May 15, 2014

It's Hard to Care About Benghazi, When the Republican Mayor Secretly Meets With Black Gang Leaders


From January 1, 1968 to January 1, 2000, the city of Indianapolis had a Republican mayor. 

From January 1, 2000 to January 1, 2008, the same city had a Democrat mayor. 

From January 1, 2008 to present, the mayor of Indianapolis has been a Republican. 

The city, if you are to believe conservatives, Tea Party members, and right-of-center cheerleaders . . . should be a thriving . . . Read more

Another Majority-Black Jury Refuses to Convict Black Guilty of Killing a White Person -- Judge Intervenes


A Flint teen was ordered to spend a minimum of nearly three decades in prison even after jurors acquitted him of killing a 71-year-old man.

Estes Jamone Walker, 19, was sentenced Tuesday, May 13, by Genesee Circuit Judge Geoffrey Neithercut guilty of carjacking, first-degree home invasion and unarmed robbery following a four-day trial stemming from the death of . . . Read more

Blacks Racially Intimidate Young White Single-Mother, then Burn Her House Down


A young white female, with two young kids, is relentlessly harassed by black teenagers for months. When she calls the police, her house is burned down. The only reason she wasn’t home at the time is that her family begged her to flee the house.

Police believe that the perps thought the victims were still in the house when they set it on fire. The . . . Read more

White College Girl Kidnapped by Blacks in South Africa


A Stellenbosch University student was bundled into a car in a daring kidnapping while walking to class to write a test. A traumatised and fragile Ilzé-Dene Oberholzer, 21, from Bellville, a human resource management student, described to the Cape Times yesterday how two men had kidnapped her when they tried to rob her of her car.

“I could not look the kidnappers in the . . . Read more

'Left-Wing' Paper Attacks Candidate for Admitting that Gypsy Sex-Gangs Have Created a 'No-Go' Zone for Whites


A UKIP candidate standing in the European election has denied being alarmist after saying there were "no-go" areas in Kent because of the presence of gangs of Eastern European immigrants.

The claims have been denounced by the Liberal Democrats, who say they are inflammatory and could provoke vigilante attacks.

UKIP candidate Janice Atkinson made her comments following police raids across the county earlier this . . . Read more