Petitions" page, as soon as possible. It takes 150 signatures to make a petition visible on that page.

Because petitions only run for 30 days, the sooner they become visible, the more effective they are. So we are asking for people to become stalwarts or folks who volunteer to sign the petition as soon as it is published to the web.

If you'd like to become a stalwart, please email me at with the words "Add me" in the subject line and I will add you to the mailing list of people, that I alert, once the petition becomes available each month. (We re-publish the petition on the first of each month, every month.)

Rest assured, your privacy will be protected and I will never email you for any other reason.

Thank you for your support.

Russell A. James

When Whites Fight Back

When Whites Fight Back

A long list of videos and news articles about White successfully defending themselves from non-White attackers.

White Janitor Who Defended Himself against Black Attackers with Baseball Bats Jailed


A maintenance worker spent two nights in jail after he fatally shot two teens involved in brutally beating him with a baseball bat last Wednesday in the stairwell of the apartment building where he works. Some are outraged over the idea of the man facing possible homicide charges for what they believe was a straightforward act of self-defense, while others are upset over . . . Read more

17-Year-Old White Girl Brutally Beaten While Riding the Bus in Racially Motivated Mob Attack


A 17 year old “suburban girl” was attacked and stomped on by a mob of “thugs” on a Cleveland bus. Media outlets in Cleveland are censoring the race of the dangerous at large suspects. They are placing political correctness far above public safety. If the races were reversed, the same media outlets would include the race of the perps and victim in the headlines and call it a “hate crime.”

At least two women and one man were attacked and brutally beaten on RTA buses on the same weekend.

Whites Attacked, One Killed, for Daring to Enter a Muslim 'No-Go' Zone in Their Own Country


. . . Gavin Hopley, who was attacked after he mistakenly wandered into the town's Glodwick area . . .

Gavin, 19, who worked for a local shopping centre security firm, was with two friends trying to find a taxi to take them home in the early hours of last Saturday when the attack happened.

They were suddenly surrounded by at least a dozen Asian youths, some armed with lumps of . . . Read more

Blacks Go on Racially-Motivated Rampage in Louisville, Attack Dozens of Whites -- Media Silent


An estimated two hundred young blacks rioted in downtown Louisville over the weekend. Police document seventeen incidents of violence. At least three victims were sent to the hospital. At least one gas station was looted. A white female clerk was also beaten up at that gas station.
There was also a mob attack against a thirteen year old girl. A female motorist, with her children . . . Read more