Apr 7, 2014

Paul Kersey Talks about Nathan Trapuzzano, the Young Father to Be -- Killed for Being White


The news will break soon enough.

Another white person murdered by a black male (or in this case, black males) in Indianapolis.

Currently, police are searching for the murderer(s) of 24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano, a recently married white male who was soon to welcome a child into the world.

Now that child will enter the world without a father, like so many black babies . . . Read more

Three Black Gangbangers Go on Day-Long Crime Spree


An armed robbery spree that spanned three counties and lasted more than six hours came to an end Wednesday afternoon after police arrested a man considered to be a dangerous gang member.

Two other suspects are still on the loose.

A mother of two . . . came face to face with Brian Kennedy when he pistol whipped her and robbed [her] . . .

She told Artz she thought he was . . . Read more

America, Race, and Violent Crime


One horrific symptom of our dispossession is violent crime, which blights the lives of innocent White Americans every day. One of the most important studies ever published on this subject, Racial Violence in America, by writer and researcher Jerry Abbott, is available on the National Vanguard Web site. Much of what I’ll be talking about today is taken from that excellent essay, which includes incontrovertible . . . Read more

62-Year-Old Black Male Fatally Stabs 20-Year-Old White Female on the Street Outside Her Mother's Home


. . . Clarence Earl Berry was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty Thursday . . . to murder in the January 2012 death of Jessica Cormier.

. . . Berry and Cormier knew each other and had exchanged phone calls during a disagreement in the hours before the killing. Berry stabbed her on the street outside her home.

. . . Cormier's mother heard screams and found her stabbed on the porch of her . . . Read more

White Woman Brutally Attacked Outside Her Child's Daycare Center by Black Ex-Boyfriend


A young mother has told how she feared for her life during a brutal attack by her ex boyfriend in which he gouged her eyes, repeatedly punched her in the face and almost bit her ear off.

Emma Hunt, 22, had just dropped her three-year-old daughter off at a nursery in Nottingham when Martell Campbell, 24, launched a savage on her in front . . . Read more