May 23, 2014

A Blind Eye to Murder of Whites in South Africa


It’s business as usual in South Africa where the ANC has won a predictable victory in the first elections since the death of Mandela. It is unlikely there will be any big changes in a country mired by one corruption scandal after another, which is now the murder capital of the world and which is slowly sliding into economic chaos.

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89-Year-Old Great Grandmother Killed by Black Male on 71st Wedding Anniversary


Imagine living to the ripe old age of 89-years-old? Wow, that in and of itself is quite the accomplishment. Going all of those years avoiding the grim reaper in the form of cancer, disease, accident, or murder.

Well that was the case until the day of Anna Mae Eblen who's throat was slit after a vile Black terrorist robbed $35 from her on the day of her 71st wedding anniversary.

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Black Male Arrested After Dismembered Remains of Jamie Lea Harmer Found Near Tracks


. . . police have arrested a 28-year-old man in connection with the killing of a . . . woman, whose dismembered remains were found scattered inside plastic bags alongside railroad tracks on April 27.

. . . Christopher Marcus Brown was arrested in connection with the slaying of Jamie Lea Harmer, 32 . . .

Police had said last month they believed Harmer had fallen victim to foul play and asked for the public’s . . . Read more

Death Penalty Sought in Robbery/Murder of 63-Year-Old Feed Store Owner Steven Finckbeiner


Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for a . . . man accused of killing the proprietor of a . . . feed store during a robbery and wounding his wife. They made the announcement Wednesday afternoon as the alleged gunman, Charles McQuarter III, pleaded not guilty during a brief court appearance . . .

A grand jury charged McQuarter, 22, with first-degree murder of Steven Finckbeiner, 63, and attempted first-degree murder of . . . Read more

Justice for Victims of Muslim Sex Gangs


Working to expose police incompetence and to empower our community to resist racially motivated sex hate crime.

A unique, powerful new video in which Nick Griffin interviews a mother about the shocking failings of the police and authorities in the North West of England following the gang rape of her 16-year-old daughter.

When the police treat racist gang rape like petty crime, it's time to make a stand for justice and to help spread awareness of the dangers.

This video is just the beginning of the campaign.

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