Feb 28, 2014

Manhunt Continues for Black Kidnapper Who Abducted 14-YO White Girl


A manhunt contines for a 44-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl he is believed to have abducted Tuesday in Clark County for the second time since September.

Sheriff Gene Kelly said the girl, Michaela Bruce, and the public could be at risk if the suspect, Mark Edwards, attempts to do something desperate to escape capture. He is possibly armed with guns and . . . Read more

Black 'Knockout Attacker' Punches Whites in the Faces before Running to His Getaway Car


. . . police are investigating multiple reports of a man randomly punching people in the face.

Two assaults were reported on the same day, Feb. 16.

The people reported to police that a man punched them in the face in two separate incidents.

Tony Behnke relives the moments before he was attacked in the early hours of Feb. 16. It was sometime after 3:30 a.m. in the . . . Read more

White Woman Speaks-out about 'Back Seat Attack' by Doo-Ragged Black Thug


I thought he was going to kill me," Marilyn Sirmans said as she described what it was like to get into her car and get attacked by a man hiding in the back seat. "The first thing is I'm dead", said Sirmans. "He's definitely going to rape me and kill me."

Sirmans said on the night of Feb. 13, just before 10, the man asked . . . Read more

Second Black Suspect Surrenders to Sheriff's Deputies in Shooting Death of White Bystander in Hold-Up Attempt


The man believed to be the triggerman in a shooting at a LaPlace animal feed store that left a man dead and his wife injured turned himself to the U.S. Marshalls Fugitive Task Force at noon Thursday after arranging to do so through his attorney, Sheriff Mike Tregre said.

The move by Charles Mcquarter III, 22, came less than 12 hours after the first suspect . . . Read more

Black Drug Trafficker Executed for Killing White State Trooper with a Pipe Bomb


A drug trafficker who placed a pipe bomb in a gift-wrapped microwave oven in a plot to kill two potential murder witnesses was executed Wednesday for the 1992 death of a Florida highway trooper who became the unintended victim.

Paul Augustus Howell, 48, was pronounced dead at 6:32 p.m. following a lethal injection . . .

. . . [Trooper Jimmy] Fulford stopped Watson for speeding in Jefferson County. Watson was driving . . . Read more

Feb 27, 2014

Three Media Sources, and NONE Tells the Truth about a Black-on-White Hate Crime


Today's lesson: read this article. (Dayton RTA driver saved by religious text | Dayton, OH News, February 24, 2014) Apparently the big story here is a bus driver was nearly killed, but a bible stopped the bullets hitting his heart. Assailants unknown. Motive unknown.

But read another source: Learn that three “teens” did it possibly as gang initiation “to join the club.”[Police: Religious book may have saved RTA bus driver,
. . . Read more

Media Censors Racially Motivated Mob Attack on Four White College Students


At least four college students in Cincinnati were attacked by a mob of black teenagers. The media is censoring the race of the perpetrators. If the races had been reversed, this would be a national news story and the media would list the race of the perps and the victims in the headline.

WLWT (NBC), WKRC (CBS), FOX19, and the local Cincinnati Courier all reported the assaults, interviewed victims, looked at police reports, and knew full well what the race of the perpetrators are. They censored that information because they believe that political correctness is far more important than public safety. In each case, the media referred to the vicious perpetrators as “teens,” “teenagers,” or “boys.”

The thugs didn’t steal anything, they simply wanted to beat up some random white people.

Watch interview with one of the hate crime victims.

Police Looking for Black Pervert Who Groped Underage White Girls


. . . Police are looking for a man who groped one teenager and may have also inappropriately touched another.

Police say on Feb. 6, a 13-year-old girl was approached by the suspect at a . . . bus shelter . . . The suspect touched her and used sexually explicit language while she waited for the bus.

In that instance, he was caught on . . . surveillance video. He is described as a . . . Read more

When Blacks Attack: White Genocide on Public Transit


Those are the words of a 24-year old passenger captured on a bus surveillance camera, that ended with a beating that injured a bus driver in Olympia, Washington.

After warning the passenger to tone down his language, the bus driver stopped the bus and walked back to tell the man to leave. When the driver tries to move the passenger out of the bus, the passenger has immediately followed up with a series of blows to the head.

The beating continues while the driver is on his back, unable to offer any reasonable resistance, and he is again struck with a further series of savage blows to the face. In all, some 28 blows were landed, many coming from behind while the driver offered no defense.

Intercity Transit spokeswoman Kris Fransen says the driver suffered cuts, bruises and a fractured nose in Tuesday's attack. The 24-year-old passenger accused of beating the driver is being held on investigation of third-degree assault. The 7-year employed driver has been released from hospital.

See Video

Pakistani Muslim Jailed for Threatening Rant against 'White Infidels'


A racist Muslim who threatened to blow up police officers and cut off one's penis has been jailed for almost three years.

Haroon Rashid was chased by police officers after he punched a man in the face with a homemade kuckle duster.

Officers took off in pursuit of the 31-year-old following the road rage incident in July last year. When they caught up with . . . Read more

Feb 26, 2014

Anti-White Website Promotes the Rape of White Women to Advance White Genocide


This picture was sent to the communist youth organization "Die Josefjugend (JJ)" together with the following message: “Can we count on all members? Let’s go forward with the genocide – NOW!”
The picture was originally published on the Facebook page of the "Die Antifa e.V.", and it was deleted shortly after. It was thanks to attentive net users that this filth could be secured.
ORIGINAL: . . . Read more

Family of Disabled White Man Killed by 'Single Punch' Outraged at Four-Year Sentence for Black Killer


What a sick joke: Four years' jail for thug who'll be out in two after he ended a vulnerable man's life by punching him when he complained about a cyclist on pavement.
  • Andrew Young, 40, died in hospital after he was punched by Lewis Gill
  • Mr Young had become involved in an argument with Gill's friend
  • CCTV footage shows Mr Young falling backwards and striking his . . . Read more

White Bus Driver Attacked in Black Gang Initiation


An RTA bus driver survived being shot and stabbed in a seemingly random attack Monday he told police occurred during what he believes was some kind of gang initiation.

Rickey Wagoner, 49, . . . was standing outside his bus . . . when three males assaulted him. He described his attackers as black teenagers who were wearing dark colored hoodies. All three wore dark blue bandannas to obscure their faces. . . . Read more

Non-White Assaults Whites Picnicking in Hawaii


On 2-15-2014 my wife and I, both Kihei residents, and our friends visiting Maui for the first time, were having dinner at Kalama Beach Park. A man at a nearby picnic table wound up and threw a small hard object at a nearby dog that was tied up next to the bathrooms. As a dog lover I stood up and said, "hey man, why did you do that." He claimed he wasn't aiming for the dog. At that point a man at another table comes over and begins threatening us. Prior to my wife recording, when she stood up to explain what we were upset about, the dog being mistreated, this man threatened to hit her and that he didn't care that she was a woman. That he would also rape her. Around this point is when the video starts.

As heard in the video he repeatedly tells us to "mind our own fucking business"

"who cares brah. This is Hawaii we do whatever the fuck we want out here - abuse dogs, hit women, that's all we do.

"you know what I don't like, dumb white people like you guys. Fuck you guys. Cuz you guys took this land from us. Fuck white people, fuck white people."

"These are fucking tourists. Fuck that, we are fucking locals." Fuck white people they took our land."

We live here and this was a horrible introduction to Maui for our friends to say the least. When we moved here we had heard horror stories online of similar sentiments but our time on the island has been nothing but the opposite. We have felt so much Aloha from locals and Hawaiian's 99.9999% of the time. This guy is the exception and not the rule. I do feel this video needs to be public so these type of sentiments against other races, women, and animals can be condemned and the perpetrator can be identified.

MPD arrived very quickly and has the video.

Paul Kersey Comments on the Black-on-White Hammer Attack on David Woods


Just remember this one, simple, indisputable fact: . . . it takes an endless barrage of propaganda – never ceasing, perpetually unrelenting – to maintain the degenerate course the United States of America has taken since the war on Freedom of Association became a rout.

Freedom of the Association means the right to discriminate, and when the entire modus operandi of the Federal Government is to openly discriminate against white . . . Read more

Feb 25, 2014

Video of White Schoolboy Being Bullied by Blacks


The reality of life is that these types of situation happen every single day across the country. Whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, there is not always a camera to capture the sheer terrorism that our people, the descendants of Europeans are victims of.

We hear constant claims of "racism" and "oppression" from the race merchants in the media and in the shameful modern civil rights movement but not once do you ever see footage of gangs of Whites mobbing innocent Black children as you see the White child the victim of.

Yet, we still must be sensitive to these people while our own are being viciously terrorized.

Watch the below video to see a Black gang taunting a single White child before, . . . Read more

Two Black Suspects Sought in Shooting that Left White Man Dead


A man was found shot to death in a parking lot in North Seattle . . .

The victim was 54-year-old David L. Peterson . . .

Witnesses saw several suspects running away from the area. Police are only able to provide vague descriptions of the three suspects: a black man, 20-30 years old, 5-foot-10, thin . . . a short black male; and a white woman.

. . . there may . . . Read more

Pakistani Immigrants Gang-Rape 50-Year-Old Woman


A Group of 5 Pakistanis have been going around western Attica breaking into private homes.

Two of the Five, aged 17 and 24 have been caught. In broad daylight they broke into a womans home, raided the house, and raped her. Prior to this the same group was respondible (sic) for a string of burglaries. Media coverage of this completely new phenomenon in Greece, unheard of in . . . Read more

Police Have Identified Black Male Who Attacked David Woods with a Hammer at an ATM Machine


. . . Surveillance video . . . shows the surprise attack Thursday on 46-year-old David Woods.

He was using an ATM inside the deli. When he came outside, the suspect ran up and strated (sic) beating him with a hammer.

Woods' employee was nearby and tried to no avail to stop the attack. . . . the suspect then came back to kick and hit Woods while he was helplessly lying on . . . Read more

Judge Denies Stay of Execution for Black Killer of White Teen, Ann Harrison


. . . The motions filed on behalf of Michael Taylor raised four different issues that defense attorneys said merited a halt to the execution. Taylor is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday for the 1989 kidnapping, rape and murder of 15-year-old Ann Harrison.

Attorneys for Taylor immediately filed notice Monday morning that they will appeal the rulings to the 8th U.S. . . . Read more

Feb 24, 2014

As Indianapolis Burns with Black Violence, Black Police Chief Fiddles the Siren-Song of 'Diversity'


A murder rate that exceeds Chicago (just like Chicago, the murder rate is almost exclusively a byproduct of the black population). . . .

An incredibly bloody start to 2014 (after a bloody 2013), which just saw eight people murdered in a 15 hour time span. . . .

But who cares about crime and reducing violence, when Police Chief Rick Hite (once the president of the black racial Vanguard Justice . . . Read more

Black Shooter on Trial for Killing White Women Says He Did it Because He Learned to Hate White People at School


Nkosi Thandiwe, 23, and a former security guard, admitting to fatally shooting Brittney Watts, Tiffany Ferenczy, and Lauren Garcia alleging that he was under a trance or hypnotic state.

It was almost like watching myself in action,” Thandiwe told Fulton County court, “I tell her to get out of [her] car. She screams. I fire. She drops to the ground. [...] My mind was blank at . . . Read more

White Victim of Black Attackers Disgusted at Their Sentences


Bronson Maisey, 40, had his front tooth knocked out in an assault on the N25 bus to Stratford when three teenagers attacked him after he asked them to stop pressing the bell on a night bus. In front of a dozen other passengers, he was punched and slapped and had to cling to a pole as his attackers tried to drag him off the bus. . . . Read more

Mexican Criminals Now Kidnapping Businessmen inside the U.S.


On Sunday, the FBI, along with the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force arrested Manuel Samano-Santoyo, 42, at his residence in Chicago.

Samano-Santoyo and three other illegal aliens kidnapped a businessman in Paxton, Ill., in December, according to police.

He is the last of the four suspects to be taken into custody, and is now being held at the Ford County Jail on an . . . Read more

70,000 Whites Murdered In South Africa Since the End of Apartheid


According to various sources, almost 70 000 White People have been murdered by Blacks in South Africa since 1994! These people were shot, bludgeoned, hacked, tortured, burnt, stabbed and mutilated. There is no official list available with the names of all these victims and since 2007 it has become very difficult to keep any kind of record as police no longer mention the race of the . . . Read more

Feb 21, 2014

Florida 'Newspaper' Claims Blacks Are Being Killed-Off by Whites


The paper published an article saying that young black males are being mass murdered by racist white people. The article only cites one example of a black man man killed by a white people, yet claims the number of killings is tantamount to genocide.

Blacks commit murder at nine times the white rate. Virtually all interracial crime between blacks and white involves a white victim and a black perpetrator. . . . Read more

Another Racially-Motivated Black-on-White Attacker not Charged with Hate Crime


I am no longer amazed at the blatant double standard in America when it comes to black on white crimes. A case that should have been clearly labeled a “hate crime” has received national attention is being forgotten — because as usual, the liberal media gave it little coverage.

In September of 2012, white University of Minnesota student Colton Gleason was walking with friends in St. . . . Read more

One of the Black Males Who Kidnapped, Raped, & Killed 15-YO White Girl in 1989 Will Finally Be Punished


. . . [Michael] Taylor is scheduled to be put to death next Wednesday for the 1989 killing of 15-year-old Ann Harrison. . . .

. . . Taylor, now 47, and co-defendant Roderick Nunley, 48, both pleaded guilty in 1991 to kidnapping Ann from in front of her . . . home while she waited for the school bus. She was raped and stabbed to death.

Taylor in 2006, and Nunley in 2010, came . . . Read more

Black Male Charged in the Murder of John Serpe


John Serpe, 44, of Downers Grove, was shot and killed during an armed robbery . . .

A 41-year-old Chicago man has been charged with first-degree murder after police said he fatally shot a Downers Grove man during an armed robbery . . .

Anthony Tucker . . . has also been charged with one count of felony robbery armed with a discharged firearm and two counts of robbery armed with . . . Read more

Muslim Killers of White Soldier, Lee Rigby, to Be Sentenced Wednesday


Sentencing of the imported Muslim[s] . . . who murdered Lee Rigby will take place on Wednesday, 26th February, 2014.

This savage act is unprecedented in British history and The British National Party and British Veterans Group members will be attendance at The Old Bailey from 9am.

Justice would only be served on [them] if the judge said “Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, you will be taken hence to . . . Read more

Feb 20, 2014

Google Threatening to Blacklist Web Sites that Report Black-on-White Crime


Alexa ranks Word Net Daily is ranked as one of the top 500 sites in America and one of the top 2,000 site in the world. Google is trying to force them to stop publishing articles by Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed Alot.” They are claiming that it is “hate speech” to talk about racially motivated black on white crime.

For the past two years, the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] has been agitating against World Net Daily. . . . Read more

The Torture/Burning/Murder of Three Whites by Four Blacks


Such is the case of horrific black-on-white assaults in America. Though the Holy Grail of racial hatred (the murder of Emmett Till) is constantly brought up as a way to shame all living white people - the blood of Till is on your hands, whitey! - stories such as a triple homicide of three whites by four blacks in 83 percent black Detroit must quickly . . . Read more

Two Blacks Kill 55-YO White Man to Prove 'Who Hit Harder'


. . . police arrested two [black] teens Tuesday accused in the fatal Feb. 1 attack . . .

. . . John Bannon . . . died Friday of injuries sustained when he fell onto the concrete sidewalk during the attack, fractured his skull and suffered a brain hemorrhage, according to the arrest warrant for Windall Lavel Herring.

Bannon’s death leaves his family wondering why a man they described as a compassionate and caring individual was targeted. . . . Read more

Black Male Kills Copeland Brothers because James Copeland's Son Was Dating His Ex-Wife


. . . [Police] took 28-year-old Sirdon Greer into custody and plan to charge him with two counts of murder and arson.

Police allege Greer wanted revenge for a domestic situation involving Greer’s wife and Jerry Copeland’s son.

Police said the two men were each shot in the head and died before the fire was set. . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested for Killing Young White Man after He Tells His Sister that He 'shot some boy'


. . . Jay-Von Avery was charged with first-degree murder . . .

Police say he shot Kyle Lutes, 25, in the back of the head and . . .

. . . The affidavit says . . . Avery asked his sister to pass by the wooded area where the body was found.

Police said Avery then told his sister he "shot some boy and his body is by the lake."

The suspect's sister then contacted police. . . . Read more

Feb 19, 2014

Pakistani Invaders Who Enslave British Schoolgirls Call Them 'White Trash'


Once again the BBC covers up the true nature of the Muslim rape-gangs. Read the BBC article and you will find no mention of the fact that the girls were called “white trash”. For this information you have to scour the local newspapers. . . .

. . . He added: “They have been subjected to name calling; suggestions such as ‘white trash’. . . .

. . . The court heard how victims had been . . . Read more

Black Panther's Terrorize Texas Town


The New Black Panther party is at it again.

The same organization that has made comments urging Blacks to kill Whites for their freedom and that it was going to take "bombing some White nurseries to get your freedom!"

This time, the New Black Panthers have taken to the streets of Jasper Texas shouting "Black Power."

They also chant (at 6:25) "the revolution has come, . . . Read more

Media Censors another Black Riot inside Kings Plaza Mall


Right after Christmas there was two days of rioting by young blacks, as well as racially motivated attacks on white people inside the Kings Plaza mall. It is still taking place and the media is covering it up.

The New York media is reporting “teens,” “kids,” and “youths” rioted inside the Brooklyn King’s Plaza mall again. Well they aren’t fooling anyone. We know exactly who was doing the rioting. . . . Read more

Black Slashes the Faces of White Mother & Daughter Who Refuse to Dance with Him

  • Thug slashed at Nicole, 20, and Lorraine Hill, 47, on November 16, 2013
  • Mother and daughter were punched to the floor in a West Midlands club
  • Pair needed hospital treatment to deep wounds to their head and face
  • Nicole needed seven stitches for a four inch gash on the back of her head
  • Lorraine had an inch-and-a-half gap on the top of her head glued by . . . Read more

Five Blacks Charged after Three White Men Found Dead in Burning Home


. . . Lawrence Bowman, 51, died of a gunshot wound to the head. He also suffered multiple stab wounds, . . .

Michael Hoots, 24, died from multiple stab wounds.

Nicholas Bowman, 26, later died at the hospital as a result of multiple stab wounds. He is the son of Lawrence Bowman. . . .

. . . Police have not determined at this time why the Bowman's home on Bentler street was targeted for robbery . . . Read more

Feb 18, 2014

Anti-White Governor Stays Execution of Black Male Convicted of Slaughtering Four Whites at a Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant

  • Nathan Dunlap killed four people working at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Aurora, Colorado in 1993
  • He was scheduled to be executed in August
  • Gov. Hickenlooper has indefinitely delayed his execution and said he has doubts about the state's death penalty
  • He has been branded a coward by rival politicians and the families of the victims
. . . Dunlap, 38, is one of three men . . . Read more

Camera Captures Black Male 'Sucker-Punching' White Man in 'Knockout' Attack


. . . A witness says a man and woman were leaving a store . . . when an assailant approached from behind and punched the man in the head Saturday afternoon.

The man was staggered by the punch and both he and the woman fell to the ground, suffering minor injuries.

Cambridge Police said the suspect punched another man in the face earlier in the day.

Read more

Three Black Brothers Kidnap & Rape 15-YO White Girl


Three brothers from the Chatham neighborhood return to court today to face charges of kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl.

Aziz Animashaun and his brothers Isiaka and Taiwo are being held on bond.

Police say on December 21, Aziz knocked the girl out as she took out her trash; then he took her to his home, where he, his brothers and several other . . . Read more

VIDEO: White Woman Raped then Stoned by Blacks in South Africa


Disabled White Veteran Assaulted by Group of Blacks in Cleveland


What type of world are members of the United States Military fighting for, you ask? 

Matthew Robinson, a disabled veteran of the United States Army, knows. [‘Knock That White Boy Out’: Arrests Made After Mob Of Teens Attack Disabled Vet, Cleveland CBS, 2-14-14]:
Cleveland authorities have made several arrests following the mob beating of a disabled Army veteran by a group of teenagers. 
Last Friday, . . . Read more

Feb 14, 2014

'Blowtorch Rapist' Finally Caught in Detroit


. . . Blowtorch Rapist' Roderick Neeley was arrested after attacking a 43-year-old woman at gunpoint, stuffing her into his car, beating her and using a blowtorch on her feet before she stabbed him in the eye with a screwdriver and escaped. He is being held without bond and could possibly be connected to two other attacks in the area. . . . Read more

Hindu Male Kills Two Australians, then Complains about 'Racism' to Avoid Extradition


"I’m scared, I don’t want to go to Australia. Accidents happen everywhere, but they are treating this differently. I have no resources to fight (the case),” he told News Corp Australia.

His mother said outside the court that “accidents happen all the time”.

“So many Indians were killed in Australia probably in cold-blooded ways. What about those?” she added. . . .

. . . His father told Fairfax Puneet was a . . . Read more

White Woman Raped by Black 'Teen' Hired to do Yard Work


Police say Markeon Jones . . . went door-to-door offering to shovel snow and rake leaves . . . when a homeowner hired him.

The homeowner left a short time later and police say that’s when Jones forced himself into the home and sexually assaulted the 28-year-old female victim inside.

According to the charging documents, Jones forcibly raped and abused her for several hours before fleeing the . . . Read more

Black Killer Released Just Days Before Murdering Brandy Keenan


. . . Records show that Briceson Carter bounced around the Lower Ninth Ward and St. Bernard Parish as a kid, living at different addresses, especially after his mother died of cancer when he was 14 years old.

It’s where he caught his first adult arrest – for fighting – at age 17. It’s where his brother was murdered when Carter was 18.

And it’s where, on Oct. 12, he . . . Read more

Florida Executes Mestizo Who Kidnapped, Raped, & Killed 9-YO White Boy


. . . In a crime that deeply shocked Florida, Juan Carlos Chavez kidnapped, raped, and murdered the boy in 1995, hiding his dismembered remains in planters sealed with concrete. He said nothing as he went to his death, though he earlier released a rambling statement filled with religious references but no word of apology, the Miami Herald reports.

The boy's father, 70-year-old Don Ryce, witnessed . . . Read more

Feb 13, 2014

Mob of Blacks Videotape Their Attack on Disabled White Army Veteran


There's evidence of more violent teens running around the heart of downtown Cleveland.

A disabled Army vet spoke out about the latest attack that happened Friday, Feb. 7, 2014.

Matthew Robinson told our Ed Gallek he was riding RTA's Healthline when six to eight teenagers surrounded him on the bus, and then started following him.

Then, he said they attacked, took his stuff, and videotaped . . . Read more

Police Arrest 2nd Black Male in Murder of White Army Reservist


Police in Muskogee arrested a second man in connection with a September 2013 triple shooting in Tulsa which left a Kansas Army Reservist dead.

According to the Tulsa County jail, Darrelle Goff, 24, was arrested Monday.

Goff is charged with first-degree murder, robbery with a firearm and two counts of shooting with intent to kill.

Christian Dehart was killed . . .

Another suspect in the deadly shooting, Jordan Mitchell, 20 . . . Read more

Two Blacks Rob White Girl Scouts Outside Supermarket


Two people were arrested Tuesday in connection with a robbery involving a group of Girl Scouts outside a Winn Dixie.

On Tuesday afternoon, Local 10's Christina Vazquez spoke exclusively with the victim of that robbery, 10-year-old girl whose cell phone was taken by the brazen thieves.

"When it happened, I didn't stop crying," said Daley Eisenmann. "It had all my mom's contacts on . . . Read more

Black Male Deliberately Rams Vehicle Containing Three Females, Kills 16-YO White Girl


Police in Beaumont say 32 year Kelvin Lee Roy intentionally rammed his car into a mini van with three women inside, because he was mad his girlfriend broke up with him.

All three victims were hospitalized. Alexandria Nicole Bertran, a beautiful 16 year old girl, was slaughtered in the attack.

One of the victim’s is Bertran’s ex-girlfriend. She called police earlier in the night and claimed Betran was trying to kill her.

Read More in Beaumont Enterprise.

According to a major study on spousal homicide; white females with black males are 12.4 times more likely to be a victim of femicide than white females with white males. Black males are also 33% more likely to commit femicide with a white partner than a black partner. This makes white females with black males the single highest risk category for femicide in America. . . . Read more

White Violinist Tasered, then Robbed of His Rare (and Expensive) Concert Violin by Two Black Males


Authorities in Milwaukee say a man stole a rare, extremely expensive violin from a orchestra concert master, in broad daylight nonetheless.

On Jan. 27, Frank Almond was robbed of his multi-million dollar Stradivarius violin after being subdued by a Taser outside of Wisconsin Lutheran College in Brookfield, Wisc. The crime was reportedly orchestrated by Universal Knowledge Allah (right), 36, with the help of co-conspirator Salah . . . Read more

Feb 12, 2014

Florida State Fair Forced to Close Early Due to Black Mob Violence


The Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee.

The Iowa State Fair.

St. Patrick's Day in Baltimore.

The police state erected to ensure a safe, peaceful Indiana Black Expo (yearly) in Indianapolis.

All mass black mob attacks on white people; all under the watch of President Obama and his Department of Justice Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder.

Conrad Barrett's 'hate experiment' was proven true after all.

The white family in Akron, attacked by 30- 50 black on Independence Day 2009 know it all to well -- "It's a black world.". . . Read more

Black Rapist/Murderer Says 'We did everything we did, because they were white'


Editor's Note: This story is a bit dated, but it accurately reflects the attitudes of many blacks who attack Whites -- in South Africa and around the world.

This is the face of the devil personified. Cold and stony. Angry eyes. Pursed lips that only open to answer questions that require more than a shake of the head.

This is William Kekana, pathological liar, killer, rapist, coward and kidnapper. And he's only 20.

On Tuesday, Kekana sat impassively in the dock listening to Judge Monica Leeuw's comments before she sentenced him to six . . . Read more

White Family Asks Blacks to Stop Jumping on Cars -- Blacks Make 'Racial Comments' and Attack Them


According to police, a group of about 30 people were having a snowball fight at the high school Jan. 29. Members of the group allegedly were jumping on vehicles in the parking lot, and when one of the vehicle’s owners asked them to stop, they allegedly attacked that person and three others who came to his aid.

A photo of the fight circulated widely . . . Read more

Four Blacks Arrested in Connection with Home Invasion, Robbery of 81-YO White Woman


. . . an 81-year-old woman was shot by the intruders but survived.

Police have not yet released all of the suspects' names but said they are 18-year-old Shaquez Willard, a 19-year-old man and two 16-year-old boys.

Police Chief Sean Whent said investigators were looking into whether the four suspects are also connected to any other recent crimes.

In the . . . Read more

More on 14-YO White Girl Gang-Raped by Six African 'Immigrants'


A 14-year-old girl gang-raped by six men in a western Sydney park was so traumatised that police had to wait a day before speaking to her.

The teenager was walking a short distance home from a friend's house at 11pm on Saturday through a park in Doonside when she was approached by a man who spoke to her.

He then touched her . . . Read more

Feb 11, 2014

Another Black Male Arrested in Murder of White Police Officer


. . . On Saturday, Virginia State Police announced that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner had confirmed late Friday that the remains discovered in Goochland County on Thursday were that of 45-year-old Quick. The cause of death has not yet been released.

Quick, of Rockfish, was reported missing on Feb. 1, when he failed to arrive at his girlfriend's residence in Albemarle County. Since . . . Read more

Search Continues for Black Thug in Carjacking/Murder of White Man


A suspect wanted in the carjacking and also a person of interest in the homicide was captured and interviewed, but turned out not to be the person wanted in either case, Metro spokesman Officer Bill Cassell told News 3. . . .

The investigations into these crimes remain ongoing. Anyone with any information concerning the location of the stolen vehicle, or who has any information concerning either of the two crimes, is urged . . . Read more

Court Sentences One of the Five Black Males Who Invaded White Man's Home and Killed Him


A Tulsa teenager will go to prison for his role in the death of a Joplin man. Today, a judge sentenced Marcus Stephens, 17, to 15 years in prison for second degree murder and five years for first degree burglary. Stephens plead guilty to the charges back in November. The charges stem from the July 2012 murder of Jacob Wages. Authorities say five men broke . . . Read more

African Invader to Return to Court in Slaying of White Woman - His Semen Was Found in Her House


After breaking into the home of Marilyn Bethell of Aurora in October 2005, Deng took her to the Illinois Prairie Path and shot her once in the head, Kane County prosecutors said.

Almost immediately after his guilty plea in 2009, Deng regretted it and began the legal process to withdraw the plea. An appeals court ruled in his favor in June.

Deng is scheduled to . . . Read more

Drug Addled Black Male Goes on Naked Face Biting Rampage


Witnesses said 6ft 3in 250lb Anesson Joseph was growling like a wild animal as he chased and attacked a retired cop, a father and son and a teenage boy. . . .

The 28-year-old suspect also bit the face of his teenage victim in the attack, which bears chilling similarities to that of Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene.

The shocking incident happened at around 8.30pm on Tuesday in . . . Read more

Feb 10, 2014

Being White and the Fear of Black Crime in a Majority Black City


Only in era dominated by the worship (in most cases state-mandated via inculcation through public education of their moral authority over the white man) of blacks would a show like The Wire come to epitomize all that is great about television.

An attempt to sanitize the black population of Baltimore (that has driven away, not only whites, but any racial group hoping to find . . . Read more

Teenaged Girl Tortured and Killed in Black-on-White Hate Attack


Danielle Micheals, an 18 year old girl from Reynoldsburg, Ohio was found dead in the woods last November.

Now a seventeen year old black male has been charged with kidnapping, rape, and murder. The suspect says he was smoking pot with the victim and accidentally killed her in a knife throwing accident.

The body of Micheals had multiple slashes and a puncture in the neck. She died of suffocation.

This is a tiny blip in the local news. If the races had been reversed, it would be a major national news story.

After the killing, the suspect went shopping and partied with friends. He was described as being completely without emotion at his court hearing.

From NBC 4…
A teenager who is accused of killing an 18-year-old woman near Reynoldsburg High School Summit campus last year was indicted Thursday.

Adrien McGee was indicted on charges of rape, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence.

The body 18-year-old Danielle Michaels was found near the high school in the 8500 block of Summit Road on Nov. 18. . . . Read more

30 Blacks Attack White Family in Warner Robins, Georgia


Though Wednesday was National Signing Day for high school seniors declaring their intent to play college football at universities and colleges across the nation, February 5th was also a day when a picture was snapped in Warner Robins, Georgia - near Macon - that captures the future for whites in the Peach State. 

On a day when the University of Georgia (only three percent of undergraduates at . . . Read more

White Woman & Her Black Lover Murder White Husband For Insurance Money


Jack and Jill murdered the White man to fetch the pale if money. In the process, they murdered Jill's White husband to run and live happily ever after on his insurance money.

Here's the description from Fox Carolina: "Crystal Gail Williams, 34, and Marcus Channing Johnson, 35, were both charged with murder in the death of Shane Williams, Crystal Williams' husband, Clark said during a . . . Read more

African Immigrants Gang-Rape 14-Year-Old Girl


Australia has been witnessing a surge in hate crime mob violence by African and Muslim immigrants.

From 9 News Australia…
In an attack police believe was unprovoked and random, the 14-year-old girl was initially assaulted by one man in Doonside before his friends joined on Saturday night.

The first man approached the teenage girl about 11pm (AEDT) in Bill Colbourne Reserve on Hill End Road, police say.
Police have been told the man touched the girl inappropriately before sexually assaulting her. . . . Read more

Feb 7, 2014

Fractured Skull and Media Stitch-Up for Latest 'Knockout' Victim Cody Robinson

A White man who was first victimized by black terrorists is now being victimized by both the police and the media, as they try to downplay this blatant racial attack.

Cody Robinson has had to resort to writing in the comments section to try to get the truth out about what happened to him: “Yes they were all black.”

“It was literally minutes later that I was trying to get in my car after talking to the first group that the attack started. When I tried to get in my car I heard ‘get the white boy’ and when I turned around I got hit and fell.

“That’s when I heard ‘KNOCK OUT.’ That’s when they started trying to go through my clothes to steal everything. When they noticed I wasn’t completely unconscious, that’s when they said ‘stomp him. Stomp that white boy,’ and they tried their hardest to knock me completely unconscious.”

Cody Robinson, 30, said he had just arrived at his car after leaving the EspaƱa Bar de Tapas, at 5638 W. Hausman Road, around 2 a.m. when an unidentified man punched him in the face and shouted “knockout.”


Robinson’s attack didn’t stop after the punch. He said at least four men surrounded and repeatedly stomped on him.

San Antonio Police, however, refused to call Robinson . . . Read more

Black Perv Tries to Rape Crippled Grandmother


 . . . A 54-year-old woman had put something in the dumpster and was walking back towards her car when she noticed a man following her. She said the suspect grabbed her and wouldn't allow her to close the door. She reportedly tried to hit him with her cane but he grabbed her and pulled her to the staircase behind the building.

She told police . . . Read more

Black Cop Detains White Firefighter -- While He's Helping Crash Victims


While responding to a Tuesday night rollover accident in Chula Vista, Calif., a police officer and firefighter got into a dispute over where the fire engine should park. The verbal altercation ended with the uniformed firefighter in handcuffs.

The California Highway Patrol officer reportedly demanded the firefighter move the fire engine off the center divide. He refused and continued to treat the crash victims at . . . Read more

LASD Launches Search for Black Male In Hills Near Greek Theater, After He Kills Young White Man


Oscar Bridges is wanted in the Jan. 23 fatal stabbing of Robert Brewer, 21, in a motel room . . .

“Brewer suffered multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene . . .

Bridges, who has an extensive criminal record and is a registered sex offender, is considered armed and dangerous.

“. . . this suspect likes to befriend young boys, ages 16 to 25 years old, so we’re looking for . . . Read more

Black Male Kills White Wife because She Was Considering Leaving Him -- After 19 Days of Marriage


. . . [Marcus Donnell] Hoskins called . . . sheriff’s investigators and confessed to killing his wife after leading her into the woods . . . He shot her and left her there to die.

Earlier that morning, Thompson had been in an Atlanta hospital with her oldest daughter, who had the first of several brain surgeries five days before her mother’s death.

Thompson was considering getting back with her ex-husband for the sake of . . . Read more

Feb 6, 2014

What Is Life Like for the White Minority in South Africa?


Exactly what life is like for the White Minority in Baltimore[. And exactly the same as life is going to be for Whites in the rest of America, when where the minority.]

What would it be like to live as a white person in South Africa, a nation your ancestors created and yet has now been democratically taken away from you by black people . . . black people who have created the conditions that have directly led to that country's complete demise?

A country where the dispossession of . . . Read more

Black Wal-Mart Employee, Who Killed White Customer, Charged with Capital Murder


. . . Law enforcement says the Walmart employee had no connection to his victim. Martin was standing in line with her husband at the time of the shooting. . . .

. . . According to the arrest affidavit, Terrell admitted to shooting Martin six times.

He told detectives he felt threatened by her and that she had harassed him his whole life, however, he was unable to give any facts to . . . Read more

White Grandfather Opens Door to Young Negro Claiming He Is Being Chased, Negro Kills Him


A 69-year-old Minnesota man has been shot dead after opening his door to a man who claimed he was being chased.

Thomas Sonnenberg called 911 at 11:46am Friday for 20-year-old Devon Derrick Parker who police say told him he was being pursued by assailants with baseball bats. . . .

. . . [Sonnenberg's daughter said] "He thought he was helping someone in need, that's why he let him into . . . Read more

Body of White Woman Bound with Wire Before Black Attacker Set Her on Fire


The body of 35-year old Angela Serfass-Steigerwalt . . .may have been bound before being set ablaze in Jim Thorpe . . .

. . . Police reported seeing “the victim’s body, with what appeared to be a metal wires around the neck and also there were additional metal wires located underneath a wooden pole where what appeared to be legs would have been bound.”

. . . the report added that a Wal-Mart . . . Read more

Black Home Invader Whose Vicious Attack Caught on Nanny Cam Finally Indicted


A home invader whose vicious attack on a mother in front of her child was captured on the family's 'nanny cam' last year has been indicted on seven counts, including attempted murder.

Shawn Custis, 43, was caught on camera repeatedly kicking and punching a Millburn woman before throwing her down the stairs as her terrified three-year-old daughter cowered . . .

The woman was left with . . . Read more

Feb 5, 2014

Daily Log of Black-on-White Violent Crimes


Those who believe the mainstream Marxist media think the only violent race crimes most recently committed in America were the brutal murder of Trayvon Martin (though it was actually self-defense) and the death of James Byrd back in 1998.

The truth is racial crimes occur in America every day. Nearly all are black-on-white and virtually all are ignored by the revisionist media. . . . Read more
. . . hose who believe the mainstream Marxist media think the only violent race crimes most recently committed in America were the brutal murder of Trayvon Martin (though it was actually self defense) and the death of James Byrd back in 1998. The truth is racial crimes occur in America every day. Nearly all are black-on-white and virtually all are ignored by the revisionist media. Black-on-white crimes simply don't fit cultural Marxist narrative of America's white privileged culture. - See more at: http://dailykenn.blogspot.com/2013/09/recent-black-on-white-crimes.html#sthash.6eI1Etkq.dpuf
Those who believe the mainstream Marxist media think the only violent race crimes most recently committed in America were the brutal murder of Trayvon Martin (though it was actually self defense) and the death of James Byrd back in 1998. The truth is racial crimes occur in America every day. Nearly all are black-on-white and virtually all are ignored by the revisionist media. Black-on-white crimes simply don't fit cultural Marxist narrative of America's white privileged culture. - See more at: http://dailykenn.blogspot.com/2013/09/recent-black-on-white-crimes.html#sthash.6eI1Etkq.dpuf

Black Mob Brutally Beats Random White Man While Yelling Racial Slurs


A white man was leaving a restaurant in San Antonio when a group of black males yelled “Get the White Boy” and brutally attacked and beat him.

This was a blatant racially motivated hate crime. Yet the San Antonio Express-News purposefully censored the race of the perpetrators. They are placing political correctness above public safety.

See Video

Black-on-White Violence: Why It Must End


. . . Both the rate and ferocity of black-on-white violence is nothing short of a national scandal. All decent Americans, and certainly all those who claim to care about race relations, should be as attentive to and concerned about this phenomenon as they are attentive to and concerned about anything else.

Not everyone sees it this way. Below are three objections that are commonly stated. . . . Read more

Police Catch Two Black Males Who Savagely Beat 86-Year-Old in Attempted Burglary


. . . [Carrol] Jordan was viciously beaten and stabbed . . . at his residence and was found lying in a pool of his own blood.

Deangelo Smith, 19, was arrested and charged with first degree burglary and assault for his role . . .

. . . 18-year Robert Campbell was arrested earlier Monday and faces the same charges. . . .

Nephew Donald Johnson says Jordan still has a long road to recovery. . . .

Johnson says Jordan . . . Read more

Police Arrest Two Black Teenagers in Connection with the Murder of Middle-Aged White Woman


. . . police . . . arrested Allen Pinkney, 16, and Alonzo Gorham-Ramos, 14, on murder, first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, first-degree burglary and dangerous weapon with intent to injure charges. . . .

. . . According to court documents, she was stabbed multiple times after confronting burglars in her home. . . .

. . . She was just a wonderful person. When she walked in she just had a certain glow about herself," said friend Kevin . . . Read more

Feb 4, 2014

Next Week's Twitter Bomb to Promote the Petition to End Racial Violence

As I explained in yesterday's after action report, we learned a lot from Sunday's Twitter Bomb to promote the Petition to End Racial Violence. We're going to put that knowledge to work on this week's bomb. Here's the new plan.

Using the scheduling function of a third party app, like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, each of us will schedule as many tweets as possible, that include the hashtag "#EndRacialViolence". The beauty of using a scheduling agent is that you can schedule the tweets at any time. I'm going to schedule mine tonight, even thought the "bomb" won't happen until the early hours of next Monday.

We want to concentrate the tweets into as small a time period as possible, to maximize the effects, so, we've decided to schedule it for Monday, February 10, between 4:00-5:00 AM EST. This time slot was selected because it is the least busiest hour on Twitter, giving us a better chance of reaching critical mass. And even though the selected time period is the least busy, the time period just after it is the busiest. Monday is the most active day on Twitter. Things start to pick-up around 6am and activity increases right through to 3pm before beginning to tail-off.

If we are able to get our hashtag to trend in the morning, the maximum number of users will see it, and hopefully begin tweeting it themselves, keeping it in the "Trends" sidebar for as long as possible.

As an example of how you might do it, I'll share my plan. I'm going to schedule 13 simple messages for the assigned time slot (4-5:00 AM EST, next Monday). They will be scheduled to post every 5 minutes beginning at 4AM. The last will go-out at 5AM. It's that easy. Here's the list of my messages (feel free to use these, or you can craft your own):
  • We can't solve a problem that no one will acknowledge. Use the hashtag to spread the word: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • Demand an end to racial violence, sign the petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z and spread the world:
  • Tell the president to acknowledge black-on-white violent crime: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • Let's make America's inner-cities safe again. Sign the petition to end black-on-white violence ->
  • Help "knockout" black-on-white crime: Sign the Petition to End Racial Violence -
  • Tell Obama to make ending racial violence a national priority: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • Help save thousands of innocent lives this year, stop black-on-white crime: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • Let's take back our inner cities & make them safe again for all Americans. Sign the petition to : https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • Help prevent a disturbing new trend: The "Knockout Game." Sign the petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • Force the Obama Administration to address black-on-white crime: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • The thing EVERYONE wants government to do is the one thing it doesn't. Sign the petition to : https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • When did a night out downtown become too dangerous for good people? Sign the petition to : https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
  • Get involved in the campaign to and sign the White House petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-address-issue-black-white-interracial-violent-crime-calling-press-conference-march-3-2014/vTmvLh2Z
If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below, or tweet 'em at me @NationalistInfo

Thanks in advance for your help.

Russell A. James

The Racially-Motivated Murders and Rape of White Women in America


How the so-called “Civil Rights” Movement in America has led to loss of the most important civil right of all: life.

The almost simultaneous murders of White co-eds at two different, prominent universities, Auburn and University of North Carolina, should bring attention to an epidemic of brutal African-American crimes against White women in the United States.

The murder of Eve Carson, Student Body President of UNC has shocked hercampus andits surrounding community to its core. Ms. Carson was found murdered in the middle of an intersection just outside downtown Chapel Hill on Wednesday, March 5th. Her body … which had two gunshot wounds, including one to the head, laid just a mile away from her SUV, which was left abandoned. Bank ATM video revealed that the murderer-carjacker, an African American, apparently attempted to get cash from Carson’s stolen ATM card shortly after the crime.

In a similar recent incident, police arrested another African American attacker, Courtney L. Lockhart, 23, for the grisly murder and attempted rape of Auburn University freshman co-ed, Lauren Burk, on March 4. Courtney was arrested on March 7 after having brutally pistol-whipped the face of another White victim, 72-year-old Marjorie Llewellyn of Newnan, Alabama and briefly kidnapping her at gunpoint during an armed robbery and attempted carjacking earlier in the day.

The recent murders of two White coeds at major universities by Black predators underscore a racial reality that the mass media in America hides from the public: the tens of millions of White victims of Black criminality in America. Over the past four decades since the “civil rights” movement, crime figures show that millions of crimes have been committed by Blacks and other non-White predators against White people. The crimes include robbery, assault, rape and murder.

The racial component of crime in America has been largely ignored. It took a major newspaper outside of America to address the shocking epidemic Black crime in America. ( See The Race War of Black Against White by Paul Sheehan from the Sydney Morning Herald)


Black crime rates against White people are many times greater than White crimes against Blacks. You wouldn’t know it by reading or listening to America’s mass media. Saturation national and international news coverage is given to the very few White cross-race crimes against Blacks such as the James Byrd dragging case in Texas, as well as the media-hyped Tawana Brawley case in New Jersey and the alleged rape of a Black stripper by White lacrosse team members at Duke University. Both of those latter cases, after months of front-page, sensationalized coverage decrying “White racism,” turned out to be complete hoaxes.

There is an incredible disproportionate rate of Black crimes against Whites in contrast to White crimes against Blacks. Per capita Black cross racial crimes of 50 or even 100 percent greater than Whites would be bad enough, but the Black crime rates against Whites are actually many times greater than White on Black crimes. Blacks are an estimated 57 (that is 5,700 percent!) times more likely to commit violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times (13,600 percent!) more likely to commit robbery. (see the color of crime report published by the New Century Foundation – an analysis of crime figures taken from official Justice Department crime reports) http://www.nc-f.org/

Perhaps the most shocking of all the crime data dealing with cross-race crime is the incredible rate of crime by Black males against White women. According to U.S. Justice Department figures over 34,460 White women are sexually assaulted or raped by Black men each year, and most authorities believe that the actual rape figures are at least twice the reported number. In perhaps the most shocking crime figure of all is the number of White rapes against Black women. Statistically, it is 0! Because they have fewer than 10 cases nationally.

According to murder figures released by the Justice Department in 2002, , Black predators are at least 22 times (2,200 percent) more likely to murder White women than the reverse. In regard to gang attacks including the horrible specter of gang rape, the figures are literally off the charts, with at least a 200 times (that’s 20,000 percent!) greater chance of Blacks committing gang assaults and that includes both White men and women victims!

The staggering personal tragedies connected with these huge crime numbers should be a national scandal. Yet, the facts go largely unreported. How many times have the public seen media portrayals of historical or contemporary racial discrimination against Black people. But, the question is, “In the terms of the most important of human rights, how does the discrimination of racially segregated water fountains or neighborhoods or schools compare with the racially born crimes of black slaughter and physical attacks levied against thousands of White people each year?

America has been treated to thousands of media articles for instance about the frontier-style vigilante justice of lynchings, events which have occurred at least since the time of the American Revolution when they began on the Virginia frontier. Lynching got its name from Colonel Charles Lynch of Bedford County. He defended his community against outlaws and against Tories who were treacherously aiding the British. The Lynch organizations not only captured suspicious characters but gave them trials. With the frontier moving west and often with not a single law enforcement officer for hundreds of miles, vigilante committees often hunted down criminals and meted out punishment which was called “lynching.”

Lynching also became prominent again in the face of terrible outrages against innocent women and children during the Black Reconstruction period in the South and was mostly employed there against suspected Black rapists and murderers, but lynching was often practiced against Whites in the South, and quite often against criminal Whites in the North and West.

Of course, everyone today naturally condemns the practice of lynching, as well they should. Mob violence cannot be defended. But, if one wants to characterize lynching as a racial crime because lynchings were more commonly employed against Blacks in the South than against Whites, a few facts must be taken into account. If one considers disproportionate rates of Black lynching in the South, one must also consider the Black disproportionate crime rate.

1) Many scholars who have studied the history of lynching in the United States make it clear that lynching wasn’t simply a racial crime, but one primarily exacted on criminals whether they were Black or White. Consider the fact that even today, Blacks commit more murders than Whites in the United States, and Blacks are many times more likely to commit interracial race crimes such as rape and murder. As pointed out by federal crimes studies, a Black man is 57 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites than vice-versa, thousands of times more likely to rape a White women than Whites are likely to rape Black women, and 22 times more likely to murder a White woman than vice versa. There is no reason not to suspect that similar extremely high rates of Black criminality have existed historically. Most of the lynchings up until the War Between the States were against Whites and Significant numbers of Whites in the late 19th and early 20th Century were also lynched. So, considering the rates of crime, historical lynching has always been proportionate to Black crime rates and not one simply based on racist motives.

2) One must also understand that historical lynching was most often applied to those guilty of rape, robbery or murder. Of course, there were cases where innocent men were lynched, but in contrast, the thousands of White women and other White victims of Black crime today are guilty of no crime. Lynching cannot be excused in any way, but most of those men lynched were undoubtedly guilty of vicious and horrible crimes against the innocent, especially against women and children. Those were the kinds of heinous crimes that really drove the extra-legal executions.

The U.S. Senate recently issued an apology for not historically taking a stand against lynching, something that has been condemned because for part of its history Blacks disproportionately suffered from it.

If that is deemed appropriate, why does the U.S. Senate stand mute against the brutal rape of over 34,000 White women per year by Blacks. In just one year the number of White women raped by Black males is 6 times the total number of all lynchings during the entire history of the United States. (Estimated to be about 5,000 including both Whites and Blacks)

If racial disparity is an issue, then the Black rate of murder and rape against White men and women has a far greater racial disparity than that of White and Black lynchings. Remember, according to the U.S. Justice Department official figures, 34,000 White women were sexually assaulted compared to less than ten Black women assaulted by White men.

One should also consider that the victims of lynching were men; only a small number were women (estimates are between 75 and 100 women lynched in the history of the United States), and most of those were lynched for crimes committed along with their male criminal partners. Compare the small number of women who suffered lynching compared to the 34,000 women who suffer from Black rape every year. In addition, 700 innocent White women are murdered each and every year by Blacks. Where is the outrage about this racial crime?

If one wants to talk about moral outrages, the historical lynching of men who were overwhelmingly criminal and guilty of horrendous crimes, is quite minor compared to the mass murder and rape of the innocent going on literally as you read these lines. While you are reading this article another White woman will suffer rape at the hands of a Black man. (One White woman every 9 minutes if you accept the conventional wisdom that less than half of rapes are reported).

Next time someone comes up and tells you about the horrors of Jim Crow and segregation, how it was so terribly awful that African Americans, as well as White Americans lived in their own neighborhoods, went to their own schools, and even drank from their own water fountains, think about that supposed horror compared to horrendous violations of the most important civil right of all, the right to live and not suffer grievous personal assault or even death.

The fact of the matter is that Blacks as well as the Whites of America were a lot safer in the days of “evil segregation” than we are now. When America was a nation living by the values of White heritage, culture, standards and civilization, most Black kids were born legitimate in two parent families, they were not being shot down by each other on the steps of their homes, millions were not enslaved by drugs, half of them were not in prison or in some part of the criminal justice system. In a real sense, for countless millions of African Americans, the most important civil and human rights of all have been lost by the so-called victories of the civil rights movement.

For Whites the change has been just as dramatic. Millions of our people are now victims of Black robbery, rape, and murder. Millions of White boys and girls whose parents can’t afford private or parochial education, suffer in mostly Black public schools filled with sexual and physical intimidation, filthy language and dismal standards, drugs and the violence of the “gangsta rap” culture, a culture that violates the sanctity of womanhood and all of the most basic of human rights.

Millions more of our elderly are practically home prisoners in their own neighborhoods. Let the media and government tell them about the supposed civil rights and blessings of forced integration. Millions more of hardworking, better-qualified White, middle-class people suffer from the racial discrimination of so-called affirmative action. Constant government and media concern about “civil rights” is the greatest con job in history, because so-called civil rights has taken away practically every conceivable civil right of the American people, including the most important one of all, the right to live and the right not to be physically abused, or raped, or robbed or hurt.

Let the government and media drone on about Black “civil rights” to the grieving parents of Eve Carson and Lauren Burk, two bright and beautiful White women who were so full of love and life but who now have lost the most precious civil right of all, the right to life itself.

They were murdered not just by the predators on our streets, but by a media and government establishment who stripped away their right to live a safe and full life. They were murdered by media who have lied to the American people about the joys of multiracialism and multiculturalism. It is a media that constantly tell us the wonderful and loving future we have in America as it is subversively morphed into a mostly non-White nation. It is the same media who have instilled collective White guilt for real or imagined crimes of White history, but have hidden the terrible crimes going on against us, our heritage, freedom and survival, right before our eyes.

Lauren and Eva were murdered by the politicians who sold us out for the bloc votes and for the approval of media that celebrates the coming extinction of our people, faith, heritage and nation. They have also sold their souls and ours to the Jewish money men of American politics who make them pledge their subservience to Israel as a quote, “Jewish State for the Jewish people,” while they would not even dare to invoke the term “White people” except in denigration and apology.

Eva and Lauren no longer have breath in their bodies. To the last moments of their lives they probably never for an instant understood why they lost their lives. They probably never knew that our people were in a desperate struggle for their existence, and they probably never dreamed they could be a casualty in that war.

Eva and Lauren are gone now. They cannot speak to us except by what they left behind. But, they cannot be forgotten. We who are aware of the crisis facing our people will remember them. We will remember them as they were, beautiful expressions of humanity made unique and special by their own efforts and by the imprint of our people’s DNA spiral.

All of us at www.DavidDuke.com are dedicated to the preservation of what they were, and what they are, in us.

For, in the end, the most important civil right of all, is life.