Mar 10, 2014

White Woman: 'I'm Tired of Being Looked at Like Prey'


. . . [Tracy Halvorsen] wrote an article about crime in Baltimore. [About] How she and her mostly white neighbors live in fear. And no one seems to care. Or worse, lots of people think it's normal. "Baltimore City, You Are Breaking My Heart" is going viral for an on-line magazine called A few quotes:

"I'm tired of being looked at like prey."

"I'm tired of thinking about the . . . Read more

Black Murderer Convicted of Killing Elderly Good Samaritan Will Now Be Charged with Sexually Assaulting His Wife


. . . Devon Derrick Parker, 20, was initially charged with a single count of second-degree murder that accused him of acting with intent but not premeditation in the Jan. 31 death of Thomas Sonnenberg, 69.

But on Feb. 21, prosecutors amended the criminal complaint Feb. 21 to add one count each of first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The new complaint accuses Parker of sexually . . . Read more

Three Black Prison Escapees Kidnap White College Student, Dump Body in a River


. . . Quentin Truehill, 26, was the first of three suspects to stand trial in the killing of Vincent Binder in 2010. The jury that convicted Truehill of first-degree murder spent hours Friday deliberating whether to recommend the death penalty or let him face life in prison without parole.

The sentencing phase of the trial lasted all week, with testimony from both sides. The judge will make the . . . Read more

Black Former Student Charged in White Middle School Teacher's Murder


. . . Dispatchers said they received a call about an explosion at the Quality Inn and Suites motel . . . at 5:28 a.m. Monday.

Deputy Jennings Autry said a woman was found dead inside the room where the reported explosion occurred, but there were no other injuries reported. He said guests in the surrounding rooms were evacuated.

. . . the woman had to be identified with dental records because of the . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested in Slaying of White Kid at Miley Cyrus After Party


Editor's Note: Other reports say this happened in the wee hours of Friday morning during a party that was held after Thursday night's Miley Cyrus concert. Those sources also report that the victim was defending the killer's girlfriend from his (the killer's) abuse. (See here & here)

Omaha police have made an arrest in the shooting death of 21 year old Brandon Samuels.

Police booked Laron Jones Saturday for first degree murder and weapons charges.

Samuels was shot while at a house party . . . just before 3:00 A.M. Friday. He died from his injuries at the hospital. According to family members, a fight started at the party and the suspect pulled out a . . . Read more