Jul 11, 2014

Afrikaner Musician, Steve Hofmeyr Gives Speech about Black-on-White Crime at SA Music Festival

This is a speech (in Afrikaans) by Steve Hofmeyr about the Afrikaner and the crime situation in South Africa. We recorded this video at the annual music festival hosted at the Voortrekker Monument by AfriForum on the 2nd November 2013 for Pretoria against the government’s attempts to change its name. If this does not move you, you are either not an Afrikaner or don’t understand Afrikaans.

Prosecutors Freed Black Kid Who Brutally Beat Elderly White Woman, He Promptly Almost Kills a 4-Year-Old

A 14 year old black male horrifically beating an elderly white woman. The attack was so bad that the woman died a short time later. The victim says the attacker beat her solely for the fun of it. . . .

The district attorney’s office for the 80% black county refused to prosecute the black suspect. . . .

. . . He goes on to nearly kill a four year old . . . Read more

Black Female Sentenced to 10 Years in Reckless Homicide of White Man While out 'Joyriding' in a Stolen Car

A . . . judge sentenced Illahje Davis to 10 years in prison plus another six years of extended supervision.

The 15-year-old girl killed a man while joyriding in a stolen car. . . .

Davis was convicted of first degree reckless homicide in the killing of 57-year-old Ronald Forbes.

. . . she and a group of friends stole six vehicles and attempted to steal others. . . .

. . . Davis was speeding . . . [when] she struck Forbes, who was riding his bike. . . . Read more

Another Black Suspect Charged in Slaying of White Female Auctioneer

Police have charged a second man with capital murder in the slaying of a Fort Worth auctioneer in April.

Raan Henderson, 25, was charged Tuesday in the shooting death of 54-year-old Sheila Johnson during a robbery April 13 . . . He also faces an aggravated robbery charge in the case . . .

Henderson’s brother, 28-year-old Romon Henderson, was charged with capital murder in Johnson’s death . . . Read more

Black Suspect Arrested in Death of White Pizza Delivery Man

A 35-year-old man has been named as a suspect in the death of a Papa John's pizza deliveryman who was run over by his own car.

. . . [U. S. Marshals] found Robert Carlos Delcid Tuesday night hiding in a motel . . . and took him into custody without incident.

 . . . a friend of Delcid told investigators he was with him when William O'Neill, 46, was run down and killed. . . . Read more