Jul 18, 2014

Black Killer Caught after Bragging about Killing a White Gas Station Attendant Claims He 'Skipped' away from the Scene of the Crime

. . . 22-year-old Desi Thomas, wearing an unofficial Trayvon Martin hooded sweatshirt, a ball cap, and a bandanna cover his face, gunned down Thomas as he worked . . .

It might not have been glamorous work, but Briggs was a contributing member to society. His role was necessary in ensuring a community could exist; Thomas' role is ensuring that community cannot exist, unless plexiglas is installed (the . . . Read more

Black Killer's Bragging Leads to His Arrest in Fatal Shooting of White Gas Station Attendant

Anonymous tips from citizens who heard Desi P. Thomas Jr. bragging about the fatal shooting of a gas station clerk early last month helped police make an arrest.

Thomas, 22, was charged Wednesday . . . with two counts of murder and one count of robbery resulting in bodily injury . . . The prosecutor also is seeking a sentence enhancement because a firearm was used in the crime.

After a month . . . Read more

Two Black Suspects Appear in Court for Running-Down White Cyclist after a Verbal Altercation

Two suspects appeared in court Thursday for an emotional first appearance six weeks after the brutal hit and run of an Atlanta man.

. . . Police arrested and charged Joseph Alan Lewis, 19, early Thursday morning for a brutal assault that critically injured a bicyclist last month.

. . . Lewis drove the SUV that ran over Greg Germani and left him bleeding in the street after an argument.

The . . . Read more

Police Say Hispanic Bank Robbers Intended to Kill People

The suspects who robbed a Stockton bank and took three people hostage also intended to kill people in a running gun battle with police, according to the city’s police chief.

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said at a news conference on Thursday he arrived at that conclusion based on the “havoc” the men created.

Police say the suspects took the three women hostage on . . . Read more

What Aren't the Feds Telling Us?: FEMA Training Facility Focuses on Black Mob Violence

FEMA has constructed a “Doomsday Disneyland.” Much of the training exercises depicted in this video mimic post-Katrina New Orleans. Including black people who are rioting.

The video depicts FEMA agents training for dramatic search and rescue operations, while fighting off and arresting rioting black people at the same time.